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Real name is Wesley Connor

African American man

Georgia, USA

Military/Tactical/Guns Brat

Story Writter/Author


Favourite Movies
Modern and Tactical war movies and Martial Arts movies
Favourite TV Shows
Crime, Action, Romance
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Hollywood Undead
Favourite Books
Lone Survivor, American Sniper, I am a SEAL Team 6 Warrior
Favourite Games
Tactical, 1st and 3rd person shooter and fighting games
Other Interests
writing books and making fanfiction
Stories being cancelled Hey guys WhiskeyFoxtrotTangoCharlie141 here. I have some news that you may not like. I have to cancel some of my future fanfics but will continue working on stories that are already published. Honestly I’m trying to get out of the FanFiction business to work on my actual stories and anime projects such as ‘Spooks’ and ‘Shinigami’. Here’s is the list of the stories that will be canceled. 1. Hardline 2: True Detectives (Zootopia FanFiction) 2. John Wick: Baba Yaga Saves Equestria (MLP Antrho/John Wick Crossover FanFiction) 3. Kim Possible: The American Assassin (Kim Possible American
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Act 1:PrologueChapter 1: RedChapter 2: WhiteChapter 3: Black & YellowChapter 4: Familia RosaChapter 5: Mother of the YearChapter 6: Florida HeistChapter 7: BetrayalChapter 8: MourningChapter 9: RemnantChapter 10: Task Force HunstmanChapter 11: New FriendsChapter 12: Hunting GrimmChapter 13: GrimmChapter 14: Sauver le lapin brunChapter 15: TyrianChapter 16: The White FangChapter 17: The Next Step
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Black Lagoon: Life of a Rogue Act 1: Lagoon Company Prologue: The RogueWelcome to RoanapurChased by PiratesDie Rückkehr des AdlersEagle Hunting and Hunting EaglesMoonlit Hunting GroundsCalm Down, Two MenBloodhound in RoanapurWarrior of Hotel MoscowLock'n Load RevolutionGuerrillas in the JungleA Warrior’s Initiation and Trust Act 2: The Second Barrage Prologue: The Rogue Part IIThe Vampire Twins ComenBloodsport FairytaleSwan Song at DawnHomecomingThis Is Where I Belong Part 1This Is Where I Belong Part 2
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Thanks for the watch! :)

Hey man, so will you continue your stories on Wattpad?

Yer Black Lagoon OC Character Dude, Aaron... Im doing a BIG GOOD LONG Black Lagoon Fan-Fic story an If its Please Ok with You, Id LOVE To use Him In My Story. PLEASE?? as He's PERFECT. Especially For Roberta/Rosarita...

Hey, do you have a Discord by any chance?

You Like My Black Laggoon Story So Far? IF You have begun reading chapter 1 Yet.

And Also, My Fan Fic's always Have Some Misspell's an Typo's in em. Hope you dont Mind. As they are still REAL Easy to Read. Cant help It. I Have LEarning Disabilities. I Try an correct as many as i can. But i always End Up making some.

I See Yer a Black Lagoon Fan. AWESOME. would You PLEASE Be Willing to Read some Black Lagoon Fanfiction? as im trying to find Others who will Read My Story.