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Any and all updates in the group will be posted here with the date that they happened and by which admin. This will allow members to keep up with changes and other important information that the group may have for them. These updates will be erased after they become outdated however should be accessible for some time and the information will be updated in their respected journals before deleted. Any questions, concerns or inquiries can be expressed within the comment section of this journal.  
Thank you!

{ SucioPerro - 11. 25. 16}

We have officially opened for applications! Please, all of you that sent in applications for preview, resend these applications with changes made. For everyone else, please go ahead and start submitting your applications. Do be aware that your acceptance (or denial) is purely based on which clique you choose to be in and the admin for that clique. Some cliques may be harder to enter into than others, but we encourage you to stick with your first choices if that is truly the clique you want to be in and make the changes asked. Admins will let you know if your character may best be suited for their second group choice.

We ask now that you fill out information completely (meeting minimum length requirements), and make sure your art application is neat enough to read and distinguish. Once you have done that, be sure to submit a link to your character through the join button, if you are accepted submit your application to the group.

Best of luck to everyone applying! Closing dates will be announced later!

{ SucioPerro - 11.1.16}
We have closed for beta tester applications, we want to congratulate all who submitted early. If you did not get a spot this time around please review what information and feedback the admins gave you and resubmit when we fully open.

If you would like to submit your application for feedback only, you're welcomed to! Just note the group with your rough draft application and we can help you work through it. We are not sure of a specific date of when we'll open - but it will likely be soon. So please prepare your applications and have them ready if you want to get in early!

Beta testers, please be sure to join the group chat. Your role is to RP your butts off and make sure the flow of the cliques are working. If you find any questions about trait trees, currency, etc, please let us know so we can fix these issues. Be sure you're contributing and being active within the group chat to help with solutions.

Lastly, we as a team want to remind EVERYONE to submit quality applications. We've had some average and below average applications submitted to us and we just want to make sure everyone is putting their best foot forward. We do not care about skill level in art or writing, but make sure your artwork is clean (no color outside the lines or unreadable parts of character), that you're being somewhat realistic with your item choices, and that all the information we provide to you is filled out [this is not optional]. Failure to do these things will result in denial of application - we may ask you to fix it, but if you do not fix neccessary issues we will deny again. Make sure you're not creating characters that are just one-dimensional, read up on character creation and try your best to fill out a character that is well rounded and interesting.

Thank you!

{xDeadDog - 10.25.16}
We will take two for each clique.
There are 4 cliques but one will be a mystery clique until tomorrow.
(NOTE: Myster clique is a mixed group between dogs and cats)

DYNAMI: 3/2 Chosen
BETHESDA: 1/2 Chosen
SICARIUS: 1/2 Chosen
AEQUUS: 1/2 Chosen

{xDeadDog - 10.25.16}
Hello everyone, we are so happy for the interest circulating around WhatWeWere,  it is extremely exciting to have everyone looking forward to this opening. The Admin team and I are all hoping you have been working and concepting a character to fit within the world.
IF YOU HAVE and IF YOU'RE INTERESTED in 2 Days we will open up for Beta testers. We will take 6 Members (2 per current Clique) to play around in the world and make sure everything is flowing correctly.  Then, after that we will open up for actual applications for the rest of the group.
If you are interested in being a beta tester it will be an extremely competitive opening, seeing as only 6 people will be allowed to enter total and only 2 into each group.

After we open for applications we will stay open for roughly 3-5 days before closing and accepting members that fit within the world.
If you have any questions please note the group.

If you are interested in being a Beta Tester please wait for the art form to drop later today - post your completed character and send them within your join request with the form as follows:

Character Name:
Link to Character:
1st Clique Choice:
2nd Clique Choice:

from there we will figure out which Beta testers we will take! If you don't get picked FEAR NOT, we will hang onto your app for the following opening four days later. Also we will give you feedback if you need any. If you are unsure about the character you plan to bring into the world of WWW please go ahead and note the group and we can look them over for you!


The Admins.

