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Hi Chelle, this critique is being sent your way because you asked for constructive feedback from :crphotography:. I hope what I have to...

As has been stated before, straitening the horizon line would greatly improve this photograph. From a technical standpoint about the im...


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Seasons Greetings!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 23, 2013, 4:38 PM

Wishing you the most joyous of holiday seasons! 
Here is some fantastic art to celebrate.

Snow buddies by Ploopie

Christmas The Gathering by JanneO

I Wish You a Merry Christmas by simongu

Santa came in like a Wrecking Ball! by David-Lacasse
A Holiday Wish by Emerald-Depths

Happy Hanukkah by Myrret

Happy Holidays by suqer

Happy holidays by Alephunky

Hanukkah: The Importance of Gelt by VimislikArt

The winter... by mechtaniya

Buddy the Elf by danidraws

Artists: Born or Created?

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 4, 2013, 9:43 AM

Are artists born or are they created?
These are questions that has been debated throughout human history. Are certain individuals somehow given a trait at birth that allows them to excel at creativity? What about others that desire to become an artist? Can these individuals be taught the skills necessary to become an artist. Or, is it a melding of both inborn talent and knowledge gained from the study of artistic techniques?

The poll: What do you think?

"Are artist created or born?"

:bulletyellow: Becoming an artist takes education and practice.
:bulletyellow: Artists are born with a natural creative ability.
:bulletyellow: Both!!!
:bulletyellow: I don't know?
If you have not participated,
feel free to jump over and cast your vote!

We decided to take a poll here on deviantART through the #seniormentors group to see what the community thinks on this subject. The question was posed...

At the time of writing this, 80% of those who participated said 'Both!!!', 13% said 'Becoming an artist takes education and practice', 8% said 'Artists are born with a natural creative ability.', and fortunately everyone had an opinion about the poll and nobody voted 'I don't know?' So, it seems the large majority believes that being an artist is shaped by both skills we have at birth and skills we gain through education.

Fact: A deep passion must exist, but the skills of art are acquired through education.

There is great news for anyone who wants to become an artist. All you need is the drive to pursue that dream. Sound too good to be true? After all, don't you have to be born with talent? Unfortunately, this is a very common belief and the biggest reason for failure in the world of art.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."- Pablo Picasso
At first glance at the quote to the left it would seem as if the great artist, Pablo Picasso, believes that artistic ability is a trait with which we are born. However, there is more to the artist's quote than that. Have you ever watched a child play? Perhaps you can even remember back to your own childhood. Running around with friends playing, creating a world in which we can play, seeing things that while not really there are vividly real in our imagination! Our experience isn't limited by our physical world, but rather by the limits of our very own imagination.

As we continue to grow and develop, if we  desire to hang on to these incantations we are able to create within our minds, we must learn how to turn them into something real, something tangible. This is where the education and learning process comes in. If we can teach ourselves how to take the natural creativity that live within each of us and outwardly display it to the world, that is when we have achieved the status of artist.

What does this mean for me?
This realization has a profound meaning for anyone who desires to express themselves through a creative medium. It give hope to all that we can, if we apply ourselves, learn how to draw, paint, dance, sing, play music, write, and turn those wonderful creations that currently only exist within our own mind into art for the world to see. For some, learning the skills needed may be easy. For others it may be a time of much trial. However, with focus and will power, anyone can become an artist!

At #seniormentors our mission statement is: "To help the members of deviantART to better themselves in the artwork they produce." The members, mentors, and administration at #seniormentors are a diverse group, from many walks of life, spanning many unique genres of art. Some of us are professionals, some are not. We all have varying degrees of skill in our own artistic mediums. But what unifies us and brings us together as a group is the belief that through education and support, we can make a difference in the lives of others and help them become better artists.

If you have a desire to learn more and continue to grow as an artist, we welcome you to watch :+devwatch: our group, #seniormentors. We would love to share our experiences and knowledge with the hopes that it will assist you in finding a deeper connection with your art.

If you are a senior member of the devinatART community, we encourage you to consider joining #seniormentors as a member or even taking the extra step in becoming a mentor in your genre or even writing inspirational and educational journals, tutorials, etc... for the deviantART community.

And, if you found this article to be inspirational and informative, we ask that you add it to your favorites :+fav:, share it with your friends, and submit it to other groups to help us spread the word! We want to reach as many people as possible and you, the community, are the key to our continued success!

Questions for the reader.
Please take time to ponder these few questions and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!
  • As an artist, or aspiring artist, how has art education shaped your artistic abilities?
  • In what way has deviantART and it's community played a role in your development as an artist?
  • In what ways can #seniormentors expand to play a bigger role in assisting people in finding their artistic potential?

Original Color Splash CSS by: blissart.
Modified by: WhenPigsFry.

SMP Newsletter: March 2013

Sat Mar 2, 2013, 10:23 AM

Welcome to the March Newsletter for the Seniors Mentoring Project!

We have lots of great and exciting things to report from the Seniors Mentoring Project! First, is that WhenPigsFry (that's me ;P) has volunteered to devote way too much time to the project. I will be trying to organize and keep things running around here. Some of you may have seen my first journal entry talking about needing to change a bunch of stuff. I think I came off wrong in it, so I wanted to talk about that really quick.

My intent wasn't to completely overhaul seniormentors but rather discuss what is and isn't working and find ways to improve it! Thanks to the help of LostKitten, WDWParksGal, Astrikos, and many other Senior Members, I have been able to take a look at some areas that need to stay the same and some that needed changed. Some of it has taken place and some is yet to come!

Also, don't think LostKitten is gone, she just wanted to step back and help the group in a less time-consuming fashion.  Running a group requires a lot of time and I'll try to devote as much as I can to help keep the great things those before me have started.

