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“Gah, for fucks sake, don’t you ever shut up?!” Levi snapped, his patience just about worn out entirely.

He had currently been watching over one of his little runts, one of the four little runts you’d birthed for him. God, if only he used protection more often he wouldn’t have to deal with this bullshit. He always seemed to get caught in the moment and forget to cover his dick, and by the time you actually got going he’d be too into it to stop and slip on a condom.

And so, here you were, five years and four babies later, working your happy little asses off to look after the damned children who never seemed satisfied with anything.

“Levi, don’t speak that way to Jean, you know he doesn’t like it when you shout!” you retorted, currently bottle feeding Armin, your youngest child.

“He doesn’t like it when I’m too quiet either, or too lazy, or too active, he fucking cries just by looking at me. He doesn’t like anything!”

“Well, your face is a little bit scary…” you admitted. You loved your husband but holy shit was he frightening at times.

“I never get a break from asshole children, I’m either working at our day care or I’m working with my own runts.”

“You’re not ‘working with’ them; you’re taking responsibility of your damn kids. Stop being an asshole – if you really didn’t want them you shouldn’t have fucked me without protection! I carried them for nine months, can you show a bit of fucking cooperation please?!”

Mikasa, the oldest child who had recently turned four, put her hands over Eren’s ears to block out the shouting and swearing you two were currently doing. Jean cried even louder and to make matters worse, Armin detected the hostility in your tones and started to shed a few tears as well.

“Oh great, now look at what you’ve done, [First].”

“What I did?! Fuck you!” you shouted, feeling just about done with his shitty attitude.


It had been Levi’s turn to change Armin’s diaper, thus, begrudgingly so, he took him into the other room to clean him properly.

As soon as he opened the diaper he was met with a putrid sight and a smell just as putrid to match. He recoiled in disgust and felt as if he could cry just by being in the same room as this little shit machine.

“God damn, didn’t [First] only change you half an hour ago? What the hell is this…”

Armin giggled a little bit and squirmed, causing Levi to dry heave and slap a hand over his mouth. Watching Levi change a diaper was by far the most entertaining thing you’d seen. He was so finicky around mess, and babies were always the pinnacle of mess, it was like watching two polar opposite forces collide.

Levi prepared himself for what he was about to do before jumping right in and changing Armin as quickly and neatly as he could. When it was all over he rushed to the bathroom to wash his hands before deciding it wasn’t enough and having a shower instead.

What a funny guy.


It was now the late hours of the evening and your children continuously woke you up throughout the night, but the crying had died down and you finally had some alone time with Levi.

You knew to utilise these moments when you could, so you’d trained yourselves to undress quickly. You only had enough time for quick bouts of five-minute sex. It was excruciating. It had been years since you were able to take your time and do as you wished.

You were currently tearing the clothes off your bodies and trying to turn each other on through rushed touching and kissing.

He pressed his lips eagerly to yours and you moaned against his mouth as he groped your backside. You parted from him for a moment to speak, “I’m sorry I called you an asshole today,” you breathed.

He groaned and kissed you again. “Well, I did act like one.”

Just as he slid his hand up your shirt Mikasa pushed the door to your room open. The two of you turned to face her, shocked expressions on your faces as she blankly stared at the sight before her.

You shoved Levi from you and pulled your shirt down, laughing nervously as you straightened yourself up. “A-ah, Mikasa! What’s the matter, sweetie?”

“I had a bad dream,” she mumbled, her words barely comprehensible to you.

Levi had been straightening his hair and pulling his pants upright. “You want to sleep here?” he asked.


And so it was, the three of you went to bed and huddled together in the sheets. Mikasa fell asleep within a few minutes, and Levi comfortably held you both in his arms. He watched you intently as you drifted off to sleep. He brushed your hair from your forehead and gingerly traced his fingers down the side of your face.

Despite how goddamn annoying taking care of kids was, he was the happiest man in the world for being blessed with such a family.
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