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Deviation In Storage?

Seriously, what is it with these things? I hate looking back over my favs and seeing these, sometimes clustered together in groups even. No idea where they came from or who made them even? Out of sight, out of mind, no way of ever recovering them. I hate that.
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Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Please don't ever put this deviation in storage, lol, because it's going on my profile!
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I hate these so much! There isn't even a point in storing your art because it still appears on google images if you search the deviant's username
I think DA should remove that feature
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Oh my gosh, I hate these so much! Crying 
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yea, they are horrible!
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Couldn't agree more.
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I seriously think the DA staff should start to allow for an option which allows for the stored work to be deleted from a person's gallery. :nod:
i hate it when that happens what does deviation in storage even mean
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Usually it happens when someone deletes their account.
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It's my experience that these happen when people pull those pieces from their galleries. I have seen active pieces that survive the fall of the accounts.
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Huh, okay. Then I guess that person just ... deletes it.
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Not even that. It's the alternative to deletion. The piece still exists, but it is removed from the public view.
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I'm not sure how to "put deviations in storage" but geez they're annoying. 'Specially when I go through my Favorites and see them around and then wonder "Gee, I wonder what I previously Favorited." because I forget all the time.
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Yeah, seriously.

For my own part, I've relented on the need for putting certain pieces away [I tried deleting once, it felt like I was stabbing myself], but these storage thumbnails are still irritating as hell to find in my favs folders in clusters.
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Plus it almost kills me when I delete it because then I'm like, "Well what if it comes out of storage and I have no idea?!"

.... Is that even possible?
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Deleting and putting into storage are two different things, the first one being permanent while the latter can be undone. As far as I know, things shouldn't just come out of storage by themselves, not without the user's consent.
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Ahh, I see. Thanks for the explanation. :D
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I came to DA just knowing that this place is full of freedom and creativity , but now the feature called "Deviation in storage" is ruining its core business. I just wonder what good is it to owner and DA itself. If the owner really don't want to share it why bothering flagged it a secret. And the flagged stuffs still need space on HDD server , which mean recently , there are numerous inactive pics that only be good in its owner's mind. And DA servers are flooded with no-good to public stuff. I have this problem too. Many pics in my fav got flagged , and it keep growing contagiously. I just want the way to stop this feature or auto-delete from fav , I don't want to see no-goodie there.

If there's a vote or petition to turn this thing down , I swear... I'll be one of the "Not Want It !!"

good job to make public concern , let's see if DA staff do something about it.
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I'm divided on this issue. I have long hated the "Deviation in Storage" thumbnails, but I recently gave in to the need to put some of my weaker pieces away like that. As I came to realize that the quality of my gallery could determine my ability to attract paying clients, certain pieces stuck out to me like horrible zits. their poor quality and/or low popularity made me want to get rid of them. I did try deleting a few, but I couldn't do it. I felt too guilty. Storage became the only viable option for me.

Nevertheless, the "DiS" thumbnails cluttering up my own favorites folders in the past are no good either. Having these placemarkers sit around mocking us with content they can't reveal is endlessly annoying, especially when they don't even give you an artist's name or deviation title.
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YES. atleast they could leave the title D:<
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I think the storage tool's a good one, especially for people worried about art theft. If you delete a deviation from deviantart, you lose the evidence that you were the one who first posted it to the website - therefore, if someone later reposts it claiming it as their own, you can't prove that you were the first one who submitted it. Whereas if it were simply stored, you'd be able to yank it out of storage and show that you submitted it first. :D

However... I do wish we could go back to the good old days of deviations vanishing from galleries while in storage. ^^;
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It often happens when a work is reported for, say, copyright violation. The user is given a thirty day period in which they must submit written proof of permission to use the work.
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Ah, sorry, I thought you meant, that's the only time that the sign gets used...
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No, this symbol pops up when an artist has moved a deviation into storage.

FAQ #307: What is the Deviation Storage Tool, and how do I access it? Can I temporarily hide deviations?
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