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Square Enix has generously provided deviantART with the exclusive rights to distribute Concept Art Boards demonstrating the creative process used in their new game for the Nintendo DS The World Ends with You.  Haven’t you always wondered, “How did they come up with that?!”  These boards can hopefully answer that question.

And now for the first installment of these Concept Art boards. We’ve taken some of the highlights of the developer’s insights and posted them here… for more information about specific storyboards, click on the thumbs!

Slide 1: Initial Background Concepts
Initial Background Concepts by wewy

What do the four center panels demonstrate?
We explored colors and moods with game elements such as enemies as well as differentiation of the RG (real ground) and the UG (underground) worlds.

Slide 2: Background Angle Tests
Background Angle Tests by wewy

What is the significance of the angled backdrops?
In designing for this title, we kept the game’s main concepts in mind:
- Shedding the conventional on-screen presentation
- A worldview grounded in Japanese urban culture

We over-exaggerated perspectives in order to preserve the unconventional style that the game is based on. For example, we displayed the “104” building and the poster large and extremely angled, so that it would look massive and eye-catching.

The “104” building was drawn in exaggerated perspectives, as if it is falling onto the town.  We hoped to depict this tall lanky landmark in the horizontal DS screen by using this bold expression. The design centered on the iron bars in the entrance, rather than the building as a whole.

Slide 3: 104 Building Design
104 Building Design by wewy

Could you explain the reasons behind the locations that were chosen?
We were originally planning to use all of Greater Tokyo to create a variety of battles and scenery. We eventually settled on Shibuya where we can best explore the iconic elements of contemporary Tokyo, such as fashion and subculture. We believed we could express those concepts with better focus by limiting the setting to Shibuya.

These Concept Art Boards are unique in that they were created specifically for challenging YOU to create your own backgrounds, dream up new heroes or villains using your awesome skills as a traditional or digital artist to show the development team just what you’ve got!

Are you up to the challenge? If so click here

Check back soon for more installments featuring hero and villain creation!!

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Why? Why did you end four years ago, contest? If I submitted this to Square Enix and the guys who created these epic awesome games saw my shit...
...Well, it wouldn't be like this crappy scribble. But the drawing has a double meaning, which should be easier to guess if you've played the "Game". (Hint- CAT is capitalized, Square Enix is my main inspiration, I like "connecting" things to each other...)
Go Square CAT, take over the world!
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YsCordelon's avatar
mann i wanted to submit my background designs too but they were unfinnished >_< i was more focused on the character designs hahaha oh wells
axelalonso's avatar
I will join! but it's 2 late :( o well! please keep up this kinda of contest! they sound really fun! if there's a place to subscribe I will gladly do that! ;D
AxelFreak's avatar
i cant wait to play!
purpleyez's avatar
i love the first slide!! XD
reminds me of JSRF-jet set radio future XD rockin' vid gam
Poorlylit's avatar
Hm... Might as well try...
Demon-Artist-Hoshi's avatar
cooly*works on character ideas*
diamondgate's avatar
basically the contest is about making your own version of The World Ends with You? is that it?
zabuza13cola's avatar
no, its just designing either backgrounds or characters to contribute to the game:)
AmeDono's avatar
I'll give it a shot **starts to scribble something down** o.o;
Rakiura's avatar
im working on my character... but i think I will not make it in time :(
kurokage311's avatar
if you win dis you could get into any art college you want!!!

i'm so going for dis, just for da cred!

i have a ds already...
The-LegendaryExtreme's avatar
With a good portfolio, you can get into any art college you want, also. Cred doesn't matter so much as skill and potential for success. :thumbsup:
Mattroid's avatar
So is the game gonna be any good?
AnastrianaNoel's avatar
Or maybe they just want to get people involved...
asputh-ology's avatar
is it nice or just sumthing else??
you tell me......
SpazztasticPocky's avatar
Is this installment of the contest meant for you to design settings and places, backgrounds and such?

Or is it characters, even though there's like no mention of that, except for the installments that haven't come yet.
freigo's avatar
hmmmmm, i still can't figure out if i'm to join or not . . .

and uhmmm

luniara's avatar
I think DA did something nice for the anime community. I'm glad to see sub-par artists entering too. It's not all popularity.

Could you guys post more information before this contests time is up perhaps?
kbsanctuary's avatar
uhm i am not sure ehh nani? how ? what this? a new game inspiraded in kh but is an aid?
Vinty's avatar
I want to get started on drawing characters but I need more info on them.
Aeovis's avatar
I've read up some on the game outside of DA and I was wondering if for the contest we had to limit our knowledge to what was given. For example, I don't know a lot, but I know of the term Noise, and I want to if I could incorporate something involving the Noise into my entry. Would things like that be alright?
Aizlej's avatar
is photomanipulation allowed?
Vrolok87's avatar
Ok - just to be sure.
I have to create new background or new character, right? But they must be in style of this game?
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