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Psych and Pin Digitization

Slide 11: Psych and Pin digitization

Hasegawa-san: The above board shows how we realized the graffiti-style artwork in-game. We chose to use Pins as the source of Psych ability, since they fit the Shibuya style. We also saw the collection factor as important, exploring designs that are visible at the limited 26dpi resolution.
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That game was awesome, and I loved it. Well, right now I'm trying to master it without cheating. So far that was going well. If it weren't for those special pins that evolve through MPP.
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Lightning rulz, The skull is second.
kuro-ka-ryuu's avatar
I love the lightning rook attack, the graffiti lightning owns.

and betty, any grave digger can inturupt megs, even smack him out of the time stop move.
UglyBetty-Justin's avatar
The slash pin is cool, it's the only pin in the game that can knock Kitaniji backwards during the boss fight. The best design though is the fire or lightning, or maybe Rhyme as a squirrel! :D
RoxieMika's avatar
That fire pin is worthless!
CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap!
RDrango's avatar
I personaly really liked the fire pin... The hand one I had trouble using though... The only reason why I dont use it now is it lacks the power I need in the later game.
sy-the-tazzy-tiger's avatar
these are relaly nic e :D
yukidaifuku's avatar
the gameplay is one of the main reasons I bought the game. very innovative!
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lol, I can't help but wonder what the pin with the Cola on it does ( maybe super-burp powers :burp: )
butpaste's avatar
l0v3-pAoPu-fRu1t's avatar
It's like ';potion' you see...:D
l0v3-pAoPu-fRu1t's avatar
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Timatae's avatar
Looks like the can in the corner is helping to promote recycling xD

guardian21's avatar
this is pretty cool but i wish they would have posted these earlier so i could actually USE them to help my contest entry

the lightning would have been usefull
ffion1792's avatar
My favourite bit of graffiti has to bee the green one in the bottom right corner. =D
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