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This is hard for me to write down as I don't really know what it is that I'm asking for (or at least the terminology around it) so I'll just explain what I want...

My comic's website is fucking horrible looking. Like, a child designed it in dreamweaver kind of terrible. I know, I did it. But everything works, and nothing's broken. It's a very easy website to edit, to update, and alter.

BUT it looks like shit, as I think you'll agree. woodsforthetrees.comicgenesis.…

So basically what I need is 2 things - ONE; make it look not shit, or at least less shit and TWO I want to move away from the .comicgenesis adress to the .com adress, but want to retain the same ease of updating, editing, and altering that ComicGenesis provides....

Making sense so far? No? Well then you're probably not the person I'm after as this will be the sort of thing you'll get from me.

I WILL BE WILLING TO PAY MONEY too, and I'm not after anything ultra fucking fancy - just the website as it is now but with a facelift and the .com address.
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So it's the end of another glorious storyline and time again for my somewhat self-indulgent analysis of it.

As per usual with me, the ending shown was not the original ending written when I started the story - this is a very common thing with me, in that I do edit the scripts while I produce them. Indeed, the last three strips were rewritten pretty much a day before I started them. In the original ending, instead of the strip focussing on Jess and Reuben after Pytor leaves the story was originally going to cut to Isabel over-reacting to being shot in the tail and believing she was dying a "hero's death" until Reuben arrives and mocks her  for being so dramatic, then compares her to Captain Ahab before they chastise her for being reckless.

This I changed for a number of reasons, chief amongst which being that it's kind of against Reuben's nature to gloat over someone getting hurt, even if that animal is Isabel. Also, I feel that Isabel is not the sort of animal to let any wound be the end of her – she's more like the Black Night from Monty Python's Holy Grail, constantly coming back for more despite bits being hacked off.
Also the whole side of Isabel's story is already obviously  an Ahab parallel so actually referencing it would be a redundant piece of lamp-lighting so I changed it to a much more "Woods for the Trees" ending where Isabel somehow manages to avoid learning any lessons at all despite the fact that her arse will now make metal detectors beep whenever she's nearby.

So away from the storyline, this was also an exercise in how colour affects the cartoon. And all reports are good. I think I've developed a "style" now that's pretty easy to do fast (I can colour the strips in about an hour if I concentrate and don't fuck about) and personally I like the style of the later ones.

So there you go, a storyline I'm pretty bloody happy with all things told as it leaves possibilities and advances some of the characters a bit. For example, we now have the possibility of Pytor being in future strips, and we also learned about Bosco's sexuality and Jess's genuine respect for Isabel's abilities as a wild animal.

We've also learned that I write too much waffle on journals….

Like Woods for the Trees? Check the latest cartoon here - - Do it or I kill a puppy with a hammer.
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Developments have developed, leading to me deciding that what I'm about to say is a good idea (Jaysis I hope it is) - I'm going to (In the coming weeks) open limited slots for commissions....maybe like 5-10 or something...I'm new to this so I don't really know how it works.

Also, dunno how to accept payment from people, or even how much to charge for what. So the following would be my price list based on what I've seen others doing...then deducting some money from it because those artists are talented:

Inked character with no background - £2.50
Colour character (includes shading and gradient background if wanted) - £5.00 (additional characters +£1 each)
Full colour pic, with full colour background - £10 (additional characters +£1 each)

Also, just a quick point - EVERYTHING I draw is based on the rule of "Would that appear on Futurama?" - ie, I don't draw anything of a sexual nature.

So....right...there we go. I have no idea if that's too expensive, too cheap, or Goldilocks porridge territory and NO we're not open just yet.

So yeah, I'll be opening the slots themselves up soon - maybe next week.

Any thoughts?
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Heelo there boys and girls, Roofus here of course. Now, you may have noticed one of two things on your daily travels to Woods for the Trees because you're obviously such an avid reader that you can't have missed them. The first is that we've started a new story (with bears!) and the second is that I did not update last Friday.

