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The Scrouge of the Mojave (Aussie payback)


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The Scrouge of the Mojave (Aussie payback)


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As Time Passes

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A Tale of Two Smarties

The Hadean Project and Speakers of the Mind

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Makwan Domestication of Fauna

So this topic will first be split into a few parts. For now, I’m still working on their cultural aspects, so instead of focusing on that, I’m going to tell you a bit of what they domesticated and what effects that would have on their civilization. The makwans have domesticated a wide range of fauna and flora, and the constant trading going from North to South allowed the domesticated species to spread far and wide*. Thus, both North and South America are covered with domesticated species originating from both sides of the continent. To start, I’ll focus on the animals that sloths have domesticated. Oh, and I should note tha

A Classy Relationship

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Out of Place Intro Page 1

Things Fall Apart

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Daily Drawing #1: Demon variant

Opening the inferno

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The Scrouge of the Mojave (Aussie payback)


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Rudeness in the Airfield

The Phoenix Rises: The Third American Republic

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