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Men that look like men: Part 1

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DISCLAIMER! I do not claim to be an authority on drawing men, this is only one of the many methods and it's very far from the best.

Still, I hope it is informative, and that it will be helpful especially to anime/manga-style artists who are tired of drawing bishounen and want to draw manly men for a change. =P

I'm not very satisfied with this really, I feel I should have drawn more examples (or better examples at the least). If there's anything in my handwriting that you can't read, tell me so and I will translate the hieroglyphics...

Thank you for your understanding.
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No matter how much you deny this fact, at the deepest part of your heart and your brain you do accept this fact! I mean what is the point of looking good if no one cares? Try to know things women find attractive in men’s style.

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Thanks! This is a nice reminder on difference between not just men and boys but men and women too.
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lol love the title 
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This is great! thank u! x 
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this will help me a lot! great tutorial! thank you! XD
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I have the HARDEST time drawing men! I feel like that now that I've read this, I can grab my tablet and draw a bunch of men! Haha thank you for sharing this golden bit of information, it really helps! <3
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This was awsomesauce! Thank you so much:)

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This was the best one yet! Looking at the angles and ways the male head was going i finally made the perfect profile for a male QwQ Thank you!!
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Oh my goodness you're the best. This was so helpful. Thank you!! :D
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This proves that the teeny little things make a difference. Really pointed me in the right direction. :)
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Thank you po, ma'am for the pointers ^^
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I can finally draw manly eyebrows! 
A-n-t-e-n-o-r-A's avatar
I like the way you draw dudes :)
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I've done this myself. If more anime creators focused on anatomy other than the fast paced drawings and trend anime would be further on top. Their are very few anime's that do this and those are the good ones. I hate fragile sharp glass chin characters. I'm a 80's anime guy that might be, but I also don't like over exaggerates, super skinny, and most underage or 15 yr old storylines. Its like geeze Japan can u make some anime about adults. I mean high school stuff has been done to death with them. 
A-n-t-e-n-o-r-A's avatar
Ah, yeah... Ichigo still makes me feel like a pedofile. :D
It's up to the genre really. Shonen is mostly with 15 year olds who act as if they are in their forties...
The highschool thing really gets annoying. 
On the otehr hand Nana or Berserk have older characters and suprisingly some of them have relationships, which is another thing shonen apoparently does not aprove. . Too bad they are both stopped :( ...
LostTribesManlyAnime's avatar
Somebody will break the terrible cycle. Its like yo Japan I know u have adults to right. 
When I was younger their were a handful of male adult characters, but now their are almost none.
If you made an actual world of anime today it be mostly populated by teens. And like 5% old people.
Its like that show 15 and pregnant. Thats the only way for that world to exist in reality. 
This is why people think anime for kids, because it just has kid characters that cry, whine,
or basing their life on teamwork and friendship. While passing an exam. 

Where is the adult storyline, the gore, and the well written complex suspense, drama, and action.
Blood, guts, bruises, breaking bones. Huh. This is what made anime diferent from comics. But now 
its becoming as predictable. Flip the channel o great another high school anime and they hate each other but will be friends.
Huh too predictable. They also need to fix the anatomy. Back then they actually tried. Now in days if these characters excited in real life they die or look super creepy. They should have different body types and skintones instead of changing the hair to make them look different. 
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thank you so much!;A;
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This is a nice example its really useful thanks for sharing 
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most helpful indeed 2 thumbs up
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