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Nuka-Cola old school batch 1.5



This deviation is a small addition to my old school batch line. Taking a little sidetrack from the previous part, this deviation is based on fan-made label of Nuka-Cola Fusion which can be seen here:[link]
(Hence the "Fan fiction edition" subtitle.)

I didn't even know the Fusion cola even existed, before one dedicated fan told me about it... At first I was a bit uncertain about this, because it was not something "as seen is game" canon in the terms of design aspects. But then I came around, because the label's design was pretty good, I decided to go ahead and do it after all.

Like previously, I added both curved "banana" and straight labels for your convenience. I also added both clean and dirty versions of the labels so that you may choose which one to pick for your "Fallouting". However I did not make them too dirty looking with PS. This is solely because if you really want to make your labels dirty looking, you can achieve that effect better using different aging methods in home... (E.g. tea, dirt, etc.)

This time I cut corners a little, and used this texture:[link] [by:~deathfetish] when achieving that dirty look you see.

With this Deviation you get;
-The Nuka-Cola Fusion label (based on fan made content), both curved and straight. (In dirty and clean versions.)

Here's a tutorial on how to make these labels, and add them to your bottles: [link]

And here's how these labels would look IRL:[link]


That only leaves one label to be created, of which I have difficulties finding any reference material. That is Nuka-Cola cherry... But when and if I manage to find anything, then you'll definitely see that label, made by me.

You are free to modify and use in your own needs. This Deviation has been copyrighted with Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. That means you may not use this as commercial purposes.

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