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The Evil Cheese Legs

By Whelpsy
Behold my take on Cheese legs/Queen Chrysalis from the MLP Universe~ Drew this digitally on my tablet, and It took waaaay longer than I wanted it to… So glad it’s finally done~<3 Hmm… about this piece- Originally being introduced to the Chrysalis character I really enjoyed her design, As well as the fact that she’s like an insect, pony, succubus, cheese, hybrid! “lots to work with there” I guess allot of people are making chrysalis art, makes sense with her being a new character/villain So I thought I would do something a little different. I wanted to really emphasize on her insect aspects, as well as really give her an evil look. Real Chrysalis is far too cute for a succubus, I wanted her to look like she was after your soul! The only thing I don’t like about this piece is you can’t see half of the detail/texture I put in from far away, you miss tons of stuff like the eyes are made up of tiny cells, just like a regular insect’s- you can’t see that at all from far off, If you have the ability I would highly recommend looking at it up close or real size. Anyway~ I think that’s about it~ Enjoy!

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What the frick frack piddle pat snick snack pitter dat fat rat biofeedback crack stack diddly dack is this?
HickatheDragon's avatar
I am speechless! This is so amazing! Also a bit horrifying for sure.
NeoPhoenixKnight's avatar
Aegissu's avatar
Where's the holy water when I need it
aqdrobert's avatar
"Kiss me, Shining Armor! What does that silly little pink unicorn, Cadance,  have that I do not?"
cordeliale's avatar
this is horrerfing
Myredhulk's avatar
That was an old comment :icondontkillmeplz:
I would probably do that on accident though. Don't scare me like that chrissy! :iconscaredplz::iconchrysalisawesomeplz:
Then I would take her to a hospital and get one of zimminex's horny nurses! :icondignitylaughplz:
Myredhulk's avatar
At least, I think his name is zimminex...  :iconcuriosityplz:


no... that's not his name...
Anyway, his icon looks like a jolly roger. :iconilikeitplz:
W0nderbolts's avatar
wanna know why me roger is so jolly? *rimshot*
Bubbubob's avatar
Kill it with fire!!!
TickledPinkOpossum's avatar
Holy moly she's terrifying! I love it!
Dino-Mario's avatar
She looks like she could be in Final Fantasy!!!
CaptainPrower's avatar
This picture helps further establish my belief that Chrysalis is actually a zombie.
Brightshadow72's avatar
May i use? I'll credit you!
Whelpsy's avatar
That depends, may I ask what it would be used for? O.o?
Brightshadow72's avatar
NO. YOU MAY NOT! Just kidding, Just kidding. Of course. Its for a PMV. :D
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