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RPG Commission: The Rescue by WEXAL RPG Commission: The Rescue :iconwexal:WEXAL 0 0 RPG Commission: Ettercap by WEXAL RPG Commission: Ettercap :iconwexal:WEXAL 0 0 RPG Commission: Uber Orcs by WEXAL RPG Commission: Uber Orcs :iconwexal:WEXAL 1 0 RPG Commission: Waste Walker 2 by WEXAL RPG Commission: Waste Walker 2 :iconwexal:WEXAL 3 0 RPG Commission: Confrontation by WEXAL RPG Commission: Confrontation :iconwexal:WEXAL 2 0 RPG Commission: Tyranny Guard by WEXAL RPG Commission: Tyranny Guard :iconwexal:WEXAL 4 0 RPG Commission: Spelunking Adventurers by WEXAL RPG Commission: Spelunking Adventurers :iconwexal:WEXAL 3 0 RPG Commission: Defending the Village. by WEXAL RPG Commission: Defending the Village. :iconwexal:WEXAL 3 0 RPG Commission: Lizard Men by WEXAL RPG Commission: Lizard Men :iconwexal:WEXAL 2 0 RPG Commission: The Ravagers by WEXAL RPG Commission: The Ravagers :iconwexal:WEXAL 4 0 RPG Commission: Minotaur by WEXAL RPG Commission: Minotaur :iconwexal:WEXAL 3 0 RPG Commission: Ravenous Kobolds by WEXAL RPG Commission: Ravenous Kobolds :iconwexal:WEXAL 2 0 RPG Commission: Halfling Assassin by WEXAL RPG Commission: Halfling Assassin :iconwexal:WEXAL 2 0 RPG Commission: Noble Elf Archer by WEXAL RPG Commission: Noble Elf Archer :iconwexal:WEXAL 2 0 RPG Commission: Mos Zef, Dragonkin by WEXAL RPG Commission: Mos Zef, Dragonkin :iconwexal:WEXAL 2 0 RPG Commission: Necromancer by WEXAL RPG Commission: Necromancer :iconwexal:WEXAL 2 0


Mass Effect Occitania 3 - Justice Shinja by ShaunsArtHouse Mass Effect Occitania 3 - Justice Shinja :iconshaunsarthouse:ShaunsArtHouse 66 33 Dvarapala Cyclops - Inks by DaveRapoza Dvarapala Cyclops - Inks :icondaverapoza:DaveRapoza 304 14 Sin2 by wlop Sin2 :iconwlop:wlop 6,561 153 Sleep by Zatransis Sleep :iconzatransis:Zatransis 281 10 Escort the Payload by Nesskain Escort the Payload :iconnesskain:Nesskain 1,249 43 Lion by wlop Lion :iconwlop:wlop 8,909 178 Luma Lena by I-Got-Shot Luma Lena :iconi-got-shot:I-Got-Shot 160 9 222 Copy by daxiong 222 Copy :icondaxiong:daxiong 204 6 The Rotten Slew by Zatransis The Rotten Slew :iconzatransis:Zatransis 207 6 Windgrace Acolyte by bayardwu Windgrace Acolyte :iconbayardwu:bayardwu 1,208 23 Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain by Cryptcrawler Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain :iconcryptcrawler:Cryptcrawler 802 23 Luma by I-Got-Shot Luma :iconi-got-shot:I-Got-Shot 129 8 Alenoid by VINTEM Alenoid :iconvintem:VINTEM 199 5 Doctor-vega-final02 by Marko-Djurdjevic Doctor-vega-final02 :iconmarko-djurdjevic:Marko-Djurdjevic 622 10 Supergirl 20 by Artgerm Supergirl 20 :iconartgerm:Artgerm 4,622 65 Autumn by kir-tat Autumn :iconkir-tat:kir-tat 939 28



RPG Commission: The Rescue
Slaver abolitionist and Tyranny sympathizer attempt to free a Dwarven Prince from his bonds, who has been tortured for months by his interrogators.
The abolitionists hope the Prince will aid them in uniting dwarven forces against the oppressive slaver regime, once they escape this hellhole.
They never do.
RPG Commission: Ettercap
Every so often, I get introduced to a new monster I hadn’t heard of.
Enter the ettercap.
I did a quick design based on the desc provided first from AD (humanoid, spider, gross, hairy, eyes, matrix squid things, etc), then went and did a reference run for them to see how close I was to the source.
Man those things are varied… and REALLY ugly.
Perfect :)


RPG Commission: Uber Orcs
Islander inspired orcs whose genetics have been manipulated via evil Mages for centuries to become the ultimate war machines.
I tried to convey a brutal & overpowering warrior.
(It took all my self control NOT to do a Uber Driver joke w/ that name, too.)
RPG Commission: Waste Walker 2
Waste Walkers traverse the mystical No-Go Zone called "Dontgointhereland", a massive Chernobyl style zone created by the death of an Ancient Dragon named Tim.
He told everyone he was sick, but no one believed him until he blew up.
Sorry, Tim.

Enjoy! :D
RPG Commission: Confrontation
Our intrepid heroes followed the clues, sought the signs, delved the dungeons and slew anything that stood in there way. Until, finally, their lightning bug allies led them to…

… probably nothing. Lightning bugs are notoriously unreliable. But our heroes look cool for a second. That’s something, right?

Enjoy! :D

T-Shirts are LIVE! Numerous designs, styles and so forth!
Come take a look!
Ogle, purchase, wear, love!

I dont know how to add pictures to journals or I would!

Anywho, enjoy!
  • Listening to: Youtube/Twitch/Spotify
  • Reading: Saga, the new Bengal work in the US, etc.
  • Watching: This Week Tonight, debating Netflix for DD.
  • Playing: DAI DLC Jaws of Hakkon
  • Eating: 300 Cal, 60-80 carbs a meal.
  • Drinking: Tea, water, decaf/diet sodie-pop.



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I'm diggin' those sketch covers!  I'm going to do one of those Harley ones if I can just get off the money to buy one.
WEXAL Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Professional
Thanks :)
I see blanks on Amazon all the time, the Harley's are like 8$.
Some of the Batman ones go for like 5$ or less, depending.
You'd rock a Harley Quinn, I think ;)
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