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Small Humanity
(Holy Hell I feel like i haven't been here in ages, buts its been a year since I've been here. Looking back at my stuff I wish to purge most of it. If anyone is watching sorry for inactivity, but I got caught up in lots a things, making myself do 180s and turning myself around. Without further ado I shall stop yammering and get on with this show.)

This map really doesn't have any context or major history. I made it on the fly. The briefest explanation is this -->

    Humanity emerges out of Africa and spread outwards. Along the way humanity is met with other races like the Atlanteans, Orcs, and Elves. Over time the groups and tribes mostly settle and make kingdoms, empires, and nation states. Over time more and more species are discovered after the original 4. The Dwegmer, a race of giant humanoid-reptilians are discovered by the colonial vessels from the Eleven Lordship of Sutrava, and the Dwegmer begin raiding Sutrava, Borgassiker and merchant ships from Human and Orc nations. From this raiding comes an explosion of wealth and knowledge to the once tribal Dwegmer who rapidly advance due to stolen tech.
The Orcs and Atlanteans are shocked to find another race hidden in the Northern Lands- The Faeri (fay-ri), The Faeri are about half as tall as the average Human or Atlantean, and are very excellent magic users. In fact many wise and noble Elves could barely hold up to novice Faeri. The reason was the Faeri had the "Evervetten Stone." This stone is one of many scattered throughout the world allowing magic to flow and ebb. The Faeri sages say there are 2 more scattered throughout the world. 
    And so the Faeri unknowingly started the "Great Expansions" of each race. The Orcs searched and expanded all throughout Artelnoa, coming into conflict with Human and Elf many times. The Elves sent ships out to sea to try and find the stone. They never returned as those ships would be lost to the sea. Humanity meanwhile expanded into the Eastern Occident (what is today Arabia). Humans also sent colonial vessels to see if they could find any islands out off Frecia, what instead they found was new land. The Atlanteans with their seafaring knowledge went up and through the Atlantean Ocean and found the Great Glacier, as well as a new landmass. This landmass would be discovered to hold 2 races-

    The Vicvial who would be pushed form the coasts by the Atlanteans who would make new kingdoms of their own. And the Dwarves would push from the South kicking them out of East Ermiaca. The Vicvial are a race of beast-men, or "wolverines" as many in Human and Elven society call them. The Vicvial were not as quick to adapt to a modern world, however they still managed to hold their own kingdoms and empires in the center of the Ermiacan continent. Down south in Saintal the Atlanteans discover the eldest of the Dwarven kingdoms, the lost Human colonial vessels, and the Zonamas River. After several expeditions into the forest many have come out raving mad, dead, or euphoric. Speaking of gigantic people who make houses out of trees and fly around on massive birds. Many explorers were placed in asylums and further parties into the forest have been cancelled- for now.
And so we come to the Current Era. Or year 5904 of the Greater One, (or Year 1598 of the Dwegmer, or you could go with Cycle 9088 of the Atlanteans, or Year 936 since the Reckoning for the Vicvial) The Humans dominate
    Frecia and are trying to expand into Engesga region which has been in anarchy since the kingdoms around it were created. The Orcish confederations and hordes have moved beyond their war-like ways and one Orcish state near the Faeri have become pseudo-magical users. The Atlanteans and Humans continue to have squabbles internally and externally. Their empires and kingdoms sometimes switch alignments on a ducats flip. The Elves have stagnated to say the most. They are just very slow to change, however they remain steadfast in a powerful merchant race, separating 2 destructive races. The Vicvial have semi-united as a series of clans, warlords, and khans to kick out the imperialist Atlanteans and the "cowardly Dwarves." The Faeri enjoy steadfast isolation and remain mostly untouched. The Dwarves have made technological strides faster than most, however mainly seem to fight themselves or just keep to themselves. The Humans coming 2nd in technological progress.
Beringia Fakemon Region

This is a good shot and show as to what i think a Siberian/Alaskan Pokemon region would be like. Now im no graphic designer, so this aint gonna be very detailed. However people should be able to figure out 3 major things.

