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Written by: :iconjotazombie:

:iconalexander-lr: sent me a note asking me if I wanted to commission him (most people get enraged and start threatening to report out of petulant saltiness, in my case I just helped him, which I no longer do due to abuse from everyone)

This is someone with 16500 watchers in 5 years (first of all I didn't even know that was possible), he actually featured my comment here 

Mature Content

Commission For Pjtoon75 by Alexander-LR

So it's almost my only time getting appraisal for helping someone, I've spent my entire life helping people only to be backstabbed b ya chainsaw close to 100% of the time (e.g. people blocking me, false reporting me, calling me a "Troll", slandering me, etc.) but the crazy part is that they usually apply my advice and immediately become better artists (improving significantly and rapidly in some areas of art), even world-famous artist have done this to me (including the part where they immediately become better artists)

After all the abuse I recently and my final straw with someone on Deviantart (private) who started this very long and petulant argument with me saying that my constructive criticism was "harassment" and that I was a "shitty artist who's in no position to be making criticism, etc."
It's what was the breaking point for me and the first time in my lifetime where I permanently converted from this :iconfluttershyishappyplz: to this :iconfluttershedplz:
I've stopped helping people entirely, even if it involves them dying (no i'm not lying) I just ignore them, and as crazy as it sounds everyone has been much nicer to me for it, because that's what SJWs want, they want to stuff their faces 24/7 with ice cream while people call them beautiful and "empowering" Trixie Sting Rolling eyes 2 (mocking version)
And of course they don't want their art to ever improve, they want everyone to give them fake praise, or in the case of the celebrity artists on here, generally want to be worshiped so everyone gives them money every day, i believe in quality over quantity, this is what makes people hate me and what makes everyone label me as a "troll", i used to be one of the most hated people on deviantart known as the "rogue critiquer" who would go around spreading my filth of how to improve your art and what some great resources are, it resulted in me getting blocked by half the site, and half the site "mysteriously" becoming better artists immediately after blocking me, if that's not the definition of sanity I don't know what is

So this event today happened 5 months ago (my faith in humanity was officially and permanently lost less than a few months ago), I was just extremely amazed that I actually managed to help someone for once and for once, for once someone thanked me instead of the usual blocking/false reporting/slandering/white knight sending/etc.

It's a shame that I had to become a s**tty person like everyone else due to life not revolving around logic, logic is about spreading peace, but that's not how life works, life revolves around greed, lust, trial-and-error, and experience, I'm in the category of the latter (trial-&-exp), you don't make it in life by being logical, you make it by being savvy, this means using loopholes to your advantage, and unfortunately being a s**tty person is a loophole that makes you succeed in life, and the s**ttier you are the further you progress

This journal is me sharing my experience with bullying (which is funny because I'm the one who gets called a bully for saving someone's life or bailing them out of trouble or making their life significantly better, and if you don't believe me try saving a life only to have the person press charges on you because they wanted to commit suicide and then SUCCEED in having you persecuted, that's the 100% the s**t I've had to put up with my entire life, and why I just can't be helpful anymore, it's not an isolated case either it happens way more than you can imagine, throughout my entire lifetime)

I'm not saying you should stop helping people, just that you should expect to be backstabbed for it (as history as shown us endlessly since the beginning of time) and should be prepared to handle it

Anyway, I'm extremely impressed that alexander didn't backstab me like many of the other celebrity artists on DA have over the years while still applying all of my criticism (in that case what's the point of blocking/false-reporting me?), so please do check out his page if you find it interesting… he's shown me that he's not only extremely mature (compared to 99% of DA) but also very friendly, it truly is a breath of minty fresh air after inhaling smog for 25 years

1st Milestone reached: 500 Watchers

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 11, 2018, 8:36 PM

Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) Shuddering Letter: YShuddering Letter: OShuddering Letter: U    Shuddering Letter: AShuddering Letter: RShuddering Letter: E    Shuddering Letter: MShuddering Letter: Y
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Shuddering Letter: WShuddering Letter: AShuddering Letter: TShuddering Letter: CShuddering Letter: HShuddering Letter: EShuddering Letter: R Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)

Next milestone: 1000 Watchers

Responding to Slander (cheezeEGGSTREEME)

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 11, 2018, 1:28 AM
It's been brought to my attention by a friend that a user I showed a positive interest in thought it would be a good idea to slander me in a journal, so I'm forced to represent myself in what I'm going to call CheeseGate, which is suitable given the situation

Long story short (to prevent the inevitable :icontoolongdidntreadplz:) I requested craftbenchcat to draw Bendy rule 34 for me around 2 years ago, she did it and here's the result:

[Request] Bent Dick by craftbenchcat (BSFW!) by Whetsit-Tuya

The fact that she did the request, and that cheezeEGGSTREEME hid my "disgusting" comments vindicates me of this altercation, also notice how he hid the comments instead of flagging them for "spam" (which would have been false reports)

Rsz Cheezeeggstreeme Hidden Comment by Whetsit-Tuya Rsz 2 by Whetsit-Tuya

As you can see he's using the "Keemstar Method" to attack me, which involves slandering another user without providing evidence in order to tarnish the user's reputation, in his journal he states that I had been "asking young members to draw pornographic content and put "disgusting" comments on his resent [sic] art"

First of all, I only requested craftbenchcat to draw Bendy rule 34, which she did, this exonerates me of his allegation

Second, if my comments are so "disgusting" then why did he hide them instead of flagging them as spam?

In all honestly I gave him praise/compliments, so him hiding my comments removes his credibility (not that he had any to begin with) because it gives him the illusion of saying I harassed him, in that context I could just as easily hide his comments and say he threatened to kill me and that every member of the site should block him

Another thing I found funny was how he says to not look at my profile under any circumstance (because then you'd find out the "big bad artist" isn't a violent 50 year old sexual predator) and to just block me without even investigating the matter, that's Kim Jong-Un style propaganda that misleads the public rather than educating them on awareness, he aims to defame me by using misinformation, which is illegal, impractical and unethical

He then states "I have no problems with people with kinks or fetishes I just don't want to be a part of it." If that's the case, then why create libel of me over something that was already resolved 2 years ago when craftbenchcat drew the request? Last I checked I wasn't stalking/harassing her over a long period of time into drawing some insanely warped fetish art which she denied, as you can see what actually happened was that I requested something simple, she drew it, end of story, he only invalidated himself further by making the "I have no problems with people with etc." quote because he admitted that I offended him and that that's what led him to attack me, ironically he also states that he wants "no part of this" yet made this false claim on me to stir up petulant drama

It's important to know both sides of a story before making judgment, this is an attention seeking troll who wants his 15 minutes, getting severely offended over someone wanting to see rule 34 of Bendy doesn't make them a rabid rapist, it makes you either a contagious troll or a social justice warrior

If you want more proof of this, he blocked many of my friends alongside blocking me, you know, random people he's never talked to a day in his life, that's extremism in effect and it significantly hurts any credibility he could've had

Crime Scene CSS

Images & Code by CrimsonReach

Should my rapper name be

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2018, 1:53 AM

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