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like a puppet
i pull your strings
like a ventriloquist
i command your speech
like a clock
i wind you up
to act by my will
i am your controller
and your addiction
:iconwhatsunknown:whatsunknown 11 1
Warriors Lament
He wipes the blood from his brow, parrying the blade going for his head. his shield bent out of shape but still holding firm, scarred and blackened from strikes and flame. his clothes torn from the battles, his body screaming from exertion. with a deceptive fient, he bashes the shield forward before striking out when his opponent was unbalanced. this went on for days, weeks, months. his shield long forgeten, his blade warped and rendered dull. he falls to one knee, left eye useless as he uses his right to survey the battlefield. all the bodies left to rot, all the comrads picked by crows. as he breathes his last breath, he lets out one final sorrow induced cry outward tward the heavens. his breath stops, his heart slows. the last thing he witnesses are the flames from his fight, his fight to free the world.
:iconwhatsunknown:whatsunknown 2 2
my undetermined fault
For I am only that which I'll never be, forever isolated within my sorrows. Yet, I am free of them, ascending into the future. And if I may make my stand, within plain view for all to see, let me predefined fate lift the Burden from those who are destined to follow. I am not a visionary, nor am I a leader. I am just a speck, one that decided to take a stand and try to move a mountain. I am not a wall, but a single stone who decided to try and dam the flow and ease the pressure for all others. Look not at what I succeeded in doing, but at the failures I continue to overcome. We may not be perfect, but the imperfections are what make us unique. We may not have power, but it isn't needed for greatness. I have come to realize this, I so show it through my actions.
:iconwhatsunknown:whatsunknown 4 4
sweetnessed by whatsunknown sweetnessed :iconwhatsunknown:whatsunknown 8 12
it hurts
my memories unceasing
never leaving me alone
they hurt my existence
i want to just forget them
but i will never forget the pain
the ones i caused
the ones inflicted on me
the ones that scar me
I'm sorry
sorry to all those souls in the past in my history
the ones i was ignorant to
the ones where i will never get to say goodbye
or sorry
i wish i could make things right
everywhere i go
i am reminded of my past
never to live it down
i wish i could erase my history
not the good history
only that which i can not control
i am grateful for all those i have met
the friends i have known for years
the ones that never judge
never mocking
maybe someday
someday i will finally escape my emotional
the most painful scars are not of the flesh
but of the mind
for all my friends out there
thanks for staying by me
never letting the world hurt me
i hope you do great things
and to all those i have harmed
forgive me
:iconwhatsunknown:whatsunknown 4 3
eternal fault
how do i get out of here.
why is the exit hidden.
i feel compelled to escape, but from what.
i know not what i fear, but know fully despise.
if not hear then where.
when does it stop.
when do i trully begin.
to live is to die somewhere else.
to hell with it all.
i am never here when i need to be.
but always away when trouble befalls me.
where does it end.
if it ends here, then where is the satifaction.
if there is no satisfaction, then there is no true end to life.
what have we, as humans, ever done to gain a true sense of accomplishment.
that answer is nothing, and nothings all we ever get.
all i ever wanted was to do something of such magnitude that, even if no one acknowledges my existance, i will die with that such sought after satisfaction.
but being human, our limitations are always going to prevent that from ever happening in this day and age.
and yet i will never stop trying to right all the wrongs i ever did.
so neither should you.
if ever you where to see the end of your life
:iconwhatsunknown:whatsunknown 3 2
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Time for more random chicken nuggets from my brain hole (this message approved by The Psycho). you ever wish for cool stuff, then have a dream about it, only to wake up and sulk. If you could turn lead into gold, would it affect the price of silver? what about the price of electronics? can one turn a frisbee into a glaive? how much wood CAN a wood chuck chuck, IF a wood chuck COULD chuck wood (personally i think 5, but that's just my opinion). what would you do IF you actually had wings and/or a tail? would you groom them? would you learn how to do actions, chores, or tricks with them? would you dye them funky colors? what would be your first course of action if you won the lottery? what would you do if you had 1337 h4ck1ng 5k1lls? why is red velvet cake so DAMNED DELICIOUS?! pneumatic spud gun or aerosol? phantom crash or oddworld stranger? maybe even munches odyssey? Beast wars or beast machines? system shock or bioshock? paper or plastic? and finally, favorite ice scream flavor? now that you have been given food for thought (or thoughts, if you are so inclined), would any of you care to respond or reply? if not, then no big deal. i thank you for your time and wish you all a prosperous and lucky toaster. GOOD NIGHT SENTIENTS!

Chimera OUT!

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