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Oliver punch - Test animation

Wanted to try my hand at animating something, so I filmed myself doing a punch, turned that video into individual frames, plotted out the movements and made this old sprite of mine a punchy one. Good practice and good fun!
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That's the technique Grundy used for several anims in his games - rotoscoping,
Looks like you did a good start with this ornate technic here. :clap:
I presume it's  timeconsuming when you do the filming, too - but it also seems
to be tons of fun. :D
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A form of rotoscoping, yes. Or at least something very similar.

Filming took about a minute. Separating the frames was 15 minutes of work. Turning those into reference frames took maybe 3 minutes per frame and finally the final spritework took me about 2-3 hours.
I did have the base sprite already drawn in a standing pose, so that shaved off plenty of time, too. All in all I'd say it's not too time consuming, at least the way I do it, though the quality could be a lot better, which would add more time to the process.