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Nuka-Cola old school batch pt1



After completing the Nuka-Cola Clear label I decided to do a revision for my Nuka-Cola label line. In this line I aim my labels to be as accurate as possible for all you 'Fallout purists' out there.

Also, for your purists, I've fixed the hyphen, which was missing from the first version. Thanks goes to user ~LeChuck80 who pointed that out. (Silly me. :roll:)

Small update: I improved the 'dirty' labels.

In this first part I created the Fallout 3 Labels as seen in game. No shortcuts, no artistic freedoms, just as close as possible design. If it does not exsist in game it does not exsist here. So no back labels stating ingredients, sorry. You can add these labels to your own Cola bottles to create that small part of Fallout in real world.
I added different variations for the labels, dirty and clean so that you can do both before- and after war bottles. I also created straight and curved 'banana' versions of the labels so that it is easier to fit them in different bottles.

So there you go. For easier availability and access they all are added to same deviation. I did not add any size measurements because they are not really useful.
Here you should note: If you want to use these, you are going to have to fiddle around with these a bit. Cut - paste, size and etc. So that you can fit these in your bottles properly. Here you can see how they should look like, IRL: [link]

With this Deviation you get;
-The original Nuka-Cola Label, both curved and straight. And in dirty and clean versions.
-Nuka-Cola Quantum label, both dirty and clean version. (You can find the curved Quantum in my older creation, check below.)

Here's a tutorial on how to make these labels, and add them to your bottles: [link]

Nev Vegas: It appears that the Normal Nuka-cola label is the same one used with the Nuka-Cola Victory and Quartz labels from New Vegas.

In second part I am going to recreate the Nuka-Cola Cherry and Clear labels. Which is a bit trickier since very little reference exists. (Delayed due the lack of reference material.)

If you have- or know where to find any 'official' concept-art, production images, screenshots of billboards, or anything else useful. Please Contact me. I am searching anything to reference my Cherry and Clear labels to. Any help is appreciated, and of course you'll get a credit for your help. (This request applies as long as this text stays).

You are free to modify and use in your own needs. This Deviation has been copyrighted with Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. That means you may not use this as commercial purposes.


Also, Check out my previous Fallout labels:
Nuka-Cola: [link]
Nuka-Cola Quantum: [link]
Nuka-Cola Cherry: [link]
Nuka-Cola Clear: [link]
A recreation of a fan-created
Nuka-Cola Fusion: [link]

Fallout New Vegas Sunset Sarsaparilla label:[link]

And see this 'Old school', Fallout 3, label in real life at:[link]"

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I actually made real glass bottle of Nuka-Cola