Purchasing Format

When buying items, send a note labeled "[Character's Name] - Buying [Item(s) Name]":

Inside Note Format:
           Name of Character:
           Current Shiney Hoard:
           Items Buying:
           Total Cost:
           New Shiney Hoard:

Buying Characters

New members must wait AT LEAST TWO(2) MONTHS before bringing in their 2nd character.

Your first character is free and you may have up to FIVE(5) active characters at one time without buying a bonus slot and EIGHT(8) Characters if you by the following three bonus slots.
*You may split the cost of a new character between your existing characters.*

Price Per New Character:
           1. Free
           2. 15 Shineys
           3. 20 Shineys
           4. 25 Shineys
           5. 30 Shineys

           +1 Bonus Slot. 15 Shineys
           6. 35 Shineys (REQUIRES BONUS SLOT)
           7. 35 Shineys (REQUIRES BONUS SLOT)
           8. 40 Shineys (REQUIRES BONUS SLOT)

Ranking Characters Up - Graining Tier

:bulletblack: Buying a Task Title within a clique - 10 Shineys: this action/purchase also moves you up to Tier 1
:bulletblack:Change your Task Title within your clique - 10 Shineys: this action moves you back to Tier 1 and resets your rank progress.

Buying Ranks - Depending on each clique.

   Tier 0 -
       0 Shineys

   Tier 1 -
       10 Shineys

   Tier 2 -
       25 Shineys

   Tier 3 -
       50 Shineys

   Tier 4 - (Dynami & Aequus)
       100 Shineys

Changing Cliques or Becoming a Rogue

This action erases all ranks previously earned.
Rejoining previous clique or joining a new clique will start you at Tier 0.

Become a ROGUE from a clique - 12 Shineys
Change CURRENT CLIQUE or JOIN A CLIQUE from ROGUE - 10 Shineys
   This action will erase all ranks previously earned.

Exiled from Clique by Clique Leader - 15 Shiney Penalty
   This action also erases all ranks earned.
   Rejoining previous pack is no longer an option.

All Buyable Items

All accessories must be bought from the main shop with the Shineys your characters have earned. Accessories are soulbound to characters meaning items are NOT shared between your characters.

Gifting accessories may ONLY happen during November, December, and January.

All items below are wearable for both cats and dogs unless otherwise stated.



{ The Sicarius Clique }

Chaotic Evil

LOCATION: Ink Inc. Tattoo Parlor
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.Sicarius & Members}

Those within Sicarius are those that have seen the world is an oyster and wish to take it for themselves. The Don of the group is a father-like figure and will help guide those that choose to serve Sicarius get the best they can out of the world.  A cat will only truly do well in Sicarius if they have ambition as well, for the group has the motto of "Every Cat for Himself".

There is no mollycoddling as a Sicari. If you cannot provide for yourself or find a way to do so, you will not be given a handout. Every cat is expected to do it's part, and if you don't you don't get rewarded. That simple.

Life is pretty much whatever a cat wants to make it in Sicarius. If you want to be alone, that's fine. If you want to be social, that's also fine. Fighting is tolerated as long as it doesn't upset the balance of business. If things get too nitty gritty, both the Consigliere and The Don will judge what will happen with The Don's word being final.

Cats are expected to work as a team when it comes to Business matters. One group cannot really function without the other and as such no cat will gain personally if they do not cooperate.

The bottom line is - Sicarius is a business and you are an employee. Do your job and you will live. Don't do it, and you'll be fired and fed to the dogs.

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.Sicarius & Outsiders}

Sicarius is welcoming to cats, as long as they hold no left-over love for their humans or canines.

Those of a cunning, sneaky, and intelligent nature are highly desired, as their talents will definitely be used for their own gain as well as the gain of the clique. All cats are usually welcome, but those with more brain than brawn move up in the eyes of Sicarius. Note that although intelligence is admired, if a cat shows any tendency to betray or hinder the clique, they will be turned away.

Dogs are NOT welcome to Sicarius, and will immediately be chased off of the territory or slaughtered.