"So what?" I hear literally no-body ask before the elaborating further, "You miss update days all the time and we don't care. In fact, we love you more for it because absence makes the heart grow stronger and your lacklustre attempts at regular scheduling gives us the horn."

Well, you randy bastards, in most of those times it's because the strip isn't ready for any reason from not having enough time to complete it, to simply forgetting that I'm a cartoonist and going down the pub or playing Planetside 2....the latter happening with startling regularity that is evident from the simple fact that my comic's updated twice this year so far whereas in the same time-frame I've gotten my New Conglomerate engineer to level 21.

But NO! This time it as different! This time I HAD a comic ready to go, all inked and shit.....but my scanner (which will from herein be refereed to as "Fuck-ass") decided that it had decided that the two short months spent with me was more than enough and committed hari-kari.

Literally. Puff of blue smoke and a short. Now usually this would've made me take to Twitter in a second to proclaim the manufacturer a dick, but Fuck-ass was still well within it's warranty so I was sent a brand new scanner. Same model. Same exact everything.

Now dear reader, is when shit gets weird. I know about USB, I know about models being locked to the installation software they came I decided that rather than confuse my computer (Shitboxington III) any more than it normally is just by being awake that I'd install the original software that came with Fuck-ass. I then repeated the installation but for some reason the driver wouldn't work. Tried Fuck-ass's disc....nothing but a standard "Failure to launch" cut and pasted box....I was disheartened, I was confused....I was desperate.


Turned out that Fuck-ass was never supposed to even work with Windows 7. The model is XP/Vista I installed the Vista driver and it works fine....I can't but wonder at why that worked....or why Fuck-ass worked on the computer at all....did Windows 7 kill Fuck-ass?


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Christmas is coming, we've started the Christmas story - same deal as last year with normal updates but double-comics on Eve and Day.

That is all. Go back to whatever it is you do when you're not reading my comic.
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When I tell you the trouble I've had this week finishing a strip for Woods for the Trees you will believe, like I now believe, in the supreme will also believe he's a bit of a dickhead.

So, think back to Sunday night. I was sat there, sketch pad on my lap, ready to draw Monday's new strip - eager and with a lightly-stoned smile on my face. It was a pretty good strip to draw, I was looking forward to the big reveal of the mini-story and doing it justice....but before I did that I decided that I fancied some rarebit (cheese on toast for the non-Welsh among us) as a treat for being so extra specially awesome.

This is when God struck the first time. As I was cutting a lovely piece of cheddar my finger slipped on the knife, and through some weird glitch in the space-time continuum that I can only presume was his influence, the knife flipped around and sliced a decent size chunk out of my finger.

The rarebit did not survive.

So that was two days of not being able to draw, taking us to Tuesday. Where my scanner, once again I presume under his influence, refused to work. Not just work, but recognise. I tried restarts, I tried reinstalling drives, I tried every bloody thing but to no avail....but I've bored enough people enough times with stories of my scanner being a cheap piece of....wait, what if it's listening? It's great! Never breaks! (can't be too sure....)

Then the finale, the grand reveal of God the Dick. Finally last night, I got the strip ready, the scanner decided to work (maybe Jupiter was correctly aligned with Saturn or some shit, I dunno) and all systems were go. My finger was poised over the "send data" button on my FTP program and then - router fail. I almost expected God to show up at the window with a troll face.

So what is this incessant whining about you ask? Nothing really....just trying to show that when Woods for the Trees doesn't update, it's not necessarily just because I'm a lazy bastard with Swiss cheese for a brain.

And to those who don't believe my story I ask only this...if I'm lying then that means I didn't do the strip because I'm lazy....and would a lazy person write all this crap? Of course he would, I did....but that doesn't mean it's not all true.

Do say: I have a Weasyl account!…
Don't say: It's bloody empty....
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Here ye, here ye!

I have proclaimed, that upon this day I have opened the Woods for the Trees shop!

There's only a few designs there at the moment - and I'm still trying to figure out how to work it properly. So, have a look - buy if you want, criticise if fact, please criticise - I have NO idea what I'm doing when it comes to making money

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Many of the adoring fans that I don't have ask me "Roofus, you've been such an inspiration to millions of non-existant people but tell us; what inspires you?"

