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Strange Attractor

Not feeling 100% finished with this, but happy enough to upload it. Old version: [link]
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now that's nice
i love blue.
and i love the shapes you're playing with in here
has a nice loose floaty feel to it
whalewithlegs's avatar
Thanks - I can see why you like it, since you use similar tactics in your own work :3
thomastapir's avatar
You know, they both have their strong points, but I really like the angularity in this version, especially in the legs. There's also a much more obvious sense of motion in the windblow clothing and hair. I love the color scheme with this one, and I'm still getting tropical and desert vibes despite the "cool" palette...The background design element formed by the critter's looping body reminds me of the Aztec calendar stone, or the interlocking gears of a Mayan clock. Ribbony element on bottom could easily be a partially unravelled DNA molecule! Combined with the reptilian motif, it takes me back to the Amazon rainforest vision trip thing--whatever that drug is that induces universally consistent hallucinations, with the giant black space whales coming to seed life on Earth. You know what I'm talking about? I can't remember the name of it...I'll have to look it up.
whalewithlegs's avatar
Woah, wait, black whale .. what???
bensen-daniel's avatar
Ooh, I realy like this one. The background and the posture and the expression.
whalewithlegs's avatar
thank you, thank you!
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This is great Ben!
Bateye's avatar
That is is so Sick!
Awesome job ;D
whalewithlegs's avatar
commander-salamander's avatar
Loving all the strange myriapod like forms behind the figure. Looks like the main one is speaking of arcane knowledge that man is not ken of.
whalewithlegs's avatar
YEs, that's sort of the idea .. I couldn't work out a better way to get that across than just the plain jaggy lines!
commander-salamander's avatar
So what kind of secrets is it whispering?
whalewithlegs's avatar
ummm, art secrets! Really though, there are kind of 2 things I was thinking with it .. one that the language is simply undiscernable (ex:foreign languages), and the other like this: [link]
commander-salamander's avatar
That reminds me strongly of fractals, like memetic DNA coiled up upon itself organising into an organism.
whalewithlegs's avatar
Yep! That's the essence of it! It ends up meaning lots of things, but at the basic level it's something about the inherent information within our constructed reality.
Chrestovenator's avatar
Wicked! Sends my mind to strange places... which appears to be the point =P .
whalewithlegs's avatar
Yep, the mind can be a weird place. Thanks! :D
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