Improvements at seniormentors!

Here are a list of things that have been improved upon over the last month here at seniormentors:
  • Updated and added to our Senior Homes categories. For more information see the Senior Homes journal. Also, we need more volunteers to help with various events, contests, and journals. If you'd like to work with us as a team member, just send us a note. If you don't have any ideas right now but still wish to volunteer, please do so, we have plenty of ideas that you could build off of!
  • Changed the way mentors are listed. We will now list our Senior Mentors here. We have started from scratch with our list to ensure it is the most up-to-date and accurate information. Senior Mentors will be added to the `OverTheHill home. We still need many more mentors, if you would like to become a mentor, please send a note to the Senior Mentoring Project with your genre(s) and 3 examples of your own art from those genres.
  • Application from a deviantART member to a Senior Mentor for acceptance will now be done via note directly to the Senior Mentors. We are working on this process and more information will become available throughout March.
  • Fixed the title and comment links on the journal CSS to display properly. If something isn't displaying right in your browser, please let us know!
  • We now have a point donation pool in place. FellaSr will be helping us collect points for use on events, contests, giveaways, etc... If you can spare a few points, please head on over and donate to the cause! Your help will bring great things to our group!

Things to watch for in March!

Here is a list of the planned events in March! If you have an idea and would like to help, let us know! If you don't have an idea, but would like to help, let us know! We have tons of things that we could do, but need help to accomplish them all.
  • March is Digital Art Month at :devseniormentors. Arichy and phoenixleo have been busy getting things ready for a month full of Digital Art greatness! If you would like to help, please note Arichy to find out what she needs assistance with.
  • You may have noticed a our poll, "Are artists born or created?" Several people have already participated and left some great feedback. If you haven't had a chance yet, please vote and add your own two-cents to the conversation. An article on the topic will follow in March sometime!
  • We'll continue to make various improvements to the group and make it a better place for everyone!

Notable Projects

Valentine's Contest hosted by mirz333 - Closes: April 15th, 2013
Sight, It's a Precious Thing hosted by Kaz-D - Closes: Unknown
Project Wishlist hosted by Emerald-Depths - Closes: Ongoing
The Kindness Quilt hosted by: iLantiis - Closes: Ongoing
(To have your projects added, please send us a note!)

Welcome to the Team!

These people joined seniormentors during the month of February! Go give them some love!
:iconarctoa: :iconabutton: :iconhavetales-willtell: :iconalexandravbach: :iconburgerbunny: :iconashleyxbrooke:
:iconpoetryod: :iconbohobella: :iconhiiragi-san: :iconoceanatendofthelane: :iconpurpelblur: :iconginkgografix:
:iconidalarsenart: :iconhazlenutx2: :iconunicornreality: :iconcybergranny: :iconplasticusforkus: :iconjussta:
:iconkinipelahh: :iconalness: :iconjcroxas: :iconshaymacmorran: :iconbenheine: :iconkkart:
If you know any senior members that are not currently part of our group, please send them an invitation to join!

Thanks for the Watch!

These people added seniormentors to their watchlist during the month of February!
:iconh3llzang3l: :iconkriilclk: :iconlablayers: :iconcristaliaart: :iconsessholover1:

The Pope Lead Me To deviantART!

Mon Feb 11, 2013, 7:51 PM

No, really!

Well, kind-of... and it was John Paul II, not the one that decided to quit. And it wasn't him personally, but rather a photo manipulation of him. Here, let me start at the beginning.

It was a cold October back in 2003. I was a Freshman at Kansas State University studying Journalism. Being a student, I had just taken advantage of student pricing and get a copy of PhotoShop. How cool was I, my very own PhotoShop to make all kinds of nifty projects with... the only problem, I had no idea what to make!

Then it hit me like a bag full of bricks... back in high school, I had a teacher that use to say something about "Pope on a Rope" all the time, so I decided to go with that. What followed was a very crummy manipulation of a picture of the pope that I made look like a bar of soap with a rope coming out of his back. At the bottom was the tag line, "Cleansing souls daily! May his power clean you, too! And then there were bubbles all around for added effect. I took the picture, printed it out on my new Dell DeskJet Printer and placed it inside a plastic sleeve so I could hang it in the men's shower room. They loved it!

One of the guys from down the hall said, "Hey, you should really check out this site I found, it's called and I think you'd love it. So, I forgot about it for a few weeks. Then one day, while I was bored, I decided to see what this website that had been on a sticky-note on my monitor was all about! Let me tell you, I wasn't all that impressed. Don't get me wrong, I uploaded my genius creation and another one of a lake with the loch-ness monster, bigfoot, and a UFO plastered on it (yeah, you thought the Pope one was corny).

Nothing much happened, I didn't really participate on the site (that came in 2005 while I was deployed to Iraq). The images stayed up for a few years until taken down for copy right violation (yeah, there was a time that I didn't realize you couldn't just take images and stick them together and claim them as your own) and so, they don't exist any more.

That's the amazing story of how the Pope lead me to this amazing site called deviantART! --- THE END.

A new name!

If you have not noticed, my username has been changed. I now go by...`WhenPigsFry! Why you ask? Well, because I can. :shrug: Oh, and because I like bacon... and because it's a play on words.... and, because I can. It has nothing to do with me not wanting my name on the internet (it's Jay Gfeller by the way). I just thought it was time to have some fun and change my name to something a little different. That is all.

And now a feature!

I’ll have the smiley face breakfast special. Uhh, but could you add a bacon nose? Plus bacon hair, bacon mustache, five o’clock shadow made of bacon bits and a bacon body.Homer Simpson

Bacon by kidbrainer  :thumb168772909: Bacon and Eggs by Jonisey

:thumb216199482: We have Bacon by Stampbox



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