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Torn Cardboard Stock

For frick's sake. I couldn't find any unwatermarked or really useful ripped or torn pieces of cardboard stock anywhere. So last night I went down into my garage, tore up a cardboard box and scanned a piece of it onto my computer, and submitted it to dA for other people too.

I don't have any 'rules or regulations'. If you use it, just put a link back to this stock in your picture's description and tell me about it, I'd like to see what you do with it :)
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Hey i used this in 2 poetry collages now posted on instagram @saintepemir and i credited ur deviant art in the description ! (as of typing thus only one is up im not sure when ill post the second one)

Thank you for the cardboard! It's the best one on the internet! We're using it tonight at 6pm Pacific on

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I’m glad it’s getting use :D
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Just used this for a t-shirt! Check it out. I also gave credit.…
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Glad to see this stock is still getting use =P
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Working on a children's book; I'm not sure if I am going to use this piece yet but I wanted to say thanks in advance while I'm here!
I was the nicest piece of cardboard on the net!

I used it here:…

Thanks so much for taking time to scan that ripped up cardboard. Saved me from having to rip up a storage box and then try to figure out how to store my displaced stuff.
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Thanks for using my stock! :D and thanks for being the only person out of the 1,500+ downloads to tell me where/how you used it!
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