The World Ends with You - Pt 3

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Make some noise!

Square Enix has released the next set of exclusive game concept art ! The first set  gave you a glimpse into the developer's creation process for the awesome backgrounds and the second set allowed you to see how the developers came up with the heroes and villains of The World Ends with You

Now with the third set release you are invited to see how the developers make noise!  

We've taken some of the highlights of the developer's insights and posted them here but for more information about specific storyboards, click on the thumbs!

Slide 7: Noise tattoo design
Noise tattoo design by wewy

1. Why did you choose animal skeletons to define the tattoo shapes?
Hasegawa-san: Artwork in this title is not based on polygons, and I was looking for an art form that can be expressed effectively in two dimensions. I came up with the tattoo style as a solution because it is meant for a flat surface. I used animals’ bone structures to let the tattoo designs stand out from the overall silhouette. Also, I personally like the skeletal shapes.

Slide 8:  Noise design
Noise design by wewy

1. What was the general concept behind the tribal designs?
Hasegawa-san: The tribal designs are meant to describe monsters that are different from the animals they are based on, existing between the real world and the two-dimensional game world. 

Slide 9: Noise animation
Noise animation by wewy

1. Is there any difference between animating for game systems and for television/film?
Hasegawa-san: We did not use any special animation software, instead relying on traditional pen and paper. We decided on the general animation direction in the planning stage before creating each series of frames. After manually preparing each frame, we digitized the artwork.

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I wanted to enter the compition sesne character design is a specility of mine, but alas, I live in England, not Amarica.

Anyway, amazing deisgns, each character have a uqince look and I wouldn't exspect anything less from Square Enixs
FionnJordan's avatar
You can enter from England.
Proffor's avatar
No you can't

"To be eligible to win the games, you must be a resident of the United States, Mexico or Canada (not including Quebec)."
FionnJordan's avatar
Yeah, but you would get a cash equivalent being from the UK. You'd still win the other stuff anyway.
Vincent91's avatar
Wow. That is just ... wow. I really have no worldly idea what to say other than ENIX ROCKS!
Zujey's avatar
Very original designs. I think that traditional for this kind of work permits one more exploration (In my personal opinion) of course digital is necesary too to add some touches. Great works ;)!
Kokayi5's avatar
So one of the SE employees is behind these updates?
Rakiura's avatar
Im working!!! Working fast!!!!!!! @.@
Atlas0's avatar
Those are some really cool designs.
theemopeacemaker's avatar
uhhh... just to tell you... you spelled noise nose in slide 8.
might wanna fix that ^^
Kurigaru's avatar
you spelled 'noise' wrong somewhere in there....Haha, Nose.

Jaythorne's avatar
Really awesome designs... wicked kewl to use animals as inspiration! XD
Consuelo-touch's avatar
nice really like the whole tatoo animals thing
hikashy's avatar
Ilike the desing of the tatoo-animal!!!!!
Jawada's avatar
the noise are one of my favourite creatures
skifi's avatar
Really impressive designs! ^^
super greats desings *w*
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