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Greater Maned Clam

I often feel at odds with my perception of mainstream creature design. Understanding anatomy and form is fundamental to creature design, of course, but I do feel like the potential of creating creatures that are truly alien can be lost because of our unwillingness to go beyond our modern understanding of the natural world. This creature was designed with no thought as to its behavior, internal anatomy, habitat, nor niche. I would hope it addresses these ideas through its design, not as a product of them. Nature is something that will smack you in the face with wonder every time you look, and the things one finds in the natural world are more alien than we can possibly appreciate through a constructivist approach to creature design.

This creature was designed through a process of procedural metamorphosis. I spent a lot of time thinking about the overall gesture.

I think I finally figured out the Watercolor Tool in SAI!
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Soupy atmosphere filter feeder who waves from side to side to feet on insects and microscopic life floating in the hot, damp air. But can snap its jaws shut to release a sonic boom similar to a bear trap's in order to communicate. The jagged spikes help make this possible for centuries without wearing down or breaking the jaws. The neon glow along the beak 'teeth' help add to the communication - the brighter the glow, the more attention got. The feet help anchor, centipede-run, and climb.

Sentient intelligent species the size of a 20 pound dog, they do not need hands or manipulation limbs to build tools. Like crows, they find simple tools to pick up more advanced tools, that pick up even more advanced tools, and so on. This is simple common sense to them, where humans find it redundant and difficult - and thus why we compared to them are like dogs compared to humans.

They live tribally, refuse to master space travel, and have science developed to the poibnt of being able to prove souls exist and can leave the body whenever they wish. But they cant comprehend WHY anyone would want to prove any of that.

And goes on as it did millions of years ago, because it's simple, beautiful, green, and works.


Totally random brainfart splurt about the hows and whys of the form, function and evolution of the maned clam. I was flying by the seat of my pants and doing it for fun and scientific curiosity XP

LOVE the picture btw thumbs up

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I am Magent disguise being a scavenger for some reason.
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Those feet are great.
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I really like the colors used and the overall look of the creature. Great Job! I also agree to an extent by what you mean. I often find myself wanting to make super-cool creatures, but I feel limited by my lack of knowledge of good anatomy. D:
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Aww, thanks!! I've got to work on more creatures with this technique :3

No way! You've got a great grasp of anatomy! I still need to make a little piece to talk about getting from good anatomy to good design and back - I'll have to bring up some things I want to talk about with this issue later.
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You should make a tutorial about it! :D I'll be looking forward to seeing it. c:
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Do you have Paint Tool SAI?

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thanks! I've to to do more of these, when I have the combination of free time/gumption :3
Agreed completely! I think people make there monsters very... humanoid most of the time.

Either way I love this!
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Yep! Humano-centric, or something like that :p

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Whoooooaa~! Ben, those colors!
You did a really nice job with this monster. It's made of puuure creativity. :dummy:
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Aww, thanks so much! :D
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I enjoy the reflective color of the mane upon the jaw, and the balene looking filaments in the mouth are an excellent addition!
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Thanks! I should have carried those out onto the body also, now that you mention it! :3
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indeed! s'all right, I think it works well as being only in the mouth, it seems to indicate that it is more of a specialized feeding apparatus, rather than just another deccorative clump of fur adorning the animal.
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aaahhhhhhh amazu
haha you're double amazu because I still can't figure that damn thing out
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Can't figure it out how? c:
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I really love this guy! He seems docile and harmless yet capable of mauling you really bad at the same time! The way you described the process of creating is exactly how I come up with my most of my creatures. I usually design the creatures form and then I go back and come up with its lifestyle biology etc and compare it to earth analogues. I find easier to create more bizarre yet functional forms this way
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Aw, thanks! Yeah, It seems like this step gets swept under the rug sometimes, but I think it's very important :D
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Hieronymus Bosch would approve!
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ha, I do believe you're right!
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