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The Walking Dead: Ragnarok by WFTC141 The Walking Dead: Ragnarok :iconwftc141:WFTC141 13 1 Jormungand The Manhunt Of Koko Hekmatyar by WFTC141 Jormungand The Manhunt Of Koko Hekmatyar :iconwftc141:WFTC141 11 0 Daniel and Valmet Two Years Later by WFTC141 Daniel and Valmet Two Years Later :iconwftc141:WFTC141 4 0 Sgt. Momoa by WFTC141 Sgt. Momoa :iconwftc141:WFTC141 26 1 Still Together by WFTC141 Still Together :iconwftc141:WFTC141 75 7 Major Brooks + Commander Shirogane by WFTC141 Major Brooks + Commander Shirogane :iconwftc141:WFTC141 11 0 Katie and Lance by WFTC141 Katie and Lance :iconwftc141:WFTC141 13 0 Daniel Florida Detail Sheet by WFTC141 Daniel Florida Detail Sheet :iconwftc141:WFTC141 2 2 Aaron Rorke Detail Sheet by WFTC141 Aaron Rorke Detail Sheet :iconwftc141:WFTC141 3 4 Old friends turned lovers  by WFTC141 Old friends turned lovers :iconwftc141:WFTC141 12 1 Wesley by WFTC141 Wesley :iconwftc141:WFTC141 0 0 Wesley Hayabusa by WFTC141 Wesley Hayabusa :iconwftc141:WFTC141 3 0 Icon of Daniel Edward Florida  by WFTC141 Icon of Daniel Edward Florida :iconwftc141:WFTC141 1 0 Richard O'Conner by WFTC141 Richard O'Conner :iconwftc141:WFTC141 4 0 Alphonse and Eda by WFTC141 Alphonse and Eda :iconwftc141:WFTC141 9 0 Naruto and Balalaika  by WFTC141 Naruto and Balalaika :iconwftc141:WFTC141 21 0


Leia by aimeezhou Leia :iconaimeezhou:aimeezhou 414 37 Jyn Cassian by NatRodgers Jyn Cassian :iconnatrodgers:NatRodgers 74 15 On Vacation Time by Nemeaux On Vacation Time :iconnemeaux:Nemeaux 57 5 Vikha by Nemeaux Vikha :iconnemeaux:Nemeaux 40 6 What Was by Nemeaux What Was :iconnemeaux:Nemeaux 68 3 Black Panther (2018) Fan-Draw by Nathan750 Black Panther (2018) Fan-Draw :iconnathan750:Nathan750 2 3 War For The Planet Of The Apes (2017) by Nathan750 War For The Planet Of The Apes (2017) :iconnathan750:Nathan750 2 0 The Hitmans Bodygaurd (2017) by Nathan750 The Hitmans Bodygaurd (2017) :iconnathan750:Nathan750 6 16 Red Sparrow (2018 Fan-Draw by Nathan750 Red Sparrow (2018 Fan-Draw :iconnathan750:Nathan750 2 0 Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Fan-Draw by Nathan750 Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Fan-Draw :iconnathan750:Nathan750 4 1 Rampage (2018) Fan-draw by Nathan750 Rampage (2018) Fan-draw :iconnathan750:Nathan750 2 0 Deadpool 2 (2018) Fan-Draw by Nathan750 Deadpool 2 (2018) Fan-Draw :iconnathan750:Nathan750 3 2 Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom (2018) Fan-Draw by Nathan750 Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom (2018) Fan-Draw :iconnathan750:Nathan750 2 0 Mamma mia!: HWGA (2018) and The equalizer 2 (2018) by Nathan750 Mamma mia!: HWGA (2018) and The equalizer 2 (2018) :iconnathan750:Nathan750 1 0 Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) Fan-Draw by Nathan750 Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) Fan-Draw :iconnathan750:Nathan750 1 0 The predator (2018) Fan-Draw by Nathan750 The predator (2018) Fan-Draw :iconnathan750:Nathan750 2 0



The Walking Dead: Ragnarok
Commission art by Amenoosa 

An international arms dealer and her bodyguards were captured by the US government as they're project failed and were about to go on trial until their world start to come to an end when it becomes overrun by the undead and have to spend their months to years trying to survive the apocalypse if they can. 