Sicarius and Dynami are enemies.
Any business conducted between the two groups will be hostile and most likely met with bloodshed. It is advised not to go near their territory, and if any of their members are within Sicarius territory they will be slaughtered on sight. Business conducted between the two groups is forbidden by The Don and will be considered an act of treason.

Sicarius and Bethesda are friendly.
Although there are dogs in Bethesda, business is conducted between the two groups for their healing abilities in exchange for goods and food. Business is solely conducted with the feline leader of the group, but a blind eye is turned if there are any behind the scenes business between the dogs. Although friendly, no members of Bethesda are allowed within the Sicarius territory, and will be immediately sent in the other direction.

Blah blah blah we cool.

Sicarius and Strays are cautious.
The fact that these loners are by themselves is respected by Sicarius, but have also made them suspicious.  Because the Sicari only do business with other felines, the fact that a stray has not joined them or even another clique means there is something to be worried about. Sicarius will still do business with Strays, but will deal in a much more strict and unfair manner. One cat is no threat to many.

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.The Machine}

Before a cat is accepted into Sicarius, they must undergo the rite of The Machine. This is to test their nerves as well as their cunning. There are three stages, The Interview, The Maze, and then The Test.

The Interview is a one on one with either the Consigliere or in special cases, The Don himself. Questions and discussion vary from applicant to applicant. This is to test the applicant's intelligence, cunning, and what task Sicarius would recommend the applicant try to achieve if they make it through the next two stages.

The Maze is exactly what you would expect - the applicant is led into the basement of the tattoo parlor and taken blindfolded through the sewers that connect beneath. The applicant is then expected to find their way back to the parlor by any means they deem worthy. Many have been lost in the sewers and there are skeletons throughout. This stage is to determine if the applicant can survive on their own and if they can make logical and intelligent decisions.  

Finally The Test is administered.  Applicants are brought into the back room of Ink Inc. and are given the same treatment The Don had to go through with a tattoo machine. They are not actually given a tattoo (as a cat cannot do this) but they are held down against their will by multiple cats, disoriented, and given the pain of a needle to their chest. The Test only lasts for three minutes but is enough to send some feline's screaming out the door. This stage is to determine if the applicant can withstand sheer terror and have the mental stability to recover from a traumatizing ordeal.

If the applicant has made it through each stage, they are accepted into Sicarius.

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.Tasks and Ranks}

   Thieves are exactly what you would expect them to be- those cats that are especially sneaky and collect items, food, herbs, bedding or anything else of value for the Clique. All cats are expected to know how to rob, and plunder, but these are the especially talented and benefit the group as a whole. The higher value of item they steal, the higher they are rewarded. Those that can steal from another clique and work with the Merchants to sell that same item back to the same clique are highly respected.

   Assassins are the killers of the group. Everything in Sicari is used for self gain, and these cats are no exception. Their services can be bought by other Cliques or even those within Sicari, and they are also the hunters of the group. Their prey is bought from Merchants and can be a very rewarding occupation.  Not considered strong, only expert in death. Occasionally they team up with Shakers to get rid of a problem.

   Merchants are those that deal with the business between cliques and work closely with the Thieves and Assassins. They are those that have the risky job of selling wares to the other Clique's while getting a good price or barter and bringing it back to Sicari. The cats that choose this task are charismatic and can talk their way out of intense situations. They're also good at escaping if negotiations go south.

   Although cats are small, the Shakers are the muscle and teeth of Sicari. These cats are the ones that 'shake down' an opposing Clique if services were bought, but not paid.  They are the ones that make sure business continues going smoothly, and will help Merchants if they have a customer refusing to pay.  Occasionally they are called upon the group to help protect the territory, but this is not usually the case as Sicari has the motto of 'every cat for himself'. These cats usually travel in packs as the speed of many is much harder to harm than the speed of one. Because of this, there's an unspoken 'brotherhood' between the Shakers.  

   This is the cat that has been hand picked by The Don to be the Second in Command. This Sicari takes charge when The Don is away and makes critical decisions. They help guide the lower ranked Sicari by orchestrating tasks as well as perform checks on all of the tasked Sicari to be sure the jobs are getting done and getting done right. The Consigliere is also the main cat to assist in The Machine.

