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Stuff I am proud of

Hi! :D

Hi! :D

Yes, I finally found a name for my fantasy world (or should I say ... continent? Anyway, the place where everything happens ... lmao). It will be called: Vanlannar. No, it has no special meaning. I found it after using fantasy world generators. :D I found the name cool and chose it! :heart: It also became the name of the whole thing. "Child of Light" was temporary. The title became more "general" and I prefer it that way. ^^ I also want to apologize for my delay (sometimes several days) in commenting and responding. :blushes: The past week was very busy and the following week will be a bit like that too. (Not so much, I hope) So the hours go by quickly when I'm doing stuff on the PC and the little time I have left I take the opportunity to try to do something related to my story. And, I have to say, my motivation is still pretty flicker. Sometimes I get inspired by the work of some artist friends, sometimes I feel motivated to write ... but there are days that I think

Stuff I'd like you to see


Escort to Tall Towne

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  • Aug 3, 1982
  • Germany
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My Bio

FINALLY! https://www.amazon.de/Ancestors-Teil-I-M-Wolf-ebook/dp/B07NS3K26H/

The book I wrote together with the amazing Leabasan (https://www.deviantart.com/leabasan). If you're capable of German and like Sci-Fi literature, please take a look! (He's translating it into English, but it'll take some time.)


Please, do NOT give me Llamas! Yes, Llamas are awesome, but I am sliiiightly annoyed by people who give llamas just to lure somebody on their page, and then there is nothing but a link to a site that wants you to pay for sex. I am here for the art and the artists, so I will ignore Llamas from now on.

Favourite Visual Artist
none in particular; those who play with my imagination
Favourite Movies
Series: Babylon 5; Movies: too many
Favourite TV Shows
I don't watch TV that much
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I listen to too different musical genres to have a special favourite, might be anything between Bach and Blind Guardian, with exeption of Schlager and Volksmusik
Favourite Books
Wimsey: Murder must Advertise, Gaudy Night, Busman's Honeymoon; Dragonriders of Pern; Neschan-Trilogy
Favourite Writers
Dorothy L. Sayers, Anne McCaffrey, Ralf Isau
Favourite Games
Computer: Morrowind, WoW, Adventures; Board Games: Villen des Wahnsinns, Nobody is perfect; RPG: WoD Mage, DSA, Pathfinder
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
DAZ!Studio 4.11Beta, Hexagon, GIMP
Other Interests
Apart from my family: RPG, writing, singing, reading...

Stuff about me

About me, my art and my collection:

I'm a mother of 3 boys, author, RPG gamer, 3D artist and nerd. I'm chaotic, disorganized and lazy on my private behalves, but I am passionate and forceful if I am into somebody or something.

That's why I directly address all haters and intolerant arseholes: FUCK OFF. I am a straight, white, german gal, yeah, and there might be some other matching labels for me. But I do not judge anybody on their age, religion, skin colour, ethnics, sexual orientation or other negligibility, and I will not stand anybody does that in MY realm. So if you think you have to do that, just keep off or fear my burn. I can be a very acidic asshole if you piss me off. I know my psychic endurance when it comes to confrontation, and I know from experience that most others don't match it. So do not try my patience.

Everybody else: a very warm welcome! I am a hobbyist artist and professional writer, and I collect things I like. My favouriting behaviour is kinda erratic, but all in all, I'm very wary about faving and watching. So don't be sad if I don't fave everything you post; I always look at everything the people I watch are posting (that's why I don't watch many people).

The same goes for comments. I won't post just a "well done!" below your image, even if I like it. Why? Because it won't further you as an artist. I myself like more detailed comments much more, like "Hey, like the pic, especially the lighting!" or such. But since my time is very limited, I often cannot comment as extensively as I'd like, and I leave it in my watch area. If that happens for some days, pics will pile up, I will get frustrated, and delete them all. As I said, I'm disorganized ^^

I am much more of an author than a visual artist, albeit my gallery won't show much of that. That's because I can't hold my ink and any snippety scribble might turn into a story of almost novel-length and most probably won't get finished. But the majority of my pics will have a little story added below, so if you like that, or if you like images that tell stories, you can always take a look at my group, StoryPics: https://www.deviantart.com/storypics

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Enchanted-AprilHobbyist Digital Artist

Liebe Lessa, hallo und dankeschön fürs Sternchen für meinen "Marvelous Mayor". Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut! Hab ein schönes Wochenende!! :hug:

weyrwoman-lessaHobbyist Digital Artist

Gern geschehen, das Outfit ist wirklich wunderbar geworden. Mir gehts gut, danke, ich hoffe, dir auch :) Schönes Wochenende :D

CupidonArtHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks for watching me! 😘

weyrwoman-lessaHobbyist Digital Artist

You're very welcome, you do awesome art :)

Thanks for the watch !

weyrwoman-lessaHobbyist Digital Artist

You're welcome :)

Danke für den Fav, haste auch schon gesucht ?