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How to make Nuka-Cola labels



Here's a small tutorial to anyone who want's to know how to create the Nuka-Cola labels, I have produced.

-À la Fallout-

This is somewhat more detailed than that small one I've added to my other Deviations. It's pretty straightforward, as you can see.

Bonus: To fullfill your Nuka-Cola experience, take a look at this tutorial:[link] It tells you how to do the Nuka Caps, as well as Buffout, and Med-X.


You are free to modify and use in your own needs. This Deviation has been copyrighted with Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. That means you may not use this as commercial purposes. Fallout 3 and Coca-Cola are property of Bethesda Game Studios and/or The Coca-Cola Company, any and all other names and rights go to their respectful owners.

Used struckdumb's texture: [link]


Also, Check out my previous Fallout labels:
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Nuka-Cola Old School Batch (featured here):[link]

Also, a recreation of a fan-created
Nuka-Cola Fusion: [link]

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One quick question: Does the glue hold up after they're cold? I'm trying to think up away that I could make these with root beer bottles, and still serve the root beer inside them without the labels just getting wet with condensation and peeling off. Any thoughts?