The Don
   The leading cat of Sicari. The Don is the final word and judge in anything happens within the Clique. The Don is looked at like a father figure, and is respected as such. The Don does exactly what a leader is supposed to do. No explanation needed. The Don refuses to help with The Machine.

  • Associate Tier 0:
  • The newest members of the Clique, yet untasked.
  • Soldatos Tier 1:
  • Tasked Sicari, generally the most filled rank.
  • Caporegime Tier 2: 
  • Well learned in their Task, these Sicari are encouraged to help Associates to decide on a Task that suits them and work alongside the Soldatos.
  • Honore Tier 3: 
  • These Sicari are at the top of their game. The best in their Task, they must also help train the Associates and the Soldatos as well as work alongside the Capo and help them brush up.
  • Consigliere Tier 4: 
  • The hand chosen Second in Command.
  • The Don Tier 5: 
  • The Leader.

{ The Dýnami Clique }

Lawful Evil
God Complex

LOCATION: Listel Hotel
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.Dýnami & Members}

Dýnami works like a well-oiled machine, focused on the bettering of the world as the dogs now know it. The relationships that exist between the members of this Clique are never strained, instead they are to function like that of a military. Those above you are right, those above them are in charge, those of your same rank are just that. They strictly allow canines to indulge in the clique life of Dýnami, believing that felines were brought into this world to bring the downfall of humans. After All, dogs are man's best friend.  

Among the group there is rather little fighting, be it because the Dýnamian's strict culture or because they get along no one can really tell. Any smart Dýnamian knows that stepping out of line or disobeying the order of ranks could mean a much more severe punishment than it is worth to fall out of line. This is an extremely intense environment. No dog should ever seem to relaxed - especially in the presence of those of higher ranking.

However, Dýnamian's also are viewed as completely competent politicians. Those who do not have quick tongues and personalities that can handle torture, dying for their morals, and talking their way out of trouble will not fare well in the dark cultures of Dýnami. 

Secrets, are also a large deal within Dýnami and each member understands their role and their role alone. They are not meant to function outside of their respected zone. However, those who function highly in numerous roles are regarded as almost non-existent. Everyone has a role which fits them best. Period. Congratulations at least you aren't dead.    

One important thing to note, 
Dýnamian's take care of their own. Like soldiers the only time they will abandon one of their own is for the betterment of Dýnami as an entire force. Those who stray from these ideas are punished. Dýnami may be heartless and cold - but they care about their own, and they will not allow them to die. At least, not by anyone else. If a Dýnamian's going to die - it's because the General want's them dead.     

Members of Dynami are called: Dýnamian's

Dýnamian's will often be seen sparing and are encouraged to spar with one another, they are civilized but they also enjoy a good back and forth. They are not encouraged to maim one another in a way that would cause permanent or major damage.  

If certain members misbehave it is not uncommon for other Dýnamian's to be directed to punish that member, shun that member, or even possibly abuse that member if the higher ranking dogs see fit. Each member falls into an order, however, they are not mindless. Each dog is encouraged to keep their own separate identity from the clique and instead let the clique become a part of them.   

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.Dýnami & Outsiders}

Dýnami focuses strictly on political agenda. Tamsen focuses strictly on the exterior of a company, those who view Dýnami  on the outside see a very organized and controlled group of militant background. Prepared for war with words or with bloodshed, regardless of which is needed. The sheer control that these canines possess amongst their ranks is unsettling and easily can come off as dominating.

Dýnami is rather uninclined to help those outside of their view point. Anyone, especially dogs, who welcome cats into their stronghold are weak and unsavory. Having the most strained relationship with the Cats of Sicarius Dýnami also isn't in the clear with either of the mixed groups. Though there is no war, there certainly is bias against anything feline and anyone who believes feline lives to be important. This, sadly, includes the mixed groups. (Sorry Bethesda!)   

