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Multi-reference Sketches 002

Just a quiiiick upload... eyes and hands. These were actually two sketchbook pages combined, but whatever, eh? =P Please keep in mind I'm no expert at all, this is just to give an idea of how I draw eyes and hands...

Hope it helps someone! (And yes this may be printed out and copied from, if it suits you.)

Oh and I almost forgot... the Corinthian belongs to DC Comics/Vertigo and Neil Gaiman, not me. Tch... ^^;
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Thank u a lot *------*
PhantomBlade999's avatar
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Ummm... at the risk of sounding totally stupid, how exactly do I open this? Do I have to download it or what?
Please keep in mind that I'm a total rookie here.
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click download

it will view the image
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Wow, your style is lovely! I'm trying to find a balance between anime/manga and western comic styles right now, and this looks just about perfect for what I have been attempting to achieve. =)
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Got it! thanks a lot for this
Kairilookalike32's avatar
Man you make it look so easy! Im gonna get this good :D
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The bits with how much you distant the eyes and that they're not flat were very helpful!
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Thanks for the hand reference sheet, it is simply amazing!!
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Hands are my enemy.. Thanks so much for this :la:
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Thank you! This really helped me out! :D
GhostDragoness's avatar
YES! I definitely need these for reference use! (Darn hands :shakefist: I never get them right)
Iirly's avatar
So glad i found these. <3 Hands drive me nuts.
RhennX's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm going to draw a vase of "flowers" - but with hands on the ends of the stems! - and I needed some interesting and sort of dramatic poses. I will of course credit you in my work :3
BLACKapostate's avatar
amazing :) Thank you so much :hug:
moofiepooh's avatar
Amazing! Eyes, hands, and feet give me the most trouble, so this will be very helpful! You are a superb artist!
K--E--H's avatar
No expert?! This looks like pretty expert-title worthy to me. Great job, thanks!
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thank you so much for your refs. they are super quality, and extremely helpful. thank you very,very much.
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Great gallery!
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