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The Purge
The Purge
The door slammed shut. Steaming and hurt, she grabbed her suitcase, the box with her belongings, and ran to her car. Should that bitch see what she did now with her new slut. Leaving only a broken ring on the porch, she jumped into her car and drove off into the mountains. Tears welled up in her eyes.
“I’m in heaven when I’m with you.” Being the only distraction to her sorrow, she refrained from busting the radio when it rubbed salt into her wounds. For almost five years now, that had been their song. She simply turned it off, but her memory played it along. It took all her strength to find a suitable parking space in these godforsaken, untouched wild before dissolving into tears.
Some loud banging woke her up, but everything around her was dark. She didn’t recognize the sound, but it scared her to death. Leaving everything behind, she anxiously fled the car and ran off into the wilderness, following the hollow trail countless ot
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Earth Reconnected - Main Concept
Earth Reconnected
Main Concept
“Earth Reconnected“ is a contemporary science fantasy multiverse.
Within, Earth Universe (Gaia) is connected to several magical Realms, inhabited by humanoid species. There is the Realm of the Elves (Shadoori), the Realm of the Fey (Sylvaia), the Realm of the Dwarves (Durùg), the Realm of the Orcs (Khazshara), the Realm of the Halflings (Rivvaya), the Realm of the ‘Undead’ (Nyssa), the Realm of the ‘Demons’ (Abbadon), the Realm of the ‘Angels’ (Celistra) and the Great Between (Limbo).
Gaia itself is nonmagical, but still it is the hub for every other realm. Thus, the connection has to be established from the magical realm and can only be opened by a native of that realm. So, if you want to travel from Durùg to Abbadon, you have to ask a Dwarf to open the connection from Durùg to Gaia, and th
:iconweyrwoman-lessa:weyrwoman-lessa 2 7
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Hello, I'm from Project Comment. I really like the coloring in this piece - all those richt yet cool hues of blue suit the theme really...

by keiku

Hello, please note that I'm no professional artist, but just a hobbyist with some experience. So this is just my 2ct, and by no means a...

If you want me to review your work, don't hesitate to send me a note. I will do what I can. But please consider:
- I am a mother, so my time is limited. Especially with long pieces of literature, you will have to be patient.
- I am a hobbyist, no professional, in all non-literature art.
- I am a writer and do 3D art, with some experience in drawing, digital and traditional, but nearly none in painting. So don't be upset if I can't help you with your technique.
- I do not criticise fan art.


weyrwoman-lessa's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
The book I wrote together with the amazing :iconleabasan:. If you're capeable of German and like Sci-Fi literature, please take a look!
(He's translating it into English, but it'll take some time.)

Please, do NOT give me Llamas! Yes, Llamas are awesome, but I am sliiiightly annoyed by people who give llamas just to lure somebody on their page, and then there is nothing but a link to a site that wants you to pay for something, mostly sex. I am here for the art and the artists, so I will ignore Llamas from now on.

Commissions open, up to 3 slots!

I do:

- 3d rendered portraits (down to chest) for 10$ / 800 DA Points (example:
- 3d rendered full body portraits for 20$ / 1600 DA Points (example:
- 3d rendered full scenery for 50$ / 4000 DA Points (example: or
- short story: 10$ per 1000 words (about two DinA4 pages)

You have 3 free change requests; any additional request will cost 1$. So please make sure you give me all information you have beforehand.
If you request a specific item I do not own yet, you have to pay 50% of it.
I'll do nude shots without additional fee, but explicit erotica or even pornography depend on my taste and will cost another additional 10$.
No rape, no victims, no stripping of dignity.

