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Conky-HTC v1.2

By wgacton

Conky inspirado no HTChome do windows
instru/ções/ctions em Português e/and English

Como base usei esta outra configuração do conky:


Funciona bem na resolução: 1280×1024

versão adaptada para 1024×768 :

for better explanation and instructions visit :

© 2011 - 2021 wgacton
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--->>> please update your accuw_script here <<<---

version 1.02

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Small improvement for Conky-HTC v1.2
^^) [link]
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from where i download the Conky-HTC?????
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On top of this page has a link ,on the right: "Download File"
You can also see the second version of this conky here:
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When I run I get 'sh: --datatype=HT not found'
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same problem here!
Pretty conky thank you very much :)
I have small problem with fonts ->

Any idea how to solve this problem?
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Hi unfortunately I don't know. check if the fonts are installed correctly.
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coooool .... Thank you, one of the best weather conky!
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how to make it bigger plz?
wgacton's avatar increase the size just you change the field "size" and "-s" in the file ".conkyrc" and. "vreme.template"
I can translate instructions in French if you want.
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great! Thank you very much!
send me by email and I will include in instructions file. thankful!
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mano ficou show......
@ wgacton,
nice work. keep it up! i was using the original one. now, i'll shift to yours.
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Nice weather conky :D
no english folder and instructions
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now it's with instructions in English! but I don't know if it was good because I know very little English.. =P
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Thank you, one of the best weather conky!
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