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Square Enix has released a bonus set of exclusive game concept art ! The first set  gave you a glimpse into the developer's creation process for the awesome backgrounds, the second allowed you to see how the developers came up with the heroes and villains and the third showed you how they made Noise for The World Ends with You.

This surprise bonus release includes aspects of Psych and Pin design!


Slide 10: Initial " Psych" concepts
Initial 'Psych' concepts by wewy

Hasegawa-san: We arrived at the concept of " Psych abilities " to express the intuitive stylus control in battle. The board you see is from the original concept proposal. With the premise that Psych reflects a character’s personality, and since his characterization includes an interest in graffiti, we represented Neku’s Psych abilities in a graffiti style.

Slide 11: Psych and Pin digitization
Psych and Pin Digitization by wewy

Hasegawa-san: The above board shows how we realized the graffiti-style artwork in-game. We chose to use Pins as the source of Psych ability, since they fit the Shibuya style. We also saw the collection factor as important, exploring designs that are visible at the limited 26dpi resolution.

Slide 12: Brand logo and Pin designs
Brand Logo and Pin Designs by wewy

Hasegawa-san: Some Pins carry associations with fictional brands that we created for the game. The same Psych ability can have different effects depending on its brand. We tried to keep the style of each brand consistent so that players could easily tell which brand a Pin is a part of. That way, players can easily collect and use the Pins within their favorite brands.

The World Ends with You is In Stores Now!!!

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Superjustinbros's avatar
This game is great. :drool:
advancedq's avatar
I got the game, so i paid for getting the game to you guys
so please lemme use the journal css you're using!!!
advancedq's avatar
I want that css of yours XD
Give fans the code!
player49's avatar
Cool! i can't wait to see who wins this contest. :3
violeteyes92's avatar
Oh, I bought my copy yesterday - I'm absolutely in love with it, everything is so fresh and funky. I love the pin concept.
Thanks for making such an addictive game! :)
Chromattix's avatar I will just sit back and relax for 4 months until it arrives in Australia lol.
scabe's avatar
yeh australia gets games so latter and at such high prices!
Chromattix's avatar
I know, I'm still waiting for Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii...its been out in America and Japan for over a month, and yet I havn't even seen it been advertised here.

You wewy hero character ain't bad either, just though I'd let you know :XD:
scabe's avatar
hehe wow thanks and yeh ive been on the super smash bros website with all the anouncements and wikipedia but theres still no release date for us.. :rage:

your wewy background is the best ive seen so far! looks full pro :)
RadicalArtEnthusiast's avatar
So totally getting this game >]
Played the game,Have the game,IN LOVE WITH THE GAME!
So much my ds in dying.
Atlas0's avatar
Awesome, too bad i cant get it right now though... Dont even have a DS. =(
Cleocatra's avatar
Probably not in England yet though D:
Rakiura's avatar
Jawada's avatar
played the game and I must say.... it ROCKS!
IrrelevantMaverick's avatar
XD good joke! i almost believed there was going to be a bonus mini-contest since the wewy contest has so many entries.

it would be kewl to see how they came up with Joshua.
gallantmon8's avatar
This WILL be the next DS game I get, probably :D
Spaniel122's avatar
I love this game <3
KyubiStewie's avatar
I am so getting this game.
drillkid31's avatar
Saturday can't come fast enough. I'm getting this game then.
lostkingdom's avatar
I can't wait to get this game. The graphics look great ^w^
panchosama's avatar
The graphics are amazing, and the music score is so cool, really good.

I, definitively, love this game...
Teko-chi's avatar
Yeah the Soundtrack's pretty awsome. Also umm....T.M Revolution is cool.
tsunafish's avatar
I love this game so much so much~ ♥
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