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Glitter Hearts [Crypto Rangers]



Recently, I got to create the artwork for a section of Greg Leatherman's new tabletop RPG book, Glitter Hearts. The game has you and your friends become a team of magically transforming heroes to save the world. I got to create a sample team for the section on vehicular heroes, read: I made me a team of Power Rangers!

I chose to theme my team around cryptids, as it seemed like the sort of power source that would AAAAALMOST make it into the show, but in reality, probably not ever. This is my team of heroes, powered by (from left to right), the jackalope, the yeti, the jersey devil, the chupacabra, and the loch ness monster. Probably my favorite bit of these designs in the unique and asymmetrical stripes that decorate each bodysuit.

I'll upload the designs for their corresponding giant robots in a separate post.
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Utterly fantastic idea, shame it wouldn't make it into the show.