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Hot off the presses!  Heroes & Villains preview!  

Well, not literally presses, but you know what we mean!  Square Enix has decided to release the next two sets of exclusive game Concept Art a little early.  The first set of concept art boards gave you a glimpse into the Developer’s creation process for the awesome backgrounds in the game, “The World Ends with You”.  

And now we are giving you a preview of the next set of Concept Art, where we can see how the Developers came up with the heroes and villains of “The World Ends with You.”  We’ve taken some of the highlights of the developer’s insights and posted them here… for more information about specific storyboards, click on the thumbs!

Slide 4. Character Design
Character Design by wewy

1. Is there a particular connection between each character’s outfit and their personality?

Nomura-san: I tried to exaggerate each character’s image according to the essence of his/her personality.

Slide 5. "Joshua" Pose Digitization
'Joshua' Pose digitization by wewy

.1. What physical feature is most important in conveying a character’s mood or emotions?

Kobayashi-san: There are many body parts that are important in conveying mood or emotion, but I personally focus on the eyes and mouth. They are the parts that reveal the most subtle changes in a person’s mood, so I keep revising until I am pleased with what I have drawn.

Slide 6. NPC Design
NPC Design by wewy

1. What other games have you designed for?

Kobayashi-san: I was in charge of character design for Musashi: Samurai Legend and Mario Hoops 3-on-3, which was developed in Osaka.

Coming soon: How Square Enix makes Noise!

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Man....SO COOOL!! I didn't bother to read any of these journal entries or anything before I started my entry, but I followed some of the same procedure as he talks about own my own. I drew a character of mine I've been developing for around a year now for my comic, ESC, that I'm working on. I developed the character design based on the personality of the character just like he talks about. COOL!!! I already think like one of the professionals! Maybe I don't suck after all!!!! Oh, if you wanna check out my entry, it's featured on my main page. :D
fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri's avatar
this game seems pretty kick-ass. i'm looking forward to when it comes out in America. meanwhile, i'll sit back and watch all the hopefuls for the contest and cheer them on. :w00t!:

btw, does anyone know when it's coming out in America? ^^;
heartsofthedead's avatar
April on the same date of the contest deadline
fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri's avatar
oh. that just shows how brilliant my observation skills are. DX thanks! =)
heartsofthedead's avatar
no prob
lol i forget the date constantly too. but my cousin drilled it my head. plus w-inds. (a J-pop boy group i like) is leasing their new single on that i related the deadline date and the date when the game is coming out to that lol
fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri's avatar
it's easy to remember for me because it's coming out this tuesday and everything new comes out on tuesdays. XD
ShadowMonkeyXIII's avatar
I may not be as good as all you guys BUT I will do my best to win(check out my account I need friends).
xoi-boy's avatar
lol hai gaiz.

You all know this game's been out in Japan for a looooong time already, right? It was called It's A Wonderful World.

[link] -- go there, scroll down to the It's a Wonderful World section. There are a lot more characters depicted and even a few enemies.

Still, I do want to get this game now that it's out in English. *D

xD Watch them hide my comment.

Anyways, I'd join, but my tablet seems to be hating me. D:
nisshoku's avatar
Ah, finally some good examples of Noise.

Thanks for that. xP
Ihsnet's avatar
I wish enter to the conquest. Soon, I upload my draw
surono's avatar
yeahhhh !! looking forward for it :D
Rakiura's avatar
Im updating a lot of stuff for the contest this week!!!!! ^_____^
TechE's avatar
Very cool ^^ gonna love this game dude..
scholarwarrior-lad's avatar
I'm not gonna have time what with finals. :slamhead:
Maybe I'll manage to crank out a few ideas anyway maybe. ... I hope. :headache:
SapphirexKitsune's avatar
A few questions...

Can you have a noise and NPC (or hero) in one concept page?
If so, how would you list the title?
Does your art have to be in the same style as square enix's character sheets?
Can the entry include a description of the character in "Artist's comments"?

Overall, is this just sort of a "Create your own concept art for your own game" thing?
Kyo-krazy's avatar
How do we enter the contest and where?
SSBMMarth's avatar
from square enix it has to be pretty fun
SSBMMarth's avatar
from square enix it has to be pretty fun
Asagiki's avatar
my question is ,,,do they want it in their style or in the artist style?
chakuu's avatar
i entered!!
i hope mine is good!
Dragonbreath759's avatar
sweet!! gotta enter!!
*torturres friends until they are willing to upload art*
Galwin's avatar
** It's fantastic! I always wanted to draw for square-enix !!!!! XDD
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