It's a good question really. Other than, you know, my beautiful reflection and amazing humble nature, there are a few things that do inspire me, mainly webcomics, and I thought I'd let you all know that one of my faves has started back up again and that you should all definatley go check it out because it's awesome and I say so and I'll kill a kitten with a hammer if you don't.


In all seriousness, it's a great strip. It's fairly adult humour, great pacing, and a very good art style. A lot of the tone of this strip is stuff that I've sought to incorporate into my own comic.

There, fanwank over. Go check it out.
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So....probably noticed I'm having a wee bit of trouble getting back into the "drawing regularly" thing. It's not that I don't want to draw, nor is it that I don't enjoy's just getting started doing it seems to take ages now. That initial "let's go" seems to be the hardest thing to do especially when there's more than enough TV/Internet to watch solidly from here to eternity.

I decided last night to try doing my strips in colour. I know this is something I've been toying with for a while and the more I think about it the more I think the comic looks about 1000 times better coloured in than not-coloured in - I think most people will agree with that.

Also I've more-or-less finished writing the brief for what I want from the website I'm going to pay someone to make (again, if anyone wants to do this gimme a shout - I'll pay, I'm not expecting charity on this) and I've nearly done the first four t-shirt designs for the shop....which (fucken hopefully) will be up before X-mas....

...anyway, not really much point to this journal - just bored, needing a poo, and waiting for the dole office to ring me.

OH! And also, for those who don't know - Woods for the Trees had a Halloween strip this year...but I labelled it wrong and it didn't update on the site until yesterday. It's full colour, so you can either go look at it on the site, or wait a week for it to appear hither :D woodsforthetrees.comicgenesis.…
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Woods for the Trees is back, this time with added rustyness. So let me just wade through the webcomic groupies and screaming fans to get to my keyboard....

Ok, so we're back. Going for a three-a-week rotation again until Xmas, but with mainly mini-stories and solo strips and the like. Gonna add in some character development as well, but not too much - that comes after new year....and wow, it's gonna get emotional.

I'm also keeping true to my word and uploading the strips on both FA and DA in order to get more feedback (the shoutbox is a ghost town) so I can find out what you three fans actually think about it. I'll be uploading them here a week after they're uploaded on the main site because....well, because. That's why.

What else? Well, I'm still working on some shirt ideas for the hopefully-released-before-christmas-in-order-to-cash-in shop I'm planning. I'm not much of a graphic artist though so I'd appreciate ideas for that....

Also, I'm going to attempt to wrangle up some webcomicing acquaintances to do a few collabs/strip swaps in order to show them how not to draw their lead characters - so if you draw a webcomic then expect a pm at some point in the future.

Also also, I've finally decided that my website layout is too bloody awesome to remain. Figure I'll throw a bone to some aspiring web-designer and let them do it, which will cost monies so there you have it.

The comic they couldn't kill has returned, ready to infect the world again like a low lying staph infection.
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Well it's the start of another new month, so it's time for another round of "excuses as to why Woods for the Trees hasn't updated yet". I know you're secretly as excited as me.

So what's new? Well, I have a shiny (second-hand) scanner that works a treat. I've also been working on some new scripts, mainly character stuff rather than zaney-antics. One problem I have encountered is that none of my current stories are short enough to complete before the myriad of winter festivities commence. This is a problem because I have a Christmas strip ready already and I don't want to break a narrative for it (I hate it when comics do that shyte). This wouldn't really be a problem but I really am having trouble getting back into drawing it on a semi-daily basis and I feel that a long story I can invest myself in would be the best remedy for that - for lack of a better word - apathy.

So I have two choices;

1 - just run a large story anyway and interrupt it with the Christmas strip or -
2 - procrastinate with mini-stories and one-off strips until Christmas and start 2013 (if we're still alive) fresh.

What y'lot think?
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Ok, so Operation Recover Old WFTT Scripts From Destroyed Hard-Drive So I Can Cartoon Again Without Having To Rewrite Everything* is slowly creeping into it's 72nd hour here at Woods for the Trees HQ and I'm frankly fucking bored.

