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Nuka-Cola Quantum label



My fellow dear hearts and gentle people, its me Whatpayne [*howl] and it's time for an update! :D

Here's a mystery for you. What am I thinking? Drinking it, feels like downing a handful of sugar and punching yourself in the head. And after you've done that, your urine glows for up an week. What is it?... Well that's Nuka-Cola Quantum of course!


Labels, labels... Apparently this is a wanted item. So I decided to grab into challenge and create this label as a early christmas present (of 2008) to you DA's. :santa:

This time I amed for reality (in game that is)... So the front label is as close as possible to it's in game-counterpart.
The work itself was a pretty straightforward, a small job on Photoshop... Only remember, it's the blue glow that you'll be looking.

Update: Here's a tutorial on how to make these labels, and add them to your bottles: [link]

Ps. Also remember to check out my Nuka-Cola (normal) label [link]

Check out what the label looks like on Real Life (with some effects) [link]

Nuka-Cola Cherry label also available: [link]

Nuka-Cola Clear label now available [link]

Nuka-Cola old school labels now available. As seen in Fallout 3: [link]

Also, a recreation of a fan-created
Nuka-Cola Fusion: [link]

I don't know how many different kind of bottles this would fit. (I used these in capped glass cola bottles that contain 0,35 Liters and are approx 25cm tall.) However you're free to make your own modifications as you see fit.
(Also note that if you are planning to recycle your bottle, in some countries the bottle recycling machines may not accept the bottle due to missing/wrong information eg. the barcode. It works atleast in here where I live, but I doubt that they do in anywhere else.)

Well that's it for now. As always, you are free to use this work where, and however you wish. You also are free to modify this how ever you see appropriate. Just as long as you share alike.

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hola amigo ,necesito de tu ayuda ,Llevo mucho tiempo queriendo hacer estas etiquetas,pero al imprimirlas el tamaño no es el correcto,no se modificar la imagen para que cuando yo la imprima tnega los centimetros exactos.Ayuda por favor