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Alright, well this is really old work but i thought I'd finally get around to trying to assemble these sheets as a single page rather than a flood of dirty uploads. I'll probably try to redo this as a circular evolutionary map, but this is about all the art I can handle right now as I am extremely sleep-deprived! Orly? Yarly.

It's about 1.5 MB so it should be zoomable, that is to say you should be able to look at the individuals clearly enough if you want to download it & do so!

Edit: Thanks to :iconthomastapir: for making some amazing drawings from this! I mention it in this deviation:[link] but didn't here: please feel free to draw or build off of these designs yourself! Drop me a note if you do, so I can see!
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Haha, thanks, man :D
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On a serious note, though, I've been working on a game world and have been trying to create a fantasy setting without the standard creatures (Dragons, orcs, elves, etc). Something like this would've been pure, utter gold.
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I highly recommend the process! Just start with a simple central creature and see where your mind takes you! You'll come up with stuff you never would have though of otherwise, I guarantee.
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Wow, really love the J creatures! These are so much fun.
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Yeahh, those guys! I still don't have a good name for that group :D
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This is awesome!I believe this is your best deveation ever!
I stand in awe (or maybe thats just a puddle of sweat) of your... boredom? Creativity? Perhaps a primeval urge to screw with people's heads?

Whatever it is, it looks good on paper!
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"grandpa, did you sit in the apple pie?" "I suuuuure hope so"

yeah, prettymuch take the 3 above mentioned, plus a little frustration with the vast majority of weird monsters out there, and ytou've got it.
love the monster evolutions! love your illustrations!
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Damn! I'm gonna have to try this myself. Nice experiment :D
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ohhh, you'd come up with some amazing stuff!!!
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You think so? I have a weekend to give it a go...
If refuse to look at this. I would be FAR too excited.
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Buahaha, don't worry, the whole thing won;t be finished for another couple of years.
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I try not to think about it, or I sit there with my face like that for a couple of hours. it's like Zen.
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Whoa... I love this!
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Need I say more?
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you could, but no, you needn't :D
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Evolutionary tree AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I have new goals for this summer, thanks for the inspiration, great work :)
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oh sweet, I'd love to see you do one!!
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