Story is a placed after the story, Jormungand: Mercenary Join HCLI but an 'What if they were in The Walking Dead Universe' story

Ships: Koko x Jonah (Older), Rick x Michonne, OC x Valmet, Glenn x Maggie, OC x Schokolade, Chiquita x Lehm, Karen Low x Daryl, Hex x OC 

Co Author: BloodyDemon666

Link to story:…
Jormungand The Manhunt Of Koko Hekmatyar
Commission art by Amenoosa 

After surviving a B-52 bombing run, Hex vow vengeance and continues to hunt down Koko Hekmatyar with the help of the most elite unit of the United States Navy SEALs, Night-Nine and the commander officer is an old friend of Koko's bodyguard, Daniel Florida who will not hesitate to kill them. When Koko finds out that Hex is still alive, she will go on an all out war against her oldest nemesis.

Story takes place at the same timeline as Jormungand: Mercenary Joins HCLI

Co-Author is Wolf Actual

Link to story:… 
Still Together
Awesome art of Shallura by Taracel

When ambushed by the Galra Empire terrorist group, Commander Takashi Shirogane and Major Allura Brooks got cut off from their team and starting to run out of ammo while getting over run. Shiro cheered Allura up and getting her to think that it'll be easy as they're last mission in Budapest before having Keith, Lance, Pidge or Hunk.
Allura: What’s your ammo count?
Shiro: Down on my last mag. You?
Allura: I’m on my bloody sidearm now…we’re in a bad spot and we gotta get out of here.
Shiro: Yeah but we have no idea where the others are and comms are down.

After a moment of silence, Shiro starts laughing which confuses Allura.

Allura: What’s so funny?
Shiro: Eh…just remembering that time when you and me were in this situation before.
Allura: …That was in Budapest and there wasn’t much bad guys.
Shiro: But we did survived from worst…those guys were ex-military so this could be easy for us.
Allura: That’s bollocks and you know it.
Shiro: (Laughing) True…

Hearing enemy soldiers closing into Shiro and Allura’s position which made the two operatives stand up and ready themselves for another gunfight.

Shiro: I love you.
Allura: I love you too.
Stories being cancelled

Hey guys WhiskeyFoxtrotTangoCharlie141 here. I have some news that you may not like. I have to cancel some of my future fanfics but will continue working on stories that are already published. Honestly I’m trying to get out of the FanFiction business to work on my actual stories and anime projects such as ‘Spooks’ and ‘Shinigami’. Here’s is the list of the stories that will be canceled.
1. Hardline 2: True Detectives (Zootopia FanFiction)
2. John Wick: Baba Yaga Saves Equestria (MLP Antrho/John Wick Crossover FanFiction)
3. Kim Possible: The American Assassin (Kim Possible American Assassin AU FanFiction)
4. Brothers in Arms (MLP Anthro Military AU FanFiction)
I’m sorry to disappoint you guys. Been busy with school and trying to get myself to my actual career and feared that I won’t be able to complete all of my fanfics. The ones I’m working now, I will do my best to complete it. Especially Highschool of the Dead, Jormungand, Black Lagoon and the anime suicide squad fic Death Squad. I assure you they will be finished. I hope you’re enjoying the stories so far and my apologies for cancelling the future fanfics. PEACE!


WFTC141's Profile Picture
Wesley Connor
United States
Name: Wesley Connor

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia

Hobbies: Make military and private military novels with pictures, Draw military pictures, collect rocks sometimes, collect figures sometimes, martial arts

Favorite game: Tactical shooters, 1st person shooters, 3rd person shooter and fighting games.

BF fan or COD fan: COD Fan

Martial Arts: Taekwondo (Black Belt First Dan)

High school Activities: JROTC cadet since freshman through senior year.

Favorite Military movie: Lone Survivor

Favorite Band: Hollywood Undead

Two Most Favorite Fanfic Stories: "Shadows For Hope" and "Naruto Uzumaki: Konoha Marksman


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