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BLR - Neil Gaiman's Death

Black Lantern Reject #1: Death of the Endless

Because apparently, without life, there is no Death.

I've done enough Sinestros for now, time to move on with some of the other Corps.
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William Hand-Death of the Endless, we have had enough of your passive behaviour. You are a blasphemy of non-life, DIE!
Death-...You're kidding, right? I was there when the void made your little "guardian." Shoo
William Hand-You think I am emotive? I am not-I AM DEATH!
Death-You are a pale shadow of what I represent, a nihlistic parody of my existence by a would-be god who's stepped his boundries with his invasion
William Hand-When the Blackest Night rises and all light dies, there will be no reason for you to exist
Death-Tell Nekron I'm coming for him. And you will not bother me again, for I revoke your death forever
Death-William Hand of Earth, LIVE FOREVER
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Hmm... I had this idea that Gilbert Green would Live again by a White Ring, and endeavor to find a more permeant containment for William Hand. He would introduce him to Lady Death, of whom Necron had gone out of his way to keep Hand ignorant of. He would explain to Hand that, as it had been revealed to Saint Frances, there is a "Good Death", a "Sister" who complements Life and the freedom of souls, and a "Bad Death", who loathes all life and seeks the enslavement of souls. This stems from when the Black suffered a dichotomy as its identity formed in its first reaction to the Light. A part of it preferred to return to the ordered peace of oblivion, while another part was curious, and wanted to see what happened next. It inevitably split, and came to cross purposes against each other. Gilbert further reveals that, while it is true that William was born to serve Death, that it was his immutable destiny, he is free to choose *which* Death to serve. Seeing as he fell utterly in Love with her the moment he saw her, William's Choice from now on seems obvious...

That's the scenario as I imagined it. I mean, come on, how could Black Hand NOT fall head over heels for her? She would teach him the value of PATIENCE, to play the game with confidence, because they will win in the end... long as the Blue Lantern CORPS is never allowed to reach its full potential. She may be the "Good Death", but she is STILL born from the "Blackness", same as Necron, and while she will not allow the universe to end before its duly appointed time, unbeknownst to anyone else (William is the first to be told), she won't allow that end to be delayed either. That is why she planted the idea of Agent Orange wanting Ganthet's lover as a slave. She did it sadly, but it "had to be done", to protect the overall natural order, as she sees it. A handful of Blues flying around without proper, consistent coordination with the Greens won't amount to much in the trillions of years to come, a resuscitated star here and there. If they were to ever reach their full potential, however, they could render every inhabited star in the Universe immortal, and eventually grow powerful enough to stop and stabilize the expansion of space, bring the Galaxies relatively close together again, but in a regular, cultivated pattern, and just keep life, and the universe going, indefinitely, forever. Lady Death will always support the Freedom of Souls, and their right to seek new ways to 'live' in other dimensions and planes of existence, but she will NOT allow her nature to be undermined in her own realm. Also, she wants to take break EVENTUALLY. Just because she has many orders of magnitude more patience then Necron does not mean it is infinite. A nice oblivion nap for a few eternities will be a good reward for a job well done, and she invites William to sleep it with her, if he serves her well, and prevents the Blues from ever becoming much more then they are. She can't have TOO much Hope running around.
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Hooray! Yeah, I was kinda wondering why she wasn't involved, actually. You'd think she'd be the FIRST to have complaints about so many zombies popping up.
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She's pretty, I gotta look into this.
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she is lovely
Love the art.

Honestly I'm getting sick of DC ignoring Gaiman's work one moment and including it at other moments. They include Dream during Grant Morrison's JLA and Day of Vengeance and they include Destiny during Brave and the Bold but flat out ignore Death during Blackest Night. Gaiman's Death is the one true entity of Death in the DCU and the entire event is in blatant disregard of that. -_-
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Well, like the rest of Endless, she's not a soldier or a superhero, so they couldn't drop her in just anywhere as if she were one. And they actually did use her, just not during the event itself. She appeared before Lex Luthor during his search for a black ring in the aftermath of the Blackest Night. He even accused her of being responsible for Nekron's attack. But she took it in stride, as one would expect her to. "Um, yeah, I noticed that too. They seemed to be having some fun," was more or less her response. You should check it out, it was fun to read and a good character study of Lex Luthor.

The DCU actually has three characters [that I know of] who represent death in one form or other, and they use them to serve very different story-related purposes. Death of the Endless represents death as a mercy, or a simple fact of life. Nekron represents death as an authority, the ultimate enemy of life. They also include the Black Racer [allegedly sharing the alias of the Black Flash] who represents death as a certainty [as in you can't outrun death, which is why he always appears just before a speedster dies].
Nekron isn't death, just the lack of life.
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To-MAY-To, To-MAH-To.
Which comic are you referencing? Because being able to salvage some respect for DC over this debacle would be nice though not even expected.
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Lex met Death in Action Comics 894.
DC has managed to regain all the respect it lost in one issue. They admit, in color, in one of THE main comics of DC's printing line, that Gaiman's Death is the supreme one.

Thank you so very much for letting me know this existed.
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Anytime, dude. Anytime.
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Very nice. Probably after Nekron got his butt handed to him, I am sure Death had a long talk to him about how things work in her realm.
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Oh, I bet she did have some things to say to him when all else was said and done, and I bet he ignored her completely. It's his loss.
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He better listen....she's the boss. He is just an aspect of death. She is Death.

Of course now she is a little busy in the comics dealing with Lex Luthor, so she might take it easy on Nekron for now.
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Yeah, I saw he was going to meet her. Until I catch that issue, I can only imagine how that'll go down. It'd be nice to see her get involved more in the DCU proper.
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I am a Niel Gaiman/Sandman fan and got the episode prior to the main one with her in it. The last page has Lex coming around the corner after, know what you have to do to meet her, and there she is sitting on a rock and looking as cool as ever. She's lost a little bit of her 90's look but still unmistakable in who she is.
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which corps. is your favorite.
mine is obviously fear.
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Yeah! You tell 'em girl!

Ya know what I'd like to see? Pantha, Bushido and Baby Wildebeest-as Black Lanterns-ganging up on StupidBrat-Punk.

....I mean, Superboy-Prime. (I don't care how often people say it, he still acts like a boy to me.)

Heck, I'd be satisfied with just Pantha. She' supposed to be showing up according to Didio.
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Yeah, Prime is a pain in the ass. I listen to him and I hear the voice of every dissatisfied fanboy who hated Batman Begins because it wasn't "perfect."
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People hated Batman Begins?!
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