1- The white colored stuff is snow and permafrost, i am exaggerating these traits to make it feel more like a Pokemon region. In reality if you go up to Barrow, Alaska you will find some patches of snow mixed in with a
majority of the ground being hard dirt and pockmarked with little ponds of nearly frozen water. The water around Barrow isn't exactly frozen either. You could swim a ways before touching ice, tough you might want 2 layers of blubber.

2- There are no routes between some of the cities, but instead dashed lines. Those dashed/dotted lines are representing railroads and ships. I wanted to make this truly feel like it was an isolated region, and what better way than by splitting the region into four smaller sub-regions. I shall name them off in a bit. Oh, but fan fact actually, Juneau the capitol of Alaska has no roads going to or through it. So the only way to get to Juneau is by water or by air, so I decided to leave it off the map.

3- I lied about 3 things I just wanted to see if you'd come to see what the 3rd thing was here.

Anyways, The Beringia Region is made up of The State of Alaska, Chuktoka Autonomous Okrug, and Kamchatka Krai. Ice-type Pokemon would be very common here. However lots of Flying, Rock, Ground, and Ghost-type Pokemon would be pretty common finds here. Why would Ghost-types be common here? Well let me educate you on some people known as the Inuits. The Inuits lived in Alaska and Siberia. They were divided into different groups like the Sibirs and Aleuts. However when Russia came along to colonize the place a few diseases and people cut down some Inuits settlements and forced them to move further up North to places like Barrow and the Aleuts.  Some places like Anchorage and Leningradsky up towards Wrangel Island were settled by Americans and Russians. I would speculate that as the Inuits dwindled in population their spirits became stuck in limbo or purgatory and now roam the lands as angry Ghost-types.

Now there are 4 sub-regions in the region. From East to West like an Arabic book we shall go. The Anchorage Sub-Region, the most populous of the 4 it is what many trainers and people see of the region. Stretching from Kodiak Island to Barrow it is one of the most beautiful places to see. Further West we stumble onto the Diomede Sub-Region This region is known as the "Heart of Beringia" as at one ancient point the two halves were connected. However now they are connected once more by the "Great Diomede Bridge" Spanning from Tin City to Naukan it is one of the longest and largest bridges built by humans and Pokemon. Past Kodiak and further South than St. Lawrence Island is the smallest of the 4; The Aleut sub-region. The Aleut sub-region whilst sparsely populated with its biggest city being Unalaska, rolling in at over 4,400 people. The next 2 settlements are; Adak with 329 people, and Navy Town as a small military base. However this region is pockmarked with Inuit ruin and banged up old military stations like Attu Station just West of Navy Town. The final and most Western region is the Kamchatka region with its industrial cities on the Proliv Like with the exception of Ust-Kamchatsky, the capital. On the Bering Island between these cities you will find Victory Road and the Pokemon League. It is the warmest and most industrial of the regions producing much of the regions wood as well as being a stopping point for many ships.

I have a little bit of lore for this region and it goes a little bit like this; When it was discovered by explorers people weren't to keen on moving there, until someone found gold and oil in the modern day Anchorage and Diomede sub-regions. The population started booming and eventually the original people of the land were pushed further up North and some towards the Aleutians. Eventually the separate halves of the Beringia region went to war over the Diomede islands and resources on them, as someone had discovered gold on them and both sides wanted the islands. The war was brutal but very limited. Thanks to the spread out population centers and weather the war eventually stopped 2 years after it started. Now 50 years later after much recovery the two halves finally united after the completion of the Diomede Bridge. Now the two, now united regions work together and help one another survive the brutal winters and stupid tourists.

Mars Terraformed
Mars is green. But also off-limits. Mostly. The Earth is recovering from something known as "Mother Natures War". When the Earths global temperature rose by 2 Celsius. This was able to melt tons of sea ice and land ice. Flooding many cities and islands.  This in turn created worse storms and hurricanes and floods. People were scared. And people of many faiths said that Mother Nature was punishing them for what they did to her planet.  Science and faith butted heads as cities like Mecca, Medina, and the Vatican were under immense pressure. Places like Japan and Silicon Valley were flooding over. Finally after 30 years, they pushed Nature back, and decided that if humanity were to expand into the stars it would adopt a green policy.

