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Creepy, but cool 😎 I like it
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One of the first fanarts i ever found and now i have found it again!
    I just love realistic Sans and Papyrus art, there's so much cartoon stuff but the realism pieces BLOW MY MIND... i think i just love seeing something that a part of me is TERRIFIED of but at the same time I WUV THE SKELEBOIS SO MUCH errr but yeah... imagine LUST!SANS coming at you in full horny mode but like, REALISM... show that to the fangirls ahaha
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OH GOSH *blush*

I am so happy you like it <3 It is by far my most popular artwork I've done xD
*WHEEEZES AT LUST SANS* We all need Jezus xD I wouldn't draw anything explict but HMMMM :3cccc
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no need for explicit stuff.... I think ages ago I was inspired by your realism art to draw this.... Lusty ILLUSION in all honestly I wouldn't mind a much better artist..... *hints ever-so-not-subtle* :)
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when the squad tries their first bong
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You know in cartoon style its not so scary but If I encountered THAT... Inside out - Disgust is done (emote) 
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Beautiful! :-) A creepy scene with a jumpscare when there is, in fact, nothing to be afraid of (well, depends on interpretation of Gaster but still, there are two skeletons who are in fact friendly), the very spirit of Undertale.

I can perfectly imagine this image, as a huge oil painting, hanging in a castle or mansion... in the entrance room :-)
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Its not moving
man thats EPIC
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Wow dude! 
This is amazing!
(This actually scared me XD)
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okeeeeeeeeee too realistic for Sans to be very punny. but AMAZING JOB!!!
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I think they're his sons(?)
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Sons, creations, it's all good ;3
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Heart *Flee
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+20 creep factor (really)
+35 Realistic art (beautiful)
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This is gorgeous. You've earned a new follower. :)
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It looks like he's holding their decapitated heads... o_o
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Annnnnnnd I'm having nightmares
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I have used this beautiful picture in an animated music video and have given you credit. You can watch my video here:…
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I found this on Google Images awhile back, and I just...

This is so cool. Your art style is gorgeous, it's so interesting to see these three in more... realistic forms, and the fact that it's animated too is just.

It's beautiful.
...Though I have to wonder, how long did this take?
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