How do I come to those prices?
Well, I usually need several hours to put up a scene, between 1,5 up to 40, depending on the scene - how crowded, how dark (dark light setups take much more time usually), how many shaders have to be set up manually, and so on. That is, if I do NOT have to paint any maps or "model" something. It's due to pre-renders that take their time and then reveal something has to be tweaked, difficult setups and things like that. If I'd charge you per hour, with, say, 5$/h (what would be a ridiculous wage for an independent artist), most of you wouldn't come out better. And I haven't counted in the time the final render is computed, what I should do, because in that time, my machine is nearly dead to anything else so that I cannot work on the next scene.
Thus, I don't think the pricing is exorbitant or exaggerated.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Digital Art Week


To avoid misunderstandings: My 3D coordinates widget runs as follows:
X-Axis from left to right. Movement around this axis will be called BEND (as if you bend your knee).
Y Axis from top to bottom. Movement around this axis will be called TWIST (like the dance).
Z Axis from front to back. Movement around this axis will be called TURN (as in turning your hand upside down).

Non-Humanoid Figures

General tips on posing

Remember that even fantasy creatures and aliens should have a skeleton, tendons and muscles (or anything else that supports, connects and moves their body). If you have a creature whose design is unusual or even new, try to imagine how it could work. Let yourself be guided by creatures similar to yours, or at least body parts of creatures similar to those of the creature you want to pose. Dragons are a mix of lizards and bats. Hydrae are a mix of snakes and dinosaurs. Griffons are a mix of birds and lions (who would have guessed…). Find an animal with a body part you need and take a look at its bone structure and muscles.

Main nodes differing from humanoid figures

Arms / Wings

[Source: Wikipedia, public domain]

Every arm on our planet consists of the same main bones: shoulder blade (scapula), upper arm (humerus) and forearm (radius and ulna). The bones of the hand and wrist may vary due to merging, but normally, we have a lot of bones in the wrist, the carpals in the palm and the fingers with three phalanges each. It doesn’t matter if the arm is of a human (lower row, rightmost arm) or of a platypus, mouse, horse, bird or whale.

Wings are nothing more than arms. Look at the picture above: in the upper row the one on the right is a bird’s arm, in the lower row the one on the left is a bat’s arm. Those are the main two wing styles you’ll find.

Bird Wing

[Source: Wikipedia, public domain]

These images tell two main facts. First, there are no muscles to move single feathers, but everything’s done by bending, twisting and turning the wing and physical influence like pressure and air resistance. Second, there are some flying membranes, called ‘patagium’. One is located between elbow and chest (the Metapatagium or rear flying membrane) and one between shoulder and wrist (the Propatagium or anterior flying membrane). Both stabilize the wing. If you come from digital painting or model your creatures yourself, don’t forget those; bat’s wings do have them, too.

But the first fact is more important for posing in 3D. If your model comes with according morphs, don’t forget to bend the feathers to the pressure! If it doesn’t, use whatever manipulation tools your software has. When they don’t curve, the wing looks stiff. A wing functions by a slight overpressure beneath and a high negative pressure above the wing to keep anything airborne. Thus, the feathers (and wing membranes of bat wings) are cupped when the wing flaps downwards or is used for gliding. In contrast, the feathers will stretch outwards and upwards to give way to the air (and the feathers will turn, but that will in most cases not be possible to pose, except when really all feathers are single nodes).

Bat wings

Bat wings are slightly different from bird’s wings, because the main wing membranes sit between the fingers. Thus, the single membranes curve with the air pressure as the whole bird wing does. Plus, since bat wings can’t just turn the feathers to make space for the air, the flying cycle differs from a bird’s. While birds can flap their wings nearly straight up and down (although it looks more of an oval in slow motion captures), a bat has to bend the whole wing to “release” the air below what causes a more circular movement of the wing. Take a look at slow motion videos if you plan an animation.


What’s true for arms and wings is true for legs. It always consists of the same bones: thigh (femur), shin (tibia) and calf (fibula), the ankle bones (tarsals), mid-foot bones (metatarsals) and toes (phalanges).
There are three types of walking: on the whole sole (plantigrade), only on the toes (digitigrade) and only on the toe tips (unguligrade). For every type, the skeleton is slightly different. Humans, apes and bears are sole walkers. Cats, dogs and birds are toe walkers. Their metatarsals are elongated and they can run and jump well. Toe-tip walkers are horses, ruminants and (as a subcategory ‘semi-unguligrade') other hoof-bearing animals, plus the elephant, the hippopotamus and the rhino. Here, the foot has become pillarlike; the metacarpals have merged, as often have the fingers to build up the stability for walking.

