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Face shading, basic planes

Geez, uploading this to Scraps because I've already uploaded one too many facial shading things, I know. ^^; But this includes the basic planes of the face, which might help some people figure out why the face is shaded in a certain way depending on the light source. So Scraps watchers of mine get to see this bonus material first. :giggle:

This was a copy of an exercise sheet I passed around to students in my latest character illustration class. The face drawings are mine - the students copied the basic planes onto the large face then shaded the six smaller identical ones in different ways.

I referenced the basic planes of the face off of one of Andrew Loomis's books, Drawing the Head and Hands.
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Sooo helpful thanks for making such an in depth guide
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Nice help on portrait study even in non-illustrational area
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It's always very hard to find a variety of facial lighting beyond the standard 3/4, front, or side view, so this is awesome :) I actually used this tutorial to help me figure out how to resolve a difficult (for me) lighting situation for one of my pieces.
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Thank you for posting this! It's very helpful for learning how to shade with different light sources. :)
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Very helpful, thanks!
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So useful--thanks!
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Extremely helpful. Thnks!
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This is very well done and it will help me draw people better. Just a question: In the upper right the light is coming from below, so the alar wings of the nose are illuminated, but what about the lower left? The light is coming from the back, so why is the nose illuminated?
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Wow, this really helped me understand with my lighting struggles. xD
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Thanks for the tutorial👍
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Very helpful 
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Searched for "shading" on a whim to find a face shading tutorial. Ended up here.

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Thanks you so much!!! you have no ideia how much you helped me OvO
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Thank you very much, it was  a huge help!
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Super useful; may have to pick up Loomis' book.
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Thank you so much for this, this will defintely help my shading :)
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very useful! thanks!
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