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Fallout Nuka-Cola Label

Here it is. I decided to release this Nuka-Cola Label which I used in My "Nuka-Cola Fallout style" deviation. You can see it here. Just in case anyone wants to make their own bottles.

I added a simple instruction to it as what size it is supposed to be, and whatnot.

To use this, download and print this deviation (make sure it comes out right size, there really isn't easy way to do that. I personally use word when sizing my smaller prints.). Then cut and glue the labels on your bottle. You can either glue them on top of the real labels, or if you're not in hurry, remove the old labels under a hot tap.
[Protip: After gluing on, to ensure maximum taste remember to cool your cola in fridge.]

I don't know how many different kind of bottles this would fit. (I used these in capped glass cola bottles that contain 0,35 Liters and are approx 25cm tall.) However you're free to make your own modifications as you see fit.
(Also note that if you are planning to recycle your bottle, in some countries the bottle recycling machines may not accept the bottle due to missing/wrong information eg. the barcode. It works atleast in here where I live, but I doubt that they do in anywhere else.)

Update: Here's a tutorial on how to make these labels, and add them to your bottles: [link]

Nuka-Cola Quantum label available [link]

Nuka-Cola Cherry label also available [link]

Nuka-Cola Clear label now available [link]

Nuka-Cola old school labels now available. As seen in Fallout 3: [link]

Also, a recreation of a fan-created
Nuka-Cola Fusion: [link]

Well that's it. You are free to use this work where, and however you wish. You also are free to modify this how ever you see appropriate. Just as long as you share alike.

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I love your work
could you make one for a 330ml bottle from the uk
RedSmileyStorm's avatar
awsome!!! ty for making them!!
is there a dirty version of these?
Steambigbear's avatar
Blue423's avatar
do these work on the 355 ml coke bottles from mexico? I can just remove the paint on those with CLR
CreateEverything's avatar
Could someone make 0.25L version of this?
Btbrid01's avatar
Shut up and take my money! :ShutUpandTakemyMoney: 
Can't wait to try it. ^u^
The only issue with this lable is that it says '0,35L', which isn't how it would be labeled. For one, it'd be in ml, for another, it's an American product and thus uses periods for decimal points.
hoodedcr0w's avatar
dont know if its you but someone is making profit off your work:…
CinnamonToast-OwO's avatar
do you have a fallout equestria version label? if not can you please make one?
xX-ToxicxMod-Xx's avatar
You're my favorite person in the world right now<3
TeaRose0's avatar
This is great. I am going to make my own Nuka Cola bottle! :D (Big Grin) If it is ok, I am going to put a pic up and put a link to your page too. Thanks for sharing!
SethTheChozo's avatar
Can't wait to get sticker paper to make my own nuka cola
CandiTheWildPig's avatar
:iconnukaplz::iconsaysplz: Wow, a beverage named after me! :D
MaryDUB's avatar
Great Idea man !
creaper22's avatar
Nuka-Cola Berry if you could it would be normal but blue for black a black and white label burst red and orange heat red yellow orrange and black
creaper22's avatar
could you possably make a label that is rainbow and say nukacola rainbow Burst, Black, Frost, Heat,
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