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Noise design

1. What was the general concept behind the tribal designs?
Hasegawa-san: The tribal designs are meant to describe monsters that are different from the animals they are based on, existing between the real world and the two-dimensional game world.    

2. Where did you draw inspiration from when coloring the tribal designs?
We tried solid colors at first to reflect typical tribal artwork to match the relatively small color palette of the DS. In the end, we chose the gradations you see after considering background balance and overall impact. Shibuya’s image and its graffiti also came into play.

3. Are there thematic or symbolic reasons behind the animals you chose?
We wanted to use elements that link with the real world throughout the game, so we avoided overly fantastical monsters and expressions. We stuck to motifs that matched the style of Shibuya.
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Even with the small color pallet, you still managed to make everything so...colorful!
ShadowZyn's avatar
The style seems almost simple, but a closer look reveals lots of detail in the jagged shapes.

It seems to convey an almost hidden power within the creatures, in the movement and attacks. It's amazing.
celestial-spice's avatar
I love how the tatoos seem so wild yet urban, like graffiti :D Urban jungle! :lol:
frankey89's avatar
cool colors:D nice and bright:)
Kajuah's avatar
Wow you should've won
Kazuma-Ina-Ryo's avatar
I hate the Giant gold Bat, he came really close to killing. So far i have only played the game for about two days and i am already addicted to it i never leaves my hands. But the Rhino sound was too easy to kill.
veanseal's avatar
Love the game, love the art
IsiacDaGraca's avatar
danm it they submitted this way too late..i can't submit anything in one day!
SnakeBlue's avatar
well, I guess the creature I thought of fits in with these ones but I'm not so sure what style of drawing these are. kinda dizying
ChrisDayo's avatar
Very interesting way to come up with monsters!
I love it!
Rednightblitz's avatar the colours
Cleocatra's avatar
I love the rhino at the side.
DEMONxxCHILD's avatar
those designs and the wolf, bird and cat concepts from the other uncoloured concept sheet are great! could you ask if they've tried anything with snakes or spiders yet?
surono's avatar
love the colour :D
Skylink's avatar

*attacks weak point for MASSIVE damage*
Houkai-Amplifier's avatar
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Eddie-y's avatar
Loving this! :+fav:
Atlas0's avatar
Very cool. I like the crab one.
asukiuchiha's avatar
Are these the ememy for the protaganist or do they aid...somone?
popcorn1010's avatar
the colors are amazing!
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