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[AI] Tutor going clubbing



A: "Good afternoon. Are you miss Chen, calculus tutor, by chance?"
B: "Uhh, yeah, that's me."
A: "Hello miss. I represent miss Taylor who would like to express her gratitude for your tutelage this semester."
B: "Oh, sure thing, all of us grad students are happy to help."
A: "She would like to take you to her private club this evening for dancing and general revelry."
B: "Hah, wait, club? Tonight? I'm afraid I won't be able to..."
A: "Don't worry, all the arrangements have already been made. Miss Taylor has sent her stylist, makeup artist, and hairdresser with explicit instructions."
B: "Now wait a minute! You don't think I'll..."
A: "Come right along miss, we don't have all day."

--- DALL-E 3 Prompt
Full body live photo of 25 year old Chinese woman sitting before and after. Before, sitting in salon chair, plain blue sweater, serious face, round glasses, no jewelry, no accessories, no makeup. After, long wavy hair, surprised, worried, gold vinyl leggings, pink vinyl leopard-print tube top with cold-shoulder sleeves, gold bangles on wrist, gold hoop earrings, red lipstick, long eye lashes,
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Who outfit is super cute~