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Spilling from within the ruins of an Ancient jump-ship on the arid moon Heligan, the city-state of Oreth is the dominant trade centre of the Al’lysium cluster, and the capital of the Al’lysium Freehold. It is a safe haven for anti-Dynasty activists and members of the Centaurus Front, as well as anyone else who wants to live outside the autocratic grasp of the Sovereign-Lord. Its inhabitants are immigrants from a hundred cultures across the Hyades, and on any given day, the scent of exotic foods drifts from the markets high into the sky.

From plates of corroded carbon alloys and along the interiors of the broken ship, rise skyscrapers and bio-domes of a new age, and around the ship are large neighbourhoods spilling into the reclaimed desert. Its exports are of the latest in consumer technology—home terminals, tele-screens, phonographs, and the likes—and entrepreneurs often find themselves drawn to its economy. Most remarkable, however, is Oreth’s energy source—within the ancient wreck sheltering the city, is a functional hydrogen fusion reactor. Though most knowledge of hydrogen fusion has been lost to the long centuries of Dynasty reign, the Ancient reactor still provides plentiful electricity to Oreth and its surrounding villas, making it the key of the city’s service as the core of a rapidly expanding confederation of colonies.

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That must have been a HELLUVA big starship that crashed!