On the outside, Dýnami seems to be the most inclined to find the humans. Believing that they can help be the heroes and return the world to the way it was. If you're interested in this sort of quest for heroism you may be a wonderful edition to this Clique. They can sometimes even be seen by those on the outside as the most 'good' doers. Attempting to better the world and return it to it's state of stasis. 

Skeptical to a fault gaining entrance within the ranks of Dýnami is no easy feat. When strangers enter the militant world of Dýnami they are brought to a dark room where they are tied up and left until the Dýnamian's can decide your worth. If you are worth their time they will speak to you, and ask you to take an oath.... if they are not interested in your worth. Well...ask the skeletons around you.  

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.The Oath}

"I, _____, solemnly swear that I will not only enforce, defend, but believe in Dynami law. I will protect my fellow dog while bearing true faith and allegiance to my peers. I will obey the orders of my General and the officers appointed over me. As I affirm my oath, I solidify that I, ____, will never fall out of faith for my clique, my human, and my future to come. Eímai énas íroas."

If you've decided to choose Dynami as your home, there will be a few steps before you'll be fully accepted. To find yourself welcomed here, follow the three stages below.

Interrogation..} You violated the territory, now you must answer for your crime. Whether you approach calmly or you're found, it is only natural to undergo a bit of roughing up. While this can vary depending on the officers moods or who finds you, the system is rather consistent. You'll be taken behind the motel into a dingy shed, tied, if you're unlucky beaten. No food or water will be given to you for about 2-3 days, we're just testing how much resistance you have. If you die here, your body is thrown out into the woods - however, if you're still around...

Meeting the Big Wigs...}  You'll be lead by a Private or Staff Sergeant to someone of some sort of power, often the cops or the Lieutenant. From here, you may be questioned, inspected, or simply accepted - it'll depend. You may be beaten again if you appear too proud, mouthy, or arrogant all together - consider your circumstance. If these high ranking officers find interesting or suspicious information from you, you might be taken to General Tamsen.

The Oath...} That wasn't too bad, right? You'll have to learn discipline and intensive labor as you find your place here, we can't ask more of you right now - but you do have to be branded. During this oath taking ceremony, you will be branded 'EEI', for the greek chant in your oath, "Eímai énas íroas", or "I am a hero". Branding can be done by the Lieutenant or the General only and will only take a few seconds, prepare for it to happen after you finish your oath. The officer will ask you to repeat after them, while the individual letter brands heat up over some coals and lighter fluid. You must stand still, but we understand you may flinch, whine, or yell - but if you move you're gonna mess up your brand.

Once this is done, you're a part of the family - welcome home Private.

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.Tasks and Ranks}

 Catchers are a respected and vital part of the clique, they are the hunters, those who protect the borders. These dogs often have to have a natural drive and willingness to stay up long hours on patrol; have a skill for hunting big and small things;and absolutely must be able to fight more so than other ranks. With them being out in the fields, often times in small groups, an ambush may happen - and they'll be the first to be hit. Catchers keep to their own business, they have a lot to do, but often times are sought out for muscle help from Pigs and Lieutenant.

 Though the name will make you laugh, Squeakers are excellent additions to the clique. These dogs must be willing to scout and explore that lands, with no fear of inspecting the unknown. They must also have their ear to the ground always, these dogs are the news sources, they keep you up to date on what dog did what and why. They're very important for espionage - being able to listen and observe ten steps ahead of you. They are often the first to know what's happening with all other cliques including Dynami - and are the front line in warning the clique. However, no one can listen all the time - Squeakers are also errand runners, they can do just about anything that needs getting done. For the more well-rounded dogs.

Boar - "Good Cop"
  These dogs keep the bulk of the clique organized and moving like a well oiled-machine. They don't have to be the biggest, fastest, but they must be smart and charismatic canines. These dogs handle the blunt end of trade and embargo, making sure everything that comes in or out is in the better interest of the clique. They are the ones that go to make deals with other cliques, and they are often the ones who organize group events or group explorations. These dogs must be natural leaders, good talkers, and collective souls. These guys do not lose their cool. These dogs work well with Squeakers, needing info on who has what in their possession. Receiving orders from Lieutenant or the General only, but they can give orders to Pigs.