I'm sick of seeing progress bars not perceptively move, I'm sick of ETAs numbering in the 30+ mark and of just my computer's incessant high-pitched whistle (hair in the fan or some shit, I dunno) so I want to draw. I wanna draw real bad.

Now, I could draw some WFTT I guess, but without those scripts I'd just be pulling lines out of my arse, and as you can see from the last few journals my life hasn't exactly been a place of mirth generation for much of the past I'm sorta stuck.

I've got a few script ideas, but they're infants I just wanna draw.

SO any ideas? Single pictures, can be my characters but doesn't have to be. Just something easy....I dunno.

*the Americans I usually get to give operations cool names were on holiday.
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That's right boys and girl, we are back on semi-full burners!

Now I want to get back to 3-a-week as fast as possible - with the strips appearing both here on DA and also on FA a week later....but there are some things in the way of this happening that I will explain in length to you now.

1 - A lot of the old stuff (scenery continuity references, scripts, ideas, one-off-jokes, ect) I need for the comic are on a hard drive that has performed hardware seppuku, so that'll need to be run through the data retrieval program I've got. It's called Easus, which sounds slightly the messiah of hard-drives is going to bless my poor leper of a data-storage device....

2 - My scanner does not like Windows 7. This is something I found out only on Monday. My scanner was previously owned by Methuselah so that gives you an indication of it's age. I'm using Photoshops onboard scanner doohicky, but the settings it gives as defaults are for some hypothetical "super" image that quite simply a few ink squiggles on A3 don't need. So need to fix that.

4 - I'm still working on shirt ideas. Right now I've got three main ones and two alternates, which I think is a decent number to start with

5 - I missed the number 3

6 - I may get another job sooner rather than promises, but if that happens we'll have to see what goes down. So long as it isn't a night job I can't see it conflicting with the comic - hell, I had a job fixing computers for 18 months and still kept up with the strip in that time. The only thing about the last job was the mindnumbing, back-breaking, soul-sucking hell of it that left me incapable of enjoying anything other than videos of people playing Minecraft (love you Vintagebeef!)

Do say: "Wow, Woods for the Trees is back!"
Don't say: "Took him bloody long enough!"
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Hello fellows, how long has it been? I'm not even sure myself, but I'm sure I was whinging about my job or something. Well, no fear for that today, because as of last Tuesday I don't have one again.

So I now have time once again to start doing what I really love, cartooning, only this time I'm gonna do it right.

Over the next few weeks, all things going well, you should start seeing changes over at Woods for the Trees central. Number One change will be the comic actually updating, which I suppose is the very least a comic can do to be considered "alive". Number Two change will be the shop.

That's right, I'm embracing capitalism with a big sloppy hug and asking it if it'll be kind enough to give me a few quid every now and then. Nothing fancy, just doodlin' some shirt designs featuring characters - ideas for this will be welcome, I'm more of a wordy-joke guy than a funny-in-a-single-picture dude. I'm also not lazy enough to just take panels from the comic, blow them up, and charge dollarpounds for them. That's right, dollarpounds.

The other change, though I'm still not sure about this one, has nothing to do with the comic....but I've been toying with the idea of jumping on the already-overcrowded Let's Play bandwagon and stinking up the place a bit. I've recorded some vids of me playing a couple of games (Kerbal Space Program mainly) and chatting shit.

Ideas, thoughts?

Need Input.
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No, I've not been playing Skyrim or anything like that (if it doesn't have guns, I'm not interested) but I have returned somewhat.

So here I am, just another bum trying to make ends meet. Granted, I'm doing that while still living with my parents at the age of 26 years old...or am I 27 now? I can't remember.


Ok, so the news on the WFTT front is that I'm still trying to figure out a way of drawing it reliably without feeling like it's a chore. See, when I was unemployed I used the 3-a-week format as a surrogate job....but now I work nights for 8.5 hours from 10pm to 6.30am. Sort of sucks. Also it means that unless I want to stay awake after getting in and going to sleep at about 1pm that I end up spending every waking hour "waiting to go to work" - which is not a good environment for the construction of humour.

