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...and how to earn them.

Currency in this roleplay is called Shineys.
This can be used to buy things for your character, other characters, or to rack up and save like the little hoarder you are.

[How do I Earn Shineys?]
Shineys are earned by submitting artwork, roleplays, and solo literature. To earn your Shineys, simply note the group with the following form:

In the title of the note, write 'Character Name : Cashing Shinies'
In the body of the note, fill out this form:
Old Shineys Count:
Earned Shineys: -place link, and how much the submission is worth-
New Shineys Hoard Count:

It's that simple!

Artwork must include a background to earn Shineys unless classified as a "Colored Sketch"
Colored Sketch: 1 Shiny. Classified as a sketch that PERTAINS TO THE RP in someway and has been colored. A sketch or implied background is enough. **Does not stack with other earnings.**

Headshots/Half Body: 1 Shiny
Full Body: 2 Shinys
Extra Characters: 1 Shiny per Character Added. Two or more. **At least two must be full body to earn this stack.**

Simple BG: +1 Shiny. A loosely done, minimal detail background. Basic shapes, outlines; no true depth. Usually appears to be a last minute addition to the overall piece.
Complex Bg: +2 Shineys. A detailed background in which clear time and effort was made; a clear stage in which the character interacts with and feels as though they belong to, obvious effort and depth.

Comics: 1 Shiny per Panel. Must have more than three original panels to count.

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

Short Stories
500 words: 1 Shiny
1000 words: 3 Shineys
1500+ words: 5 Shineys
2000+ words: 7 Shineys

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

RPs must have at least 3 posts to count.
The first three (3) posts: 2 Shineys
Every three (3) posts afterward: 1 Shiny

Did you do a piece of art for someone else? You can claim the Shineys for that piece and apply it to any one of your characters!

*Spam does not count for Shineys.
What counts as spam? If it completely lacks a background, or the background has less detail than the above described Simple BG. If it is a plain sketch. If it is not directly relevant to the roleplay (AU work,  medallions, general random and silly stuff).

"But why?" - Well this is because these things can usually be put out without much effort or thought.  We want to insure that these do not overwhelm the group for people to rack up Shineys! These also tend to pertain to your character in a way that is an added bonus! Don't stress, as long as you imply a background you can get 1 Shiney for a 'Colored Sketch' if you want to earn past that just put some effort into the background and boom! Get on with earning!

[Trading Shineys]

Did you know that you could trade Shineys between members? You can! Pretty cool, eh?

"But why would I want to give my Shineys away?" you cry into the night.

Well, it's all in the nature of good spirit and community! Maybe you're a generous person and likes to greet new members with something special when they join, or maybe it's somebody's birthday. Maybe someone can't afford that thing they really want, well your kind soul could help them out?

"Well that doesn't seem fair. If I did the work for my Shineys, and they didn't, why should I give my hard earned Shineys away?"

That's the wonderful thing. This is entirely optional! You don't have to give anybody your Shineys if you don't want to!

*Take note, you are only considered active if you earn and claim your own Shineys! If you have a pile of Shineys that were gifted to you, but you have not done any work for your own Shineys, you can still be booted for inactivity. But what if you gave all of your Shineys away? Will you still be inactive even if you had done the work for those Shineys you gave away? Nope! If you submitted and claimed art/lit/rp, you will be known to be active regardless of how many Shineys you have in your hoard.

[How To Trade Shineys]
Just like with claiming your Shineys, simply note the group with the following form:

In the title of the note write 'Character Name Gifting Shineys'
In the body of the note write out this form:
{Gifting Character Name} Old Shiney Count:
{Recieving Character Name} Old Shiney Count:
Gifting: x Shineys
{Gifting Character Name} New Shiney Count:
{Recieving Character Name} New Shiney Count:
Links to both Shiney Hoards:
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