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UPDATE: 5/10: As thing progress and move forward, I would like to notify members that I am potentially considering adding Whifflings to the world of Lingua depicted in my ParalogosDictionary group. I have opened a poll on that group regarding addition of the Whiffling species to the Paralogos world, essentially. This would mean very small lore changes to the Whifflings species, but nothing character breaking- more environmental. 

If members have any concerns about this please let me know- if Paralogos species members are open to the idea I will possibly move onto more development of that addition. But I would like to accommodate Whiffling members as well. 

You can see the Paralogos Poll here: www.deviantart.com/paralogosdi…
(It seems you can vote- this poll's purpose is mainly for the Paralogos members but if you have thoughts please feel free to share! I ask that if you vote no to note this group or comment why you would be against.)

Stay in touch everyone!

EDIT: 5/9 - Eclipse has thrown a cog into things! Please make sure to take your Whiffling Log OFF OF Stash and get it into an actual journal before May 20th! I will ensure I transfer all items and MYO slots and such onto your new log. 

Otherwise you will need some proof for me to re-add your items once Stash Writer is gone.
Sorry all!!


Hello all! Just a quick journal from me, mewhaku, about current goings on.
I think I have a lot to update group wise for the species, and also need to work on clearing up old journals, species sheets- and similar.
I have certain features I want to clear up as well, and make Scents a bit more consolidated.

So I hope you'll all bear with me, but I'm going to try and get things cleared up during this month of March.
So check back with us in April! This species isn't going anywhere, but it is a bit on low activity.

EDIT: Due to offline events, this may take longer than expected... so either April or May. I'm very sorry!!

If you're looking for something to do, there's still many options- nothing is closing down, but it may get tweaked. =)

If you want to see more of my work, ParalogosDictionary (my other species) group is quite busy for March!
So I hope I can bring some activity back here as well.

If anyone has suggestions, please reach out as well- in the mean time, have fun! :heart:
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