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This is my first journal entry on deviantart. Forgive me if it looks empty. 

Hi everyone, I’ve just graduated from 3dsense Media School, Singapore under the Diploma in Digital Design (Conceptual Design and Illustration). A lot of people asked me whether or not I would recommend it. 3dsense is a very good school which is why we were ranked #2 best illustration school of the world (2nd to Gnomon) by The Rookies . Definitely students do graduate achieving with the best artistic skills and academic records and the overall experience in school was remarkable. However, there are people in school that either achieve less than what they hoped or they achieved nothing till they dropped out halfway. This post is for me to not only emphasize what 3dsense is like in general but also to ask people who want to enter to keep an open mind about things.

I’ll do my best to be as straight forward as I can, I’ll give my honest opinion about the school despite how good the school is, before coming to 3dsense I was from Anglo Chinese School (International) during my high school years and Nanyang Polytechnic (Digital Game Art and Design) for almost my mature years. Since young I’ve always enjoyed drawing, and all my doodles were inspired by the huge range of movies and video games I’ve watched and played over the years, my studies suffered because I lacked the interest and motivation in doing them because honestly I really wasn’t interested in math, science or geography (OR CHINESE FOR THAT MATTER) so even though I liked being with my friends and teachers, ACS didn’t work for me entirely. I also didn’t like spending 4-5hours a day in class doing things I wasn’t good in (e.g. 3d Asset Modelling or VFX) while being shun, nitpicked or insulted by classmates and teachers that weren’t helpful or willing since they all had lack of passion and interest (like they all don’t know what two of these words mean), which was why NYP didn’t work for me at all so I dropped out. I wanted to be in a place where I was taught concept art from techniques to fundamentals to design and asthetics as a whole. I didn’t care if I have to work hard for 10-12 hours on a normal school day, as long as it taught me concept art or illustration. I didn’t care if I don’t become professional at the end of the year, as long as it taught me concept art or illustration. I didn’t care if the school would be easy or chill, as a matter of fact, I would’ve preferred if it were hardcore and challenging (oh it really is.). I didn’t care about ANYTHING, as long as it taught me concept art or illustration.

And that’s why 3dsense worked extremely well for me. You need to know that you want to be either a concept artist (just like me) or illustrator and you have to show your whole passion and commitment to art. It isn’t like drawing for 4-5hours a day doodling chibi and manga, it means working to 8-12 hours a day practicing and applying what they taught you so you can not only get it right and improve but also make your art look more interesting and better. You need to know that art is something you have to love, cherrish and have fun in it and you wouldn’t mind spending your whole day doing, because everyone here does (case point - me). Sure the industry out there is extremely competitive and there is so much drama and politics ranging from studios to companies, along with horrible people that will screw you over, but I wouldn't count on making this a career unless you pretty much don't care about anything else except about having fun, enjoying and improving in your art, at least for a while. This is the attitude you need to have when you go into 3dsense because they’re always seeking students who hold true passion and motivation. If you spend less hours working and find another way into the entertainment industry, props to you. There were always a lot of classmates, students and alumni who are really good and talented and I’ve worked my ass off trying to prove that I can be one of them.

3dsense works if you have this “I love firing guns so I’m gonna shoot 20 targets today” attitude, but it works better for people who have the attitude of “I so love firing guns, I’m gonna make sure I score 20 headshots eventually.” because I do, and it’s what we look at art as a lifestyle. The school leaders will tell you something like that, classes were either 3hrs a day (by the school lecturers) or 6hrs (by an IFS lecturer) and it’s all on you to put in the effort to learn and apply the skills they teach you. You’ll get a lot of assignments, but the amount of homework you have is the amount you want to create. If you want to improve as much as you can, you have to make sacrifices just like I did - no girlfriends, no games, etc. Whether or not it’s the best method to this, it doesn’t matter, because it worked for me SO WELL. But it certainly isn’t for everyone. Some of the people can’t handle the workload or long duration of hours, but that’s because either they aren’t used to working hard or because they aren’t passionate enough. If you’re the kind of person who challenges yourself and is seriously passionate about working hard and improving at your craft because you enjoy it, then 3dsense is really the place for you. However if you’re not interested in working long hours and only willing to treat drawing as a hobby, then 3dsense is seriously not for you.

Eventually, 3dsense can’t promise you’ll be professional in 1 year, but they’ll fulfill the promise (like they always have) to everyone that each individual will have kick-ass tremendous improvement at the end of the course. If you sleep the same amount of hours as you work (For me it’s 10hrs of work and sleep on Mon-Thurs and 12hrs on Fri and Sat) you'll notice people improving greatly, there are people who sleep much less than me but are able to improve further (hats off to them for managing those longer working hours). Everyone here wants to be an artist, and you just got to want it too, maybe more.

Classes at 3dsense are taught by extremely dedicated and knowledgeable teachers, and they all teach everything that you need to know within all the modules for a year, and it’s very short so squeeze in and learn as much as you can. If you’re lost or you don’t understand, do not hesitate to ask, even if you’re asking a stupid question (try not to, because it will eventually give them headaches lol), they’re here for you and you need to make use of your time to learn and become better, because it’s only for 1 year. 3dsense goes over anatomy and rendering strongly, and they teach a decent amount of perspective - enough for us to have the fundamentals covered and good to go once you are done. Classes (Except for Term 3 classes) are moderately easy to understand, but they’re hard to apply so with practice you’ll get better and better. The school does reviews for everyone - at the end of Term 1 and once every month in Term 2 and Term 3 to make sure everyone is improving constantly, if you’re weak, they’ll be quick to spot it and spot your mistakes immediately so that you will be able to come back from it, they’ll help you but it’s on you to take their advice and catch up with everyone else.

Some classes are all friendly, kind and easy going towards one another other, and other groups are reserved and introverted (like my class, they surprised the teachers because we were the first class that is quiet and non-talkative, they prefer the talkative ones). Good and bad things about both. Whatever people you end up having in your class with you, just work hard and focus on improving. Don’t spread negativity because that will bring the class’ morale down further. This isn't really the school's fault anyways, it just depends on the personalities of your classmates.

Prehaps I may have sounded like I tortured myself in 3dsense (and I probably did), but to be completely honest, I loved it, I’ve had an incredibly fun time there, I’ve never had so much fun in a school where I could do well and benefit from it tremendously. Had some serious lows and highs, and I came out of it tougher than I went in. Put simply, I gave that school my all - my best efforts and my commitment to art, and they gave me a rare but generous skillset that’s essential for my life, which makes me happy. Deciding on an art school was difficult because we aren’t sure if the school was effective or not, but like everything in life, it's a bit of a risk, so just think about it before you jump in.

Here's the link to my course's diploma: WSQ Diploma in Digital Design, 3dsense Media School…

It's been a long post, but I hope this helps people understand what 3dsense is like before they join or enroll, other people may have different opinions about the school in comparison to mine. If anyone is willing to find out more about the school from a student’s perspective, do email me at or drop me a message on Facebook at People from the school who either graduated or still working are too busy working to talk about it, so I’d like to express on behalf of everyone else. In the end, really figure out how bad you want to be an artist, and how hard you are willing to work. Good luck with whatever you choose!

- Bryan. :)


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Bryan Koh
I'm an artist studying in 3dsense Media School of Visual Arts Singapore attending the Digital Design course. I want to grow up to become a concept artist working on AAA video game titles.


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