So as a result I end up spending most of my waking hours pissed off at the fact I have to even exist, but struggling through it reguardless. Must be a British thing. I've written a few new comics, and even started drawing again....but not enough to reliably update a comic even once-a-week. Now, this might be a problem for comics where I get the impression the artist does nothing else other than survive on donations (ie, JACK, SSDD) but I've never made penny-one on Woods for the Trees. Granted that's because I've never sold anything, but I digress as that is the exact reason I don't feel like I'm letting people down by not posting every week.

This is a free comic in every sense of the word - I'll never take your money or hold the comic hostage until you pay me £n - and I'll never ask anything of you in return. All I ask is this - don't ride me.

Woods for the Trees will only die when I do - of that you have my word. So take heed you three brave readers, I have heard your cries of anguish, and I am heartened by them....indeed I eat them....your words. They taste of peanuts!


Other art can fuck off as far as I'm concerned. If you want to see a stand-alone picture then I suggest following a real artist.


Don't lie, you've never heard my music - but I thank you for placating me in my fantasy world where I'm "the next Billy Bragg and Bob Dylan rolled into one". Truth be told, I've not picked up my guitar to "write" a song in months. Just don't feel musical anymore. Maybe those 500+ songs I wrote were all I had and I spent them like a 16-year old girl who found £50 and spent it on shoes or iPods or whatever the kids are into now....


I just think that I'm not a very good "fur"....I have no desire to go to a furmeet, and my first instinct when seeing a fursuit is to laugh....I pity those who are so involved in this fandom that it's their whole life, I feel sorry for those who go out of their way to pander to the "furry masses", and the more I feel like that the more I realise that they're the ones who should feel sorry for me.

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite journal on the Citadel.
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....said a friend to the creator of the feces powered helicopter. But enough Yahtzee quotes, onto the life and death serious business of webcomicing.

Now, some of those among you who both read my comic and haven't forgone their internet ration for the day by smearing poop on the walls will have noticed that I haven't updated last week - which in itself is a somewhat grammatically incorrect statement, but fuck it let's roll!

There are many reasons for this, chief among them being that drawing a full A3 page of drawings, scanning them, editing them, inking them, colouring them, and all that shit takes waaaaaaaaaay longer than I remembered it taking - and unfortunately my piece of shit cock-sucking assraping motherfucking lame job tires the living arse off of me; so at this point asking me to do anything other than veg out in front of the TV is like asking me to run the London Marathon. In full army combat kit. In June. And every three feet I get pushed back four.

Literally. Even typing this right now is an endurance effort. Hell, showering is an endurance effort now I've been told not to take a chair in there.

So that's what I'm going to try instead, normal old style black and white strips - just fewer of them. It sucks, but then life sucks.

I miss being unemployed. At least I had a life then.
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So as some of the keener eyed amonst you will have noticed, Woods for the Trees actually updated yesterday for the first time since the beginning of the year. Huzzah, happy days! All that jazzy-jeff-type-stuffs!

But I've got my serious face on. You can't see it of course, but it's there. It's there because the new twinge in my back and the shooting pains up my aching hands cause it so. See my new job is shit. Total shit. But it's the kind of total shit that still manages to completely wipe you out after 8 hours despite the fact it pays minimum wage.

With that in mind, I've completely given up on "drawing" it during the week. By this I mean that I'm not going to do any sketching in the time off between shifts as what I'll sketch will most likely be shit of the highest magnitudinal plain (is that a thing?)

I'm concentrating on the sketching during my weekend, especially as my body is now atuned to working nights so I'm awake until about 6am in the morning even on my days off - leaving lots of lovely time to sketch out stuff. Inking and colouring are things I can dip in and out of once the sketching is done, but I've tried doing sketching over multiple days before - the characters/panels always come out looking different somehow....though I'm not sure if it's just my drug-riddled brain making me see things.

