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Pose Collection 002

Scrounged these up from my most recently filled sketchbook. :hmm: This isn't as varied as I'd want... I think whatever is missing from here, I'll put in the next collection. Also added a few body language notes.

No need to ask me if you can use this as reference - just use it!
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Cool! Are they free for me to use for sometime?
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Bottom three are me in school
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All of these could be expressed as a spicy meatball just said in different tones of voice
You the best Worthy of Leonardo De Vinci young Padawan!! XD
Manic-Mad-Hatter's avatar
Love your work. Very helpfully refs in a pinch.
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may save this picture. i need it as a reference
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Perfect for ninja drawings
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these are absolutely stunning! I love how expressive they are!

If you don't mind me asking, how did you learn to draw the human form using foreshortening? I've ben slowly learning recently, but I haven't been able to preform it very well.
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Great reference, thanks! I like the notes at the bottom. All are great poses.
These are really cool, thanks a lot!
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Thank you! ^_^
3-scars-on-a-tree's avatar
That poses are amazing thanks!!
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I used one of these as a reference, hope you don't mind. 
I've link back to this on the drawing :)
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Is it possible to download this? I can't seem to save it.
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Yeah, right click, copy, then paste in destination folder (or create from clipboard in like Word and Paint Tool SAI, etc.) (Hope this helps!)
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Hmmm this is interesting C:
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Thank you for making these! I have always had a harder time drawing males so this really helped me out. You're as awesome as always!!!
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