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Iras Athletes

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"... and after two months membership, you can take the IRAS test, tailored to your race. They will then put you into the according program, with a tight schedule and your own trainers, and make sure you reach your goals. You wanna run in a IR ultrathon? They'll make you fit for it."
Farakh listened to Lori's description of the IRAS training program when that human male caught her eye. Nice! She sniffed and caught his scent. She'd recognize him for sure now. But hunting time was still to come.
"Ultrathon? What's that?", she asked.
"Humans have the sportive tradition of marathon - a 42 kilometers run. Ultrathon is the ultra-hard version - 420 kilometers, over ten days. If your race doesn't sleep, like elves, you have to start two days later, but finish the same day as the humans. The IR ultrathon is the hardest between all realms - interracial, with magical doping checks and a very tough parcours. But if you manage to run it, regardless of the time or placement, you receive a fat prize and are considered one of the toughest athletes of all realms."
"You ran it?"
"Once, two hundred years ago, and it took me two months to finish. But it made me financially independent, and ever since, I wanna do it in time. Perhaps next year I'll be ready for it."
"With that ass? No offense intended."
"None taken. But under that fat, I'm fit. I ran other ultrathons in time this year, once finishing fourth, once second. As I told you, IRAS gonna get you fit."

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