Pigs- "Bad Cop"
  Pigs are the blind, loyal enforcers of the clique. They're never afraid to get their hands dirty, they're never afraid to rough up the opposing team, and if anything they're happy to kill in the name of the Dynami law. While they can handle disputes across cliques, they also handle domestic disputes and make sure no one is out of order. These dogs care intensely about rules and regulations (unless it applies to them). The muscle, the movers, the cops, call them what you want but you follow whatever they tell you. They are on the same playing field as Boars, and can give or take orders from them. They don't care about Squeakers, as often times they'll act on their own reason; they appreciate and respect Catchers. These dogs must be strong, thick-skinned, and aggressive, they must emit not only confidence but intimidation.

 Answers to no one but the General, but can be approached by all. Can be anywhere and everywhere at once and help anyone who needs him. If there's anything that needs a quick executive decision, they can do it. Often times they help with big hunts or overseeing trades or shake-downs. The General's absolute right hand in the higher political activities and specific organization of things. The Lieutenant works well with Boars, Pigs, and Catchers.

  Whom we all answer to. The General does not need to involve herself with anyone unless she wants to, and often times you won't be running to her for the little stuff - or you'll get a lickin'. She makes the big decisions, she can decide who to kill off or who to promote. She takes note of all and excuses none, she motivates and preaches the good word. Often works with Squeakers to make sure she's informed and working with Boars on important trades. She keeps this clique together and motivated.

  • [Privates] Teir 0
  • [Lowest rank, everyone must start here. You have something to prove. You do anything that is asked of you, no matter how hard or how difficult. What your superiors ask for gets done. Untasked.]
  • [Corporals] Tier 1
  • [The bulk of the pack, you're likely here to stay. Make sure you take care of those under you and pay attention to those above. Decently developed in their task.]
  • [Sergeants] Tier 2
  • [You've earned a lot of respect here, and can give your two cents here and there. Those below don't get to question your authority, but be mindful of those above. Skilled in their individual task - often overlooking and helping Privates with finding their tasks. ]
  • [Officers] Tier 3
  • [Welcome - you've made it to the upper ranks. You've definitely earned your place here and you're very trusted. You only answer to the two above you and each other. For the most part, you have power to make executive decisions if it's a state of emergency. Highly skilled in their task. ]
  • [Specialists] Tier 4
  • [You are the single most prepared dog in your field. You have not only worked your way through the ranks low and high but you have masted your task. Congrats. The General and Lieutenant trust you. Don't screw up.]
  • [Lieutenant] Tier 5
  • [Hand picked second in command, handles most anything you can't.]
  • [General] Tier 6
  • [Your boss, my boss, just- make 'em happy OK?]

{ The Bethesda Clique }

Chaotic Good

BC Children’s Hospital
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.Bethesda and Members}

As long as the members of the Clique are not trying to kill each other, and functions together to ensure their survival, the group typically has a mixed alignment. Getting along with one another is preferred, but if you are an angry fuzz then so be it...just so long as you do not jeopardize Bethesda in any way. Harper tries to ensure that all of her Bethesden are happy and well cared for, which comes with the insistence that everyone pulls their weight. Laziness is not tolerated, and if the Overseer has reached her wits end with a Bethesden that does not conform to the rather loose regulations they are subject to being Cast Out. 

Though there are specific duties that a Bethesda member can focus on, each Bethesden is given a basic lesson on healing. This would include: staunching blood flow, packing deep wounds, and wrapping wounds. The point of this is to try to ensure survival as quickly as possible, assuming the wound is serious enough, especially if the injured is away from the Hospital and needs to be helped back.

Taking a mate within the Bethesda Clique can get a little complicated. 
The Clique allows a Bethesden to have, at maximum, three mates. This can make for rather large families! 