Elysium and the Valles Marinares were chosen as the sites for new colonial empires. Actually the UN and its signatories made a treaty. "The Treaty to Protect Sentient and Sapient Life from and for Humanity", or as its known "The Green Treaty". Which said-

Article I- The UN Big Five, and Security Council, along with other major councils and organizations established by humanity, shall decide on where any colonies shall be placed and how they shall act.

Article II- No nuclear weapons, testing, or biological and chemical weapons shall be used by any nation, except with approval from the Big Five. Not seeking approval from the Big Five, and using a WMD, or biological or chemical weapon of an sort shall be seen as an act of war.
Article IIa- However nuclear weapons testing may be commenced without approval on asteroids not colonized or inhabited by anyone.

Article III- Limiting travel or blocking access to anyone or anyone of any creed will be seen as an act of aggression and will not be tolerated.
Article IIIa- However blockades or quarantines in the cases of war or plagues are allowed to blockade any people, ships, or vehicles.

Article IV- Any sapient life that is found on a garden world, any non-garden world must be left alone and colonial settlements are to be limited to only the size of The Republic of San Marino.
Article IVa- If we can communicate and decipher alien languages, any exploratory party must seek approval from the Big Five in order to initiate contact. 
Article IVb- If we are contacted by aliens coming to us we are to remain peaceful and activate "Operation Eagle Storm", in case of harmful intentions by the alien contact.

Article V- Any one, thing, or organizations mistreatment of the garden world or its inhabitants shall be met with sanctions or embargo.

Operation Eagle Storm-

Operation Eagle Storm is not the cover up of Earth, as its impossible to by now. Radio signals have been leaving Earth since we made them. And you cannot stop something that is not there, you can only hide and fight. So we plan to. Earth, and other colonies in the vicinity shall gear up for a war economy, and mobilize armed forces and marines. The cloning labs and a handful of men, women, and children will be sent down to the bunkers below, where exact duplicates of each nations most prominent cultural items will be hidden. The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Magna Carta, Japanese art, etc. and anything that can be hidden will and has most likely already been hidden.

The UN has also established 3 spaceports across the Martian surface. Along with a small international area around each spaceport. This peace has held the nations together, and the future looks bright for humanity.

Color Code-
Light Blue- EU
Dark Blue- North American Federation (really America and Canada, with Belize and Jamaica)
Cyan- Commonwealth Nations
White - Japan 
Gold- South Korea
Red- Russia + CSTO
Light Green- Arab League
Dark Green- African Federation
Peach- MERCOSUR + Other Spanish-speaking Nations
Pink- China
Magenta- Pakistan
Divided America WW1 1933 Rising Fear
Azerbaijan is the last stronghold of whatever Transcaucasian Federation forces. The Ottomans and Russians have destroyed the other Caucasian states. Thanks to mountain fighting, and the general will to keep themselves alive, the armies of Turkey and Russia have been slowed down.
Likewise with Spain and Portugal, learning from part one have adapted to French tactics and have managed to slow them down. Yet it will not save them. So the Iberian governments have enacted "Plan de Escape Orientar", or "The Oriental Escape Plan". Spain will give the Philippines independence, as long as the Spanish government is allowed to seek refuge. Portugal will hide out in Mozambique. The French seem to be war-weary from fighting what was supposed to be "an easy fight". Many of them getting slaughter in Barcelona and on the run to Madrid.
The PRA has made quick work of Cuba, Lakota, and the Republic of Cheyenne. The PRA has a plan for the native people of Lakota and the rest of the continent. The PRA will make an autonomous state for the natives, essentially becoming National Bolshevist, as they plan to make a semi-American ethno state. Hispanics, Mestizos, and Natives are to be given their own autonomous states. Cuba will be home to the Hispanics. Lakota to the natives and Yucatan and Belize to the Mestizos.  This is part of a greater plan to spread the "American Proletariat's Dream".

Britain is starting to form ties with Germany and Italy. As the Communists gain power and influence around the world. Britain may fear it will spread to within its empire and topple it. Along with Germany and Italy. An Anti-Comintern is loosely formed along with the Union of American States, helping out the Anti-Comintern.


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