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NextGen - Captain Flurry Heart

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Name: Flurry Heart
Nicknames: Flurry
Race and species: alicorn pony.
Sex: female
Date of birth: September 3, 1002 (since banishment of NMM)
Parents: Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor
Special talent: Defensive and shielding magic, protecting others.
Meaning of cutie mark: shield with two wings shielding a big diamond on it.

Personality and background:
Flurry Heart is the first daughter of Cadance and Shining Armor and also the first natural-born alicorn in the history of Equestria (Celestia and Luna aren't from Equestria, as i remember). As an alicorn, she has very powerful magic, but she wasn't able to control it before she became older. She trained to control her magic with Sunburst, and later with aunt Twilight, when Flurry has moved to Ponyville for some time. When Flurry lived in Ponyville, she met a lot of Twilight's friends, but her favorite ones were Rainbow Dash, who became a role-model to Flurry, and Tempest Shadow, who encouraged Flurry to become a royal guard to protect others.
Flurry's personality resembles Rainbow Dash's a lot, both are very loyal, tough, athletic and brave, can be sometimes very boastful and cocky. Flurry has a really short temper and really likes to show her anger with swearing.
After returning to the Crystal Empire, Flurry decided to give up her duties as a princess to become a royal guard. And she never was interested in being a princess. 

 - Fights a lot
 - Swears a lot.
 - Got scars on her neck after fighting Snowbutt McTwinkles. 
 - Fights her younger sister a lot
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I always had the head cannon that she is more warrior than princess.
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Can I use her CM?
I will credit you
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Daddies little filly!
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I know I’m late to comment but she literally had the same birthday as me I was even born in 2002 and in her bio it said that she was born in 1002 I guess that’s kinda the same thing but it’s not I just found that cool idk I’m rambling bye.
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Well, what a coincidence 
(or maybe i’ve been stalking you this whole time?? Who knows? ;P )
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snowbutt mctwinkles
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Cool name, isn’t it? I wish my name was that good and meaningful.
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Subarashii... Guess I'll say it's all "well done" for you~
Thus I can say for this artwork
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Nice art work you did.
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oo I really like the idea of the year counting since the banishment of nightmare moon
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That's the most logical way to count years.
Because only Nightmare Moon's banishment has specific date (it was on the most longest day (June 21) in the year and it was 1000 years ago) 
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I would put 1002 very early for a year of birth. There are a lot of variables to consider, but it seems to me that several years must have passed between seasons one and three.
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Nah, I remember how Twilight or Celestia said in season 4 premiere that 1 year had passed since Luna returned, so I think the end of 1002 sounds pretty logic to me.
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