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shark navigator lift-away nv352: a truthful review

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    If you are currently looking for a new vacuum cleaner for whatever the reason, what we have here on our site may be of interest to you.

    It doesn’t take a professional market analyst to know that customers are constantly looking out for four things in a product: performance, ease of use, special features, and affordability. This is the reason why we have put these four values at the core of each of our reviews. It is also how we have always managed to discover the best products on the market to offer to our readers.

    The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 is one such product. Powerful, simple to use, packed with defining features, and has an extremely accessible price tag, it is among the most popular vacuum cleaners on the market at the moment.

    To start, you should first learn about its performance. The vacuum packs a sturdy dynamic suction motor which we found to be able to effortlessly suck up dust, dirt, and a wide variety of debris from cereal bits to pet hair. The vacuum is also quite flexible and can handle cleaning on both hardwood just as well as on thick carpeting and rugs.

    You can further improve the efficiency of the vacuum by using the various attachments that come inside the box. You have crevice tools available in three different sizes. A pet hair tool for dealing with your furry friends and an upholstery tool for scrubbing delicate materials like suede and leather.

    The NV352 doesn’t at all lack ease of use thanks to its lightweight (only 13 pounds fully assembled) and the unique Lift-Away design. What the Lift-Away mode allows you to do is detach the motor and the dust cup from the rest of the vacuum, effectively converting your upright into a canister vacuum. Not only will this cut down the weight drastically, it will also provide the vacuum with greater flexibility to clean in difficult places like the ceiling or counter tops and shelves.

    In terms of filtration, the vacuum has a full HEPA filter to take out even the tiniest of dust particles. If your house has allergy sufferers, the filter will eliminate harmful allergens in the air to safeguard everyone’s health.

    Lastly, Shark has a long five year warranty period for the NV352, which is significantly longer than the industry average.

    You will be quite surprised to learn, if you haven’t known already, that you can get all of this for less than $200. The affordable price tag is the driving factor behind its lasting popularity with consumers. The NV352 can also be your go-to vacuum if you want to get the most out of your money’s values.

Visit our full review article where we delve deep into the specifics about this best rated upright vacuum cleaner at this link:…
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