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[First Steps]

1. Have you read all of our journals? If you answered "NO" to that question stop and go do so before you continue reading. Seriously. Click away and come back.
2. If you answered "YES" then please keep reading this list.
3. Start concepting a character, one that will fit into or work with a clique that seems to call to you. Can't decide? That's okay! You'll unlock more characters later.
4. If you want to do anything you are unsure will be allowed with your character planning please take a step back and first check the journals again. Still unsure? Note the group! We have a lovely team of admins that would love answering any concerns or questions you have.
5. Okay, ready? Start working, go on you know you wanna.  


[Character Creation]

1. Start to design and write your characters applications.
2. Look over the cliques again and pick where you want to apply. (Each character will have 3 choices.)
3. Make sure you are following character guidelines, no sparkle dogs/cats, no hair, nothing crazy okay? Okay.
4. If you want to make a character related to a character already in the RP make sure you are in conversation with that characters player. If you do not clear this with them first you will be denied.
5. Make sure you have a detailed history & personality. You can't have too much but you can have too little. Really show of those traits in your overall personality and make sure the history is coherent and makes sense to the RP and the world we are in. Not every dog will be a service dog or a show dog, not every cat will be a barn cat or come from a long line of blue bloods. Have fun and get creative!
6. Don't get stuck, ask for help or ask questions if you are struggling. We do pre-screenings. Use us to help you and make sure you are accepted in the openings.

[Final Pre-Joining Steps]

0. PLEASE NOTE: You will be asked to put list your character's first and second choice for Cliques. Please be aware of this whilst creating a character. The admins will make sure your character fits into the Clique assigned. If you have plans that will affect that choice (ie. character plots, development) please note that when filling out the final form.
1. Finish the WRITTEN and DRAWN application in its entirety.
2. Check the front page and insure we are currently accepting new characters.
3. Send a join request including the character application sheet AND the Clique you would like them assigned to:
Character Name:
Character Link:
Clique 1 Choice:
Clique 2 Choice:

4. Wait for a response from the admin team, this may take a few days to process seeing as multiple people need to review each app. Be Patient, we will get back to you ASAP
5. Do your intro post, this will follow the certain 'trial' that each clique has before you can become a member. This is done by yourself for yourself!
6. Accepted? Congrats! Start RPing!


1. Our openings will be HIGHLY competitive, and sometimes we will not even accept our minimum if there are apps that do not fit within our rules and regulations. We will work with you to make sure openings are simple and easy.
2. Keep your chin up if you aren't accepted the first time! We will give you all the pointers on how to better your app and make it a competitive contender within openings.
3. Each Clique is run by different admins, you may not be accepted by your first choice but your second choice might love your character. Think of it as colleges sending you acceptance letters - you don't always get to choose which one if going to pick you up but if your first choice wants you then you're golden.
4. Being denied by your first choice doesn't mean your app isn't good. It means that maybe they had more apps to sift through - or maybe your character just wouldn't be a good fit! That's okay!
5. Don't get discouraged, KEEP WORKING. If you want to be prescreened please note the group! We would LOVE to be able to help you with whatever you need. If you plan on prescreening please use the following format:
TITLE OF NOTE: [Character Name/Desired Clique/PRESCREENING]
Character Name:
Character Link:
Clique 1 Choice:
WHY: {Why you think they should be in this clique and how you feel your character an get here}
Clique 2 Choice: {Just so we know, this can be blank if you don't know}

Concerns/Questions: {I.E. What you are looking to be screened on}


1. This world exists in real time weather use. If it is raining in Vancouver it is raining in the world of WWW, likewise the world is not apocalyptic looking (yet!) so keep that in mind while writing.
2. Vancouver is a real place located in Canada. Look up pictures to frame the world that these dogs/cats exist in.
3. This is a literate roleplay and though you do not have to have perfect english you do need to be fluent. We will only allow full paragraph style rp's to count for shineys. We also highly recommend you write in PAST TENSE. (ie. He did. They did. They moved.) 
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