So there we go. Woods for the Trees. In colour and on Wednesdays of all places.

Right, off for a wee.
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So I'm now employed (hooray!) but I'm working a night shift (boo!) and as a result I really don't know when I'm going to be able to even think about Woods for the Trees properly.

Which. Fucken. Sucks.

Look, I'm grateful and all to no longer be unemployed but it's come with some hefty fucking price. My hours as of next week are 10pm until 6am which means me having to adapt the comic to accommodate my new schedule. Obviously 3 comics a week is going to be right out of the question - I barely managed that when I was unemployed let alone working 8-hour shifts five days a week - so that leaves the alternatives.

After much contemplating and mulling over while I worked the machines today I've come up with these alternatives;

1 - Indefinate Hiatus - (otherwise known as the "not an option" option)

2 - Go back to two-a-week and see how we go  - (this is the "most likely to happen" option)

3 - Transfer cartoon to large "Xmas strip" style colour work and do one a week - (the "Mynarski Forest" option)

4 - Have no update schedule at all and verbally attack anyone who asks when the next strip is out - (this is know as the "most irregular webcomics attitude" option)

Now personally I'm looking most at option 2, but I've got a sneaking attraction towards option 3. I dunno, maybe because it's "different", maybe because I've seen many other well loved webcomics that do the same thing, maybe it's because he's the most oddly attractive of all the options.....but there we go.

So that's Woods for the Trees. Shafted by life.

I'm sure the animals understand.
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Ok kids, sorry for the over-abundance of journals from me as I posture and contemplate on the future of my cartoon.

So for a while now, long before the hard-drive-alypse, I've been feeling a little hemmed in and stunted by the confines I've placed upon the comic. These include no-colour, three a week, 3-or-4 panels max...that kind of stuff.

See there's only so much "funny" you can fit into a 13cm x 12.3cm box without hiding the "art" and only so much "art" you can fit in a 13cm x 12.3cm box before you start compromising on the "funny".

So here's what I'm intending to do; Starting in the next two weeks I'm going to try a trial period of full-page colour strips, a'la the Christmas specials - two a week, and see how that works. If it does and it's easy then yay, I've advanced as an artist - if it doesn't work for any reason then I'll try something else or revert to default mode.

I just feel like Woods for the Trees could be a much better comic than it is. I've already proved I'm not "going" anywhere, this is still fun to me no matter how few people read it so it's not for that reason, I'm changing it for my sake. Keep it fresh, open new windows and get some air in here!

New picture up here tomorrow when I finish it. It's pretty good though, so don't worry :D
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Kids, you know how yesterday I was all "hey, so my data all got wiped - no biggie"?

Well fuck that. This is one of the worst things that's ever happened to me. The last five years of my artistic life have been wrenched from me.

At first I tried to be all cool. I had the idea that I could just copy the files from Comic Genesis's server using an FTP program. BZZZT Wrong! Comic Genesis doesn't allow copying FROM their servers apparently...

THEN I remembered an old back-up copy of my script folder, which turned out to be about two years old and thus only about half of what I'd lost. Small mercy I suppose, and having something to rebuild on is less scary than having nothing and starting again.

I'm going to take the clapped out drive down to my trusted local techies to see if they can pull anything off of it, and regardless of outcome I'm going to then destroy the hard-drive with a hammer.

But enough whinnying on about bad stuff, here are my plans for the future.

1 - First priority is to get something up on the site, and given that I don't have the scripts to draw it's most likely going to be a picture.

2 - Start uploading a comic-a-day to FA and dA. These will be older stuff, but will be one a day. I regret stopping uploading my standard comic to dA, I lost quite a few readers doing that.

3 - Basically just try to get the standard of my strip to a base level. Don't get me wrong, the art I love in my comic but the wording in the speech bubbles is shocking to the point I'm amazed anyone can even read it. I think it puts people off more than anything.

So yeah, there it is...probably not going to be a "cartoon" for a little while, but hopefully by the beginning of February I'll have managed to defuckulate myself from this shitty situation.

Oh, and I got a job by the way. Whoopee.
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