However, the taking of a new mate cannot be done just willy nilly. The direct parties must agree to the joining, meaning if Blue Dog wants to take Red Dog as a mate, and Red Dog is also mates with Yellow Dog and Green Dog, all of these dogs must agree. Jealousy is seriously frowned upon, as it can fracture an entire family, and so breaking off a mateship because someone is jealous is not only acceptable but preferred. When it comes to raising the offspring, each member of the mateship is responsible. Females act as mothers to the offspring of their 'sister wives', regardless of who birthed, and males act as fathers to the offspring of their mates regardless of who biologically fathered them. 
Cats and dogs cannot become mates.

Because of Bethesda's fairly lax ways when laws are concerned, generally only the most serious of offenders are Outcast. Problems that are severe enough to warrant being Cast Out include habitually starting physical fights, habitual laziness, attempting to or succeeding in killing another Bethesden, turning traitor, or in any other way sabotaging Bethesda.
But that's not all! An Outcast may have a chance of returning to Bethesda. This can only happen once! Consider the first time being Cast Out as a probation of sorts.
In order to return to Bethesda for a second chance, the Outcast must meet certain requirements. The Outcast must not have been sent away for any serious crimes against Bethesda, such as murder/attempted murder, turning traitor, or sabotage. If an OutCast otherwise has a chance to return, they must approach Harper. They will then be placed in the morgue to undergo the traditional Quarantine. While in Quarantine the Council will discuss the Outcast's eligibility to return. The Outcast in question must not have been seen fraternizing with any enemies, fist and foremost. After that, the Council will discuss their views on the individual, as well as any other thoughts that they may have heard from the other Bethesden. Ultimately, it is the final decision of the Council vote on whether or not the Outcast will be allowed to return.

Bethesda is also known to call one another Brother or Sister. A cat or dog that belongs to Bethesda is called a Bethesden. When referring to a group of Bethesden, they are commonly called Brethren. A Bethesden that is forced out of the Clique because of unacceptable behaviors is called an Outcast.

In general, Bethesda is Atheist. Individuals with religion are welcome, of course, as long as both parties don't allow this mixture of ideas and beliefs to upset the unity of the Clique.

Bethesda is split into two factions. The felines and the canines. Each faction has an Overseer and a Deputy, but all in all the canine Overseer is the 'top dog' of the two, so to say, though the factions tend not to meddle with one another in a negative manner. The factions generally work the same and follow the same rules, guidelines, traditions and rituals and the only real differences are how the Overseers handle their faction. The felines reside on the second floor of the Hospital, since their nimble bodies can traverse up and down the staircases quicker and easier. The canines live on the first floor, their stronger bodies the first line of defense should the Hospital face an attack. 

Mingling of the factions is not uncommon in the least, and is in fact encouraged. The factions may be separate, but they are of the same Clique and are expected to work together and utilize one another's strengths. 

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.Bethesda and Outsiders}

Bethesda is fairly welcoming toward outsiders and Strays, so long as they bear no ill will toward the Clique. 

They are especially keen to help the injured, sick and the weak and to provide sanctuary for those in need. The way they see it, reaching out to help the needy has a better chance of creating allies and gaining new Bethesden than pushing them away and creating enemies. 

However The Overseer encourages the Clique to be cautious, knowing full well not everyone out there is as friendly or welcoming. Because of this, anyone new that is brought to the Hospital is taken straight to the morgue where they are given warm blankets, pillows, are well fed and watered, tended to medically if need be and kept comfortable while an eye is kept on them. They are to remain in the morgue for a week, no matter what. Yes, it basically is a hostage situation but it is in hopes that it's for the best of the Clique in the end.

 :bulletwhite: Dynami :bulletwhite:

We know very little about the other Cliques at this time

:bulletred: Sicarius :bulletred:

We know very little about the other Cliques at this time
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.Funerary Ritual}

Bethesda has developed a rather controversial method of dealing with their fallen brethren. When a member of the Clique passes away, it is encouraged (but not commanded) that the living Bethesden feed upon the body. Desperate times mean desperate measures, and this ritual is meant to strengthen and keep the bellies of the survivors full. The bones that remain are then buried in the back of the Hospital, outside in a fenced in area that used to be a garden and peaceful sitting area for the humans. Unfortunately, over time, old bones may become dug up as holes are made for new bones. The Overseer understands that this is a belly churning idea for many, even herself, but if she had a choice on what would happen to her after she died..well why not nourish and strengthen her brethren instead of letting her flesh go to waste in the dirt? She hopes that, in time, the idea will become an honorable outcome as one last thing you can do for the good of your Clique.

