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D1A - Greater Mothman-Derivative Stem

"Descendants of a monster named for its resemblance to a miniature mothman (a terrestrial cryptid), Stem D1A is a very diverse class of monster. Although the earlier representatives of this stem strongly resemble the first of the mothmen, K4, many of the end varieties barely resemble their roots at all. Because of its large end-stage diversity, this stem has several ‘megafamilies’ into which smaller families are grouped."
Experimenting with organization to help visualize grouping of the metamorphic families; a huge amount of work with this premium human :iconchillypaz:!
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Awesome! Every single one of these guys is unique and cool. Glad to see your back.
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Wow! I'm feeling a chaotic mix of shock and joy here!

Firstly, when's the last time you uploaded a major piece to this account? I just assumed you exclusively used this site as a communication platform since then! Now that you've uploaded a piece here for the first time in so long, do you expect to upload more pieces here with reasonable frequency in the future?

Secondly, I would never have expected that the first piece marking your return(?) here would relate to our collaborative works! Still, this is a very generous surprise!

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Hehe, it's true I'm not very active here ... mostly I haven't been finishing work at a level that i want to share, but I think our project will probably lead toward some more posts in the near or distant future. :3
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So... that means we can expect to see more of our works here? At least that's how I interpret it.
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I'm saying it's possible, hehe :p

Tangentially, I didn't know if you wanted me to put more of your writing in here or not, but I thought that there sould be some exclusivity to it anyway, depending on what we do with the project :D