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Initial 'Psych' concepts

Slide 10: Initial " Psych " concepts

Hasegawa-san: We arrived at the concept of " Psych abilities" to express the intuitive stylus control in battle. The board you see is from the original concept proposal. With the premise that Psych reflects a character’s personality, and since his characterization includes an interest in graffiti, we represented Neku’s Psych abilities in a graffiti style.
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This.. makes me want to go dig up my copy of TWEWY and play. :I
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Whoa. This concept's cool too. It would look awesome if you combined this concept with the pin concept. However, the pin concept rocks too without this one XD.
Awesome work, guys!
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Haa, some might've been too busy on the screen, but looked very powerful~
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the story is great nice job guys
hope theres a sequel
hint hint MAKE A SEQUEL!!
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15 out of then... and that's out of my rating xD
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I tried playing it w/ a cracked topscreen and i still thought it was awsome. :wow:
i bought this game and i absolutely fell in love with its story line, art, and gameplay! 10 out of 10 perfect!
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Nice concept here. Adding the pin aspect made it even better.
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this rawks! i luv the way you set this all out! are they tattoo designs?
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very interesting gonna want to buy this since its a fellow DA who helped make this :D
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nice picture bu with wath program u made them?

tHE POwers concepts ..
And specialy the finished results in the game "are" amazing ...

Would be such a smash hit .. if this game was made a secound version ... for nintendo wii or sumthing ...

REaaaly ...

Keep your people thinking bout that
Will yu

Ruben Ismael
RPGSI Studio prod Admin
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omfg! that's awosme, cant say that game wont be awsome XD well, i can, but why would i :XD: this is awome...
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sigh....just too late to incorporate this
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the concept art is so different from the actual product. =O it's nice to see how developers come up with their ideas.
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Thats an original idea, expressing special powers in the form of a graffiti-like pattern ( if I got what the description said right ) 8-)
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These are awesome. I want to try this game.
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oh once you do you'll love the game
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Interesting concepts, nice of you to post them, but they would of been more useful before the contest.
This is practcially just advertising.
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