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.Tasks and Ranks}

The Hunters of the Clique. The swift and the clever. Hounders are tasked with hunting and bringing back food for Bethesda. Food may be actively hunted, ambushed, fished, or even scavenged. It doesn't matter, so long as there's a meal for somebody then the Hounders have done their job. 

Collectors do as their name implies. They are tasked with bringing back any useful items for the Clique. Supplies, herbs, even scavenged food and..yes..information. So long as it is something useful for Bethesda, the Collectors must, well, collect it. Collectors may also team up with Hounders to help transport hunted prey.

Shields are the muscle of the group. They are the front line defense. The warriors. They keep look out through the windows and even from the rooftop, patrol the confines of the Hospital and the perimeter as well. They may team up with Hounders and Collectors as body guards as well as to offer any other assistance that might be needed.

The healers and caretakers of the Clique. These Bethesden have learned how to utilize the basic supplies that were left behind in the Hospital, even as much as learning a few things by looking at pictures in the available medical books. They've learned how to use gauze, medical tape (granted it's a struggle considering that fur will cling and pull, and trying to apply the tape with the mouth will render the tape useless as saliva wets the sticky), and many other simple use items. As well, they have learned what herbs to use medicinally, especially considering that they cannot read and so human medications have no meaning for them.

The cat and dog that have been hand picked by the Overseers of their faction to be their Second in Command. These Bethesden take charge when the Overseer is away and help make critical decisions. They help orientate the lower ranked Bethesden by orchestrating tasks as well as perform checks on all of the tasked Bethesden to be sure the jobs are getting done and getting done right. They are also to oversee the quarantined Strays that are being held in the morgue.

The leading cat and dog of Bethesda. The canine Overseer is ranked above all, even the feline Overseer, but rarely meddles in the affairs of the felines unless they are proving to be more of a detriment to the Clique than of use. Overseers do exactly what a leader is supposed to do. No explanation needed.

.The Council}

The Council is made up of the Overseers, the Deputies, and hand selected to represent each Task. The Professionals chosen can be and are encouraged to be different individuals for each time they are needed, to try to hinder biased opinions.
The Council will be called upon for many reasons. To discuss the return of an Outcast, to discuss political issues both within and outside of the Clique, to discuss an individual in the Clique..many reasons. Ultimately, in the end, the canine Overseer generally makes the final decision. The only time the Council votes is when they are discussing an Outcast, discussing the possibility of war, or otherwise any major decision.

Canine Ranks}
  • The New Teir 0
  • The newest members of the Clique, yet untasked.
  • The Heart Tier 1
  • Tasked Bethesden, generally the most filled rank.
  • The Adept Tier 2
  • Well learned in their Task, these Bethesden are encouraged to help The New to decide on a Task that suits them and work alongside The Heart.
  • The Professionals Tier 3
  • These Bethesden are at the top of their game. The best in their Task, they must also help train The New and The Heart as well as work alongside The Adept and help them brush up.
  • The Deputy Tier 4
  • The hand chosen Second in Command.
  • The Overseer Tier 5
  • The Leader.

Feline Ranks}
  • The New Teir 0
  • The newest members of the Clique, yet untasked.
  • The Heart Tier 1
  • Tasked Bethesden, generally the most filled rank.
  • The Adept Tier 2
  • Well learned in their Task, these Bethesden are encouraged to help The New to decide on a Task that suits them and work alongside The Heart.
  • The Professionals Tier 3
  • These Bethesden are at the top of their game. The best in their Task, they must also help train The New and The Heart as well as work alongside The Adept and help them brush up.
  • The Deputy Tier 4
  • The hand chosen Second in Command.
  • The Overseer Tier 5
  • The Leader.