But what about four-legged creatures? Is the front extremity an arm or a leg? It’s an arm. You can see it in this drawing of a tiger’s skeleton:

The difference between an arm and a leg is mainly the direction in which the first joint after the hip/scapula bends: the elbow bends back (the forearm comes forward), the knee bends forward (the shin goes to the back). I tried to do two animations, but I’m not much of an animator, so don’t hit me for the mistakes.

Arm: Leg:

Tail / Long Neck / Tentacle

There is not much to say about those – just please remember that (except for a tentacle) there are bones in a neck or tail that have a maximum angle that they can bend, twist or turn. Neither can a snake just “kink” to a side, nor can a giraffe kiss its own neck. There are vertebrae that prohibit too extreme movement. A tentacle, on the other hand, consists of muscle only and can do more extreme stuff.

The Spine

Please bear in mind that a four-legged creature running also bends its spine. A normal trot will turn the spine while the legs are moved criss-cross (except for camels or dromedars, who move in amble), but it bends the spine only a little. A gallop/run still moves the legs criss-cross, but it uses the spine for gaining ground, too, combining a jump with a walk: the hind legs hit the ground almost simultaneously (yet in front of each other), the hip arches forwards, while the last front leg leaves the ground, and the chest ever so slightly arches forwards, too. Yep, a tiny moment of flight here, every extremity in the air before the hind legs touch down. Now the front legs reach out, the chest bends back again, the hind legs are the weight-carriers and move backwards, the hip bending back. When the first front leg has touched the ground and is the “standing” leg for a moment, the back is arched backwards – the hind legs have given their momentum and are stretched out backwards, and the other front leg is stretched out forward to gain some more ground. When the second front leg is the standing leg moving backwards, the hind legs come forward, bending the hip to the front again, and the other front leg leaves the ground. Now we are where we started, and the cycle starts over.

To boil it down after this confusing description of something you’d better look at animated (so go out there and search for “dog running” or “horse gallop”): The running cycle has two main stages, the stretch and the contraction phase.

In the stretch phase, the legs are stretched out to gain space – the hind legs give their momentum, the front legs reach out. In this phase, the spine is arched backwards. If you want to do this pose, try reaching something just above your head.

The contraction phase is the opposite: the front legs have given their momentum, and the hind legs come forward to gain ground. In this phase, the spine is curled up. If you want to do it, bring your elbows to your knees.

Or you watch a caterpillar walking. Redo with the spine.


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Leather creaked softly as Savannah adjusted her position.  She thought the worst thing about the hunt was the waiting in uncomfortable positions, in unpleasant places.  Sitting crouched in the support for a rooftop sign for hours on end was even a stretch for her extraordinary stamina, but the needs of the hunt overruled comfort.
She had been staking out the roadhouse since sundown.  It seemed like it was the favoured pick up spot for the Vamp Queen and her consort, though Savannah had ended the queen last night, the male had yet to be dealt with.  It was a dangerous stalk, though not as old a bloodsucker as his mate, this one had lots of combat training.  He was a killing machine, probably more so than any other Vampire alive.  Alive? Dead?  Which was the correct term for the things?  Savannah knew she was trying to distract herself.  Her thoughts had been going in a dangerous direction.  She sighed, a
, and for I drink aloneThe battered clock behind the broken glass and metal cage in the bus station showed quarter to twelve when the run down inter-city bus pulled in, several world weary exhausted travellers exited, talking quietly together they headed off into the city.  Several minutes later a heavy leather boot crunched into the gravel of the station, followed by its mate, the man standing before the bus's door wore faded and ripped jeans, a sleeveless leather vest over a worn grey tank top, a heavy sleeveless trench coat, it’s tails swirling about his knees. His arms, tattooed and scarred lift a crushed pack of Meski cigarettes, the man shakes one loose, and drags a match over the leather of his coat before lighting it and taking a deep draw.
His chin, covered in a light stubble that tracks up over his cheeks, a deep scar passing over his piercing blue left eye.  Two rings in his left ear and a pair in his right brow below his close cropped blonde hair, his face locked into a scowl as h
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