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Hi every body! I know I never really write up here at all -.-. SO heres a great update . . .

I LOVED COMI CON! I volunteered there last weekend.
Pretty cool . . .

And my phone died screeen cracked before i want on vacation and now it just wont work T.T <--- silence death
on to more important stuff . . .


So a group of comi connies joined together to make a grand band of animation. Technically we are planning to work together to bring something to the world, our own motion comic// animation. We got a story in plan already we are looking for more artist though, preferably one who knows how to animate, this is a starting out project in hopes to build into something bigger. We are located mainly in new york and new jersey but plan to webchat any meetings that are needed. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to be a part of something big. We are very dedicated so please if you tend to drop off the face of the earth time to time with no contact with any of us try to save us trouble -.-. Let me know!!

OPen to anyone who draws!!!

Peace out . . . I have to go back t work