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Inkscape is my bitch

By wflu
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Pure vector graphics made in Inkscape 0.44 (, created one spline at a time, most semi-transparent or shaded. I think it ended up pretty good.

The process: Inked outline scanned and traced. When sufficient colour was applied, the original outline was removed.

A couple of closeups are included in Scraps gallerry.
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Very nice! (Somehow reminds me of the Swedish band Sahara Hotnights. Maybe the would look like this if they were turned into vector graphics :p)
KindCritic's avatar
Damn, Inkscape didn't even put up a fight XD Nice work
Writer4Commissions's avatar
I fully believe in free source software now!!
Writer4Commissions's avatar
Correction- open source
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lulu-glue's avatar
hey i just startded to useink scape how did you get thoes lil bits of color on it ect??
tomimt's avatar
Nice stuff. Especially her boots caught my eye, very nicely detailed.
pretojackson's avatar
good... very good, and using inkscape?

... i love inkscape!
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Oh my.. didn't it take hours... days to make this?
Really good work in inkscape =)
xtudiux's avatar
nice...very nice...

MathBurton's avatar
Good